How to Remove Music from Song to Keep Vocals

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Do you want to create a karaoke version of your favorite song? Do you need to remove the music from a song to keep the vocals? If so, then you’ve come to the rigt place! Removing music from a song and keeping only the vocals is easy with – an online audio editor designed specifically for this purpose.

With, you can easily separate vocals and music from any song or audio file in just a few simple steps. The best part is that our service is free and does not require any software installation or account registration. All you need to do is upload your audio file and let us take care of the rest.

Here’s how it works:
First, upload your audio file to You can choose your file from your computer, tablet or mobile device or even drag-and-drop it into our editor. Then, select the audio track and click on “Clean Audio” in Settings to remove any background noise. Finally, click “Export” and download your new audio file containng only vocals without any music.

That’s all thee is to it! So what are you waiting for? Try today and start creating karaoke versions of all your favorite songs!

Removing Music and Keeping Vocals

Removing music but keeping vocals is a simple process with First, visit our website and upload your audio file to the platform. Once your file is uploaded, select the “Vocals only” option from the menu on the right-hand side of the page. This will generate a new version of your song without any music, but with all the vocals intact. Once processing is complete, you can download this version to your computer for any desired use. That’s it! You have now successfully removed music and kept vocals using

remove music from song keep vocals

Removing Music from a Video and Retaining Vocals Online

To remove music from a video and keep vocals online, you will need to use a video editor. There are several free online video editing programs avaiable such as Adobe Premiere Rush and WeVideo.

First, upload your video to the editor. Then, select the audio tool and click on the sound icon to mute it. This will remove any background music from the video but leave any vocal recordings intact. Finally, export your modified video and download it for use.

Removing Background Music from a Song

Removing background music from a song can be done in a few steps. First, you will need to upload your audio file to an online audio editor such as VEED. After that, you can click on the audio track, open Settings, and then click ‘Clean Audio’. This will automatically remove any background noise or music in the track. Finally, you can download your new edited version of the song to save it for future use.

Separating Background Music and Voice From a Video

To separate background music and voice from a video, you will need to use a video editing software or an online audio editing tool. Most video editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, have tools that allow you to isolate individual audio tracks from the video and perform varous editing operations on them.

If you don’t have a video editor available, there are also several free online audio editing tools that can help you separate background music and voice from a video. For example, Clideo’s Audio Cutter is an easy-to-use web application that allows users to separate audio from video with just a few clicks. All you need to do is upload your video file, select the portion of the clip you want to extract the audio from and then hit “Extract” – Clideo will automatically generate two files – one conaining the extracted audio and one containing the original video without any sound.

Removing Background Music from a Video: Is There an App for That?

Yes, there are several apps available that can help you remove background music from a video. Popular sound remover apps include Adobe Audition, WavePad Sound Editor, and Audacity. These apps all allow you to select a portion of the video, isolate the audio and then delete it. You can also use their tools to reduce noise or adjust the volume of your video. Once you’ve finished editing, most sound remover apps let you save or share your video with others.

Removing Backgrounds and Keeping Vocals with an App

Vocal Extractor is an AI based vocal remover app that takes away the background and keeps the vocals from music files. It creates instrumental and a cappella tracks without manual operations. You can import music files from sources such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and more in mp3, m4a and wav formats. The app also offers features such as noise reduction, song separator and vocal isolation for fine-tuning your output track. With this app, you can easily extract vocals from any song with precision and clarity.

Isolating Instruments and Voices in Songs with an App

Yes, there is an app that will let you isolate and remove instruments or vocals from songs! The app is called Moises, and it uses Artificial Intelligence to give you an immersive and customizable experience. You can choose any key, speed, or artist to play with, and the app will automatically isolate or remove vocals & instruments from the song. With this app you can have fun creating your own unique mixes of songs with your favorite artists and music genres.

Can Audacity Be Used to Remove Background Music?

No, Audacity cannot remove background music. It can reduce or eliminate background noise, but it cannot completely remove music from a track. To completely remove background music, you must use specialized software such as iZotope RX or Adobe Audition. These programs allow you to isolate the musical elements of a track and suppress them using sophisticated audio algorithms.

Separating Background Music from Voice in Audacity

To separate background music from voice in Audacity, you’ll need to use the Vocal Reduction and Isolation effect. To do this, first, make a copy of your stereo track and select the whole of the copied track. Then go to Effects > Vocal Reduction and Isolation. For this effect to work optimally, you’ll need to adjust three parameters: Strength, Level Bias, and Frequency Bias. The Strength setting adjusts how much of the vocal will be removed from the mix whie the Level Bias and Frequency Bias settings enable you to adjust which frequencies are kept or removed during processing. Once you’ve adjusted these settings to your liking, click OK to apply the effect. With this done, your vocal should now be isolated from the background music in the track.

Which App is Best for Removing Background Noise?

The best app for removing background sound is Kapwing. It is a free, user-friendly platform that allws you to remove background noise from an audio recording quickly and easily. It offers a wide range of features, including noise reduction, volume control, and other audio editing tools. Additionally, it also supports various video formats such as MP4 and AVI. Furthermore, Kapwing supports Android devices and can be used without any prior experience with audio editing software.

Separating Audio: Is It Possible?

Yes, it is possible to separate audio using an audio editing program such as Audacity. This can be done by transforming the stereo track into mono and then selecting one of the channels and inverting it to remove the vocals from the track. To do this, open the track in Audacity and select “Tracks” > “Stereo Track to Mono”. Then select one of the channels and use the “Invert” function undr “Effect” in the top menu bar. This will reverse the waveform of that channel, effectively removing vocals from that track.


In conclusion, usng to separate audio from video is an easy and convenient way to create a karaoke version of any song. It does not require any software installation or registration, and the process is quick and straightforward – simply upload your video, mute the audio, then export it. Additionally, VEED can be used to remove background noise from your audio files with just a few clicks. With these tools, you can easily extract audio from video files and create your own custom karaoke versions of any song.

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