About DeviceMAG and the Team

What drives us into doing what we do? It’s a passion and love for everything technology. Here at DeviceMAG we take technology very seriously, no matter if it’s a small gadget or a new device on the market.

Our team of experienced tech writers that have been writing about tech for years now, got together to put DeviceMAG.com together and to make sure, among others, it’s going to be one of the first things you need when you wake up or at the office.

So let’s meet the team!

Sanjeev Singh – Senior Writer

Sanjeev Singh - Senior Editor on DeviceMAG

Sanjeev is the tech editor at DeviceMAG. He has a keen interest in all things technology, and loves to write about the latest developments in the industry. He has a passion for quality-focused journalism and believes in using technology to make people’s lives better.

Sanjeev has worked in the tech industry for over 15 years, and has written for some of the biggest tech blogs in the world. Sanjeev is also an avid photographer and loves spending time with his family.

Benjamin Levin – Senior Writer

About DeviceMAG and the Team 2

Ben is a gamer addict and hardware enthusiast who loves taking apart and building PCs. He has over half a decade of writing experience and is HubSpot certified in content marketing and SEO. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science with various certifications in the information technology field, particularly relating to hardware. He’s excited to share his passion for PC hardware with you and help you create your gaming setup, whether it’s your first rig or 100th.

Ben has traversed the globe and speaks several languages. His passions include traveling, martial arts, going to the gym, buying random PC stuff he doesn’t need, and rewatching Street Fighter and Dragon’s Dogma.

James WalkerWriter

James Walker - Editor at DeviceMAG

James Walker has a deep passion for technology and is our in-house enthusiastic editor. He graduated from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and loves to test the latest gadgets and play with older software (something we’re still trying to figure out about himself). Hailing from Iowa, United States, James loves cats and is an avid hiker in his free time.

Christian Cawley – Senior Staff Editor

Christian Cawley – Senior Staff Writer at DeviceMAG

Writing online since 2004, Christian operates from a cramped box room in the North of England. Specialising in tutorials and help guides, he is particularly interested in mobile devices, although he also spends more time than is healthy reading and writing about British sci-fi.

When he isn’t contributing guides on “how to turn it off and back on again” for DeviceMAG and other sites, Christian is busy working on his first non-fiction book.

Christian has previously worked as desktop support, technical support and third line software support engineer for both private and public sector organizations.

To anyone interested in writing a daily/weekly/monthly column on DeviceMAG, you can send us a message. Details on how to contact us, can be found here.