How To Keep iPhone Screen On When Using Stopwatch

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If you’re using the stopwatch feature on your iPhone, you know how quickly the screen can turn off. That’s because iPhones are designed to conserve battery power, and that includes turning off the display after a certain period of inactivity.

But there is a way to keep the iPhone screen on when using the stopwatch feature. Here’s how:

First, open your iPhone settings and go to “Display & Brightness.” Under the “Auto-Lock” section, select “Never.” This will keep your iPhone screen from turning off while you’re using the stopwatch.

Now, open the Stopwatch app on your phone and begin timing whatever activity you wish to track. The display should remain active throughout your session. If it does not, go back into Settings and make sure you have selected “Never” for Auto-Lock.

It is important to note that keeping your screen always on will reduce battery life significantly — up to 50% over time according to Apple. So if you plan on keeping your screen always on for extended periods of time it’s probably best to plug in your device or use a battery pack if necessary to prevent it from dying during use!

That said, if you need accurate timing for a specific activity or event — like running a race — this is an effective way to ensure that your iPhone won’t turn off during use. Hopefully, this article has helped you keep your iPhone screen on when using a stopwatch!

how to keep iphone screen on when using stopwatch

How to Keep iPhone Screen On

To make your iPhone screen stay on, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Select Never so that the screen will remain on until you manually turn it off.

Preventing Phone from Automatically Turning Off After 30 Seconds

To make your phone not turn off after 30 seconds, you can adjust the Auto-Lock setting. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone and then scroll down and tap Display & Brightness. In the Display and Brightness settings, tap Auto-Lock. Here you will be able to choose a different time limit for when your screen turns off after you last touch it. You can set the time limit to anything from Never (which will ensure that your screen never auto-locks) up to 5 minutes.

Keeping a Phone Screen Open

To make your phone screen stay open, open the Settings menu and select Display. Then look for the Sleep or Auto-Screen Off option. Tap it and change the time to how long you would like your phone screen to stay open when not in use. Depending on your device, you may be able to choose from a few pre-set options or create a custom time. After selecting a time, your phone’s screen will stay on for that length of time before turning off automatically.

How Long Does an iPhone Stopwatch Remain Active?

The stopwatch on an iPhone will stay on for 99983:00:41.65. After this point, the hundredths of a second will repeatedly roll over, but the timer won’t progress past .6. This is due to the limitations of the iPhone’s hardware, and it is quite remarkable that it can time this long! Keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate, as the specific time limit may vary slightly depending on your device and its settings.


In conclusion, the iPhone is a powerful device that can be customized to fit your lifestyle. With its intuitive user interface and features like the Sleep Timer and Auto Lock, you can easily control how long your iPhone stays on and when it locks itself. Additionally, if you want to keep your iPhone screen on indefinitely, you can install an app like Screen Alive. All in all, the iPhone is a great device for anyone looking for a reliable and customizable smartphone.

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