How To Insert Cd In Macbook Pro 2020

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Are you looking to get the most out of your Macbook Pro 2020? Whether you're a student, professional, or just want to enjoy a movie on a rainy day, being able to insert CDs into your Macbook Pro 2020 can be an invaluable asset.

It's important to understand how your Macbook Pro 2020 works before attempting to insert any type of disc. The new Macbook Pro models come with SuperDrives that are compatible with CDs and DVDs, and some even accept Blu-ray discs. Before inserting any disk into your Macbook Pro 2020, make sure you have the correct drive for it.

Once you've determined which type of disc your SuperDrive is compatible with, it's time to begin the insertion process. To eject a CD or DVD from an optical drive first press the Eject key located on the keyboard. You can also eject discs from Finder windows by clicking the Eject button in the Finder sidebar next to the disc's name.

Inserting a disc into your Macbook Pro 2020 is simple and straightforward. First locate the optical drive on the right edge of your device. Then gently push the disk all the way in untl it clicks into place. Once inserted, you can use it for playing CDs, watching DVD , or loading files and applications from data disks.

Overall, inserting CDs into your Macbook Pro 2020 isn't difficult as long as you follow these steps properly. Make sure you have an appropriate drive for any type of disc before attempting to insert it and alays remember that gentle force is key to avoid damaging either your device or disk itself!

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Can MacBook Pro Play CDs?

Yes, you can insert a CD into a MacBook Pro. Depending on the model of your MacBook Pro, it may have an internal SuperDrive that is capable of reading and writing to CDs and DVDs. Some more recent models also accept Blu-ray discs. To insert a CD into your MacBook Pro, open the disc tray by pressing the “Eject” button on the keyboard or in the Finder menu bar. Then place your CD into the disc tray and press the “Eject” button again to close it. It shold now be recognized by your computer and you can access its contents.

Opening the CD Slot on a Mac Pro

In order to open the CD slot on your Mac Pro, firt locate the Eject button on your Mac Pro's keyboard. This will be indicated by an arrow pointing up and out of a rectangle. Once you have located the Eject button, press it once and the CD slot will open. Then you can insert your CD or DVD into the slot. When you are done, simply press the Eject button once more to close the CD slot.

Inserting a CD Drive into a Mac

You can insert a CD drive into your Mac by following thse steps: First, locate the optical drive on the right edge of your iMac. Then, take the CD drive and gently push it all the way into the optical drive slot. Once it is inserted correctly, you will be able to use it to play audio CDs, watch DVD movies and load files and applications from data disks. You can also switch to the Finder by clicking the icon of a smiling blue face on your Mac's Dock.

Location of External CD Drive on Mac

External CD drives are not natively supported by Mac computers, so you won't be able to find them in the Finder or on the desktop. However, you can purchase an external USB-C or USB 3.0 CD drive that is compatible with your Mac and connect it to one of your computer's USB ports. Once connected, you shoud see the drive appear on the desktop (aka mount on the desktop) and in the Finder in the left column under Locations (or Devices on older versions of macOS).

Troubleshooting MacBook Pro's Inability to Accept CDs

There are several possible reasons why your MacBook Pro might not be accepting CDs. It cold be as simple as a dirty or scratched disc, or it could be a more serious issue with the drive itself. It's also possible that the disc isn't compatible with your system. To start troubleshooting, try cleaning the CD or DVD and then inserting it again to see if that helps. If the same problem persists, you should check to make sure the drive is properly connected to your computer and functioning correctly. If you're still having trouble, it may be necessary to replace the drive or seek assistance from an Apple-certified technician.

Ejecting a CD From a Mac Without an Icon

If you are trying to eject a CD from your Mac without an icon, there are a few different ways you can do this.

First, you can restart your computer and hold down the mouse button. If you have a two-button mouse, press and hold the left click. If your computer has an eject key on the keyboard, restart your computer again while holding down the eject key.

You can also open a Terminal window and type in “drutil tray eject” to force eject the CD or DVD. Lastly, if all else fails, you can power off your computer and then power it back on while holding down the mouse button or eject key.

We hope this solved your problem!

how to insert cd in macbook pro 2020

Do Mac Computers Have CD Slots?

No, Macs do not have CD slots. Most recent Mac models have no physical drive for you to play CDs or DVDs. However, you can purchase and connect an external optical drive to your Mac, which will allow you to play CDs or DVDs. The USB SuperDrive from Apple is the official kit for this purpose and costs £79/$79.

Inserting a CD Into a Drive

To put a CD into your drive, start by sliding the drive tray out partially. Then slide the tray out fully, beng careful not to touch the drive lens. Align the center hole of the CD with the drive spindle and press the CD near the center until all three positive lock-down devices on the drive spindle lock into place. Once everything is properly aligned, carefully close the tray and your CD should be installed.


The Macbook Pro 2020 is a powerful, sleek and feature-rich device that is a great choice for anyone loking for a high-performance laptop. It features a Retina display with True Tone technology, the latest 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors, up to 32GB of memory, and plenty of storage options. It has an advanced thermal design with improved ventilation to keep it cool, plus an improved keyboard and touchpad. With its SuperDrive optical drive, you can play audio CDs, watch DVD movies and load files and applications from data disks. All in all, the Macbook Pro 2020 is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful laptop with plenty of storage capacity.

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