DBD Matchmaking Timeout: Causes and Solutions

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Dead by Daylight (DBD) is a popular survival horror game played by millions of players worldwide. One of the most frustrating issues that players face is the matchmaking timeout. This issue has been reported by many players, and it has caused a lot of frustration and annoyance in the community.

The matchmaking timeout is an error that occurs when players are unable to find a match within a reasonable amount of time. This issue can be caused by several factors, including server-related complications or location-specific issues. Players who experience this issue are usually required to close their lobby and make a new one to resolve the problem.

Most players in North America have not noticed these long queue times, which could be an indication that the issue is region-specific. However, players in other regions have reported experiencing this issue, which suggests that it is not limited to a specific location.

One possible cause of this issue is server-related complications. Dead by Daylight has a large player base, and the servers can get overloaded, causing matchmaking to slow down or time out. This issue has occurred in the past and has been addressed by the developers through server maintenance and updates.

To avoid the matchmaking timeout issue, players can try changing their region or playing during off-peak hours. They can also try closing their lobby and making a new one or restarting their game to refresh the matchmaking process.

The matchmaking timeout issue in Dead by Daylight is a frustrating problem that affects many players worldwide. While the cause of the issue may vary, it is most likely related to server-related complications or location-specific issues. Players can try different solutions to avoid this issue, but ultimately, it is up to the developers to address and resolve the problem through server maintenance and updates.

DBD Matchmaking Timeout: Causes and Solutions 1

Fixing Timeouts in DBD

To fix timeout issues in Dead by Daylight (DBD), there are a few things you can try:

1. Close and restart the game: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue. Close the game completely and reopen it.

2. Check your internet connection: A poor internet connection can cause timeout errors. Make sure that your internet is stable and strong.

3. Change your region: If you are playing with players from different regions, it can cause timeouts. Try changing your region to match the other players.

4. Check your firewall settings: Your firewall settings may be blocking DBD from connecting to the internet. Make sure that DBD is added to the exception list in your firewall settings.

5. Verify game files: Sometimes, corrupted game files can cause timeout errors. Verify the integrity of your game files in Steam.

6. Create a new lobby: As mentioned before, creating a new lobby can sometimes fix timeout issues. Close your current lobby and create a new one.

Hopefully, one of these solutions works for you and you can continue playing DBD without any timeout issues.

The Long Wait: Examining the Delays of Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is an online multiplayer game that requires a stable and efficient server infrastructure to function smoothly. The game’s servers are responsible for handling various tasks, such as matchmaking, game hosting, and player data management. However, server-related complications can lead to long queue times and other issues for players.

One possible cause for the long queue times in DBD is the lack of server capacity or the availability in certain regions. This may be due to a high number of players in a specific geographical location or insufficient server infrastructure to handle the game’s demand. Additionally, server maintenance, updates, and other technical issues can also contribute to the problem.

It’s worth noting that not all players may experience long queue times, as the issue may be region or location-specific. Nevertheless, if you’re facing extended wait times in DBD, it’s recommended to check for any server-related announcements or updates from the game’s developers. Additionally, you can try switching to different servers or regions to see if that improves your matchmaking experience.


The Dead by Daylight matchmaking timeout issue is a frustrating problem for players that can result in long wait times and even disconnections. While the exact cause of the issue is unknown, it is likely related to server-related complications. Players in certain regions or locations may be more affected by this issue than others. The recommended solution for players experiencing this issue is to close their lobby and create a new one. It is important for the developers to address this problem promptly to ensure a positive gaming experience for all players.

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