How to Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos

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How to Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos 1

Let’s say you’ve just captured what could be the perfect photo with your iPhone, but there’s an unsightly trash bin or a random passerby photobombing the background. 

Now, thanks to the latest iOS 16 updates, removing distractions from photos has become as easy as pie. This nifty feature is a game-changer in iPhone photo editing, making it a snap to clear up your images and keep only the memories you want to cherish.

Think about it: you’re no longer stuck with cluttered backgrounds or random objects ruining your shots. This means you can wave goodbye to photo bombers, power lines, or any unwelcome elements with just a few taps. It’s seamless photo editing magic right at your fingertips.

Using Object Eraser on an iPhone

How to Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos 3
Using Object Eraser on an iPhone

We know what it feels like to capture the perfect moment, only to discover later there’s an unwanted guest in the form of a stray trash can or an unexpected photobomber. 

Thanks to the photo editing iPhone magic, particularly the iOS 16 object removal feature, you can wave goodbye to these unwelcome elements with just a few taps. Let’s run through a quick iPhone object eraser tutorial.

1. Open the Photo: Start by selecting the photo you want to edit from your Photos app.

2. Edit Mode: Tap on the “Edit” option. Your screen now turns into a canvas for creativity.

3. The Magic Eraser: Look for the object eraser tool, symbolized by a magic wand or a similar icon, depending on your iOS version. It’s your wand for this magical cleanup.

4. Selection: Use your finger to draw around the object you wish to remove. Don’t worry about being super precise; the tool is smart enough to understand your intent.

5. Poof, Gone!: After you’ve made the selection, the iPhone works its magic, and within moments, the unwanted object is erased as if it was never there.

This tool is a game-changer for photo editing on iPhone, especially when dealing with crowded backgrounds, photobombers, or just random objects that detract from the main subject of your photo.

Does the iPhone Feature a Magic Eraser?

When we talk about erasing unwanted elements from photos, the term “Magic Eraser” might pop into your head, especially if you’re into tech and gadgets. 

But, let’s clear the air: the Magic Eraser is a cool feature specific to Google’s Pixel smartphones, known for its ability to seamlessly remove photobombers or unwanted objects from your pictures with just a few taps. 

However, if you’re an iPhone aficionado, don’t feel left out just yet! Your beloved device has equally powerful options, ensuring you’re not missing out on the photo-cleaning action.

For those seeking a Magic Eraser alternative, the App Store is like a treasure chest, brimming with iPhone photo editing apps that can do wonders for your photos. 

IPhone users have various options when it comes to finding the best object removal app. Apps like TouchRetouch, Snapseed, and Photoshop Express stand out for their intuitive interfaces and powerful editing tools. 

Removing Objects From a Photo

Here’s a quick rundown of the top object removal apps that can help you achieve clean, distraction-free images.

1. Touch Retouch: It is a user-friendly app that eliminates undesired components from your photos. 

How to Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos 5
Touch Retouch

It’s highly effective for quick fixes and is available for $1.99 on the App Store.

2. Adobe Photoshop Fix: This app offers precision editing tools, making it ideal for detailed touch-ups. The best part? It’s free, although some features might require an Adobe subscription

3. Snapseed: It provides a versatile range of editing tools, including an efficient healing function for object removal. 

How to Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos 7

This app is completely free, offering professional-grade editing at no cost.

4. Youcam Perfect: This app specializes in beautifying photos, including a feature for removing unwanted objects. The basic version is free, with additional features available through in-app purchases.

5. Fotor: It is a comprehensive photo editor with object removal capabilities. It utilizes a freemium model, offering a basic version which is free, with an upgraded pro version available which costs $8.99 monthly or $39.99 annually.

Removing Objects from an iPhone Camera

Ever been in that magical moment, camera in hand, ready to capture the beauty unfolding before your eyes, only to have an unexpected visitor wander into your frame? Well, fret not because iPhone camera object removal is here to save the day—and your photos! 

This nifty feature isn’t just for after-the-fact edits in your photo library; it’s a dynamic tool that works in real-time right as you’re about to take that shot. Imagine you’re framing the perfect landscape, the lighting is just right, and suddenly, someone steps into your picture. 

You can wave goodbye to those photo crashers with real-time photo editing before pressing the shutter. This innovation is a standout feature for those looking to elevate their iPhone photography tips toolkit, allowing you to erase distractions and keep your images crisp, clean, and exactly how you envisioned them.

Retouch Tool Availability on iPhones

Retouching photos directly on your iPhone has become simpler than ever, thanks to the iPhone retouch tools available in the Photos app. Let’s walk through finding and using these tools in the Photos app, shall we?

Open your Photos app, and select the photo you wish to edit. Tap ‘Edit’ and voilà, you’re in the editing suite. Here, you’ll find the retouch options among the plethora of Photos app editing tools. These tools are not just powerful but intuitive, making it easy for you to navigate and apply even if you’re not a tech whiz.

Now, let’s talk about a common scenario where these tools shine – iPhone photo blemish removal. Whether it’s an unexpected photobomber or a pesky pimple, the retouch tool can make it disappear as if it was never there. 

How to Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos 9
Retouch Tool Availability on iPhones

Simply select the retouch option, choose the blemish you want to remove, and tap on it. The software smartly blends the area with its surroundings, leaving you with a flawless photo.

Removing Objects from Photos Without Photoshop

While Photoshop has long been the go-to for editing woes, not everyone is keen to dive into its complexities or subscription fees. But here’s the good news: erasing undesired elements from your photos doesn’t need to be a hassle or hit your wallet hard. Let’s take a look at some Photoshop alternatives that are user-friendly and cost-effective to clean up your images.

First off, let’s talk about free object removal. Believe it or not, several iPhone apps come equipped with simple eraser tools or clone stamps that don’t cost a dime. These tools allow you to brush over the unwanted object, and the app magically fills in the space with surrounding textures or colors. 

Now, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons beyond your phone’s screen, online photo editors are your next best friend. Platforms like Pixlr offer a treasure trove of editing tools that rival the capabilities of desktop software. 

What’s great about these online editors is that they’re not just powerful; they’re also free or come with very minimal cost for premium features. Plus, they’re accessible directly from your web browser, and no heavy downloads are required.

For individuals who like to keep it straightforward, simple photo editing tools are available in abundance. These tools focus on intuitive interfaces that make photo editing feel less like rocket science and more like a fun, creative process. Look for apps and online platforms that emphasize drag-and-drop functionality and one-click fixes.


The advancements in iPhone photography and the suite of mobile photo editing apps we’ve explored truly elevate the iPhone into a powerhouse of visual creativity. It’s fascinating to see how the realms of professional photo editing are no longer confined to desktop software; thanks to the iOS photo editing power, they’re now accessible right in the palm of your hand.

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