What Happens to iMessages When You’re Blocked?

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When it comes to communication, blocking someone is a necessary step that many people take. Blocking someone on your iPhone blocks them from contacting you via the Messages app, FaceTime, or other messaging services such as WhatsApp and Skype. But what happens when you block someone on iMessage? Does the person know they’ve been blocked? Can they stil see your messages?

The answer is no. When you block someone on iMessage, their messages will not show up on your device at all. Instead, they will simply see a “Delivered” status for their message, even though it never actually arrived to you. This is becase their messages are now blocked by Apple’s servers and will never reach you.

Blocking someone on iMessage also prevents them from seeing any of your past conversations or being able to start new ones with you. They will not be able to see when you are typing a message either. If they try to call or FaceTime you, the call will immediately go straight to voicemail without ringing your phone at all.

It’s important to remember that blocking someone on iMessage does not automatically delete any of your conversations with the blocked contact. If you want to delete the conversation thread with this person, then you must do so manually before blocking them. Otherwise, the conversation thread stil remains in Messages and can be accessed by anyone who has access to your phone or computer (unless it’s password protected).

In short, if you block someone on iMessage they won’t be able to contact or view anything related to you in any way – instead they’ll only see a “Delivered” status for their message that never actually arrives.

What Happens to iMessages When You're Blocked? 1

Does an iPhone Message Say ‘Delivered’ When Blocked?

No, messages will not say “delivered” when a user has been blocked on an iPhone. When a user has been blocked, the messages they send will still appear to be sent as normal, but the recipient will not receive them. The sender will not receive any notification that their messages have not been received.

Identifying If You Have Been Blocked on iMessage

If you are blocked on iMessage, you will no longer see a delivery status when sending a message. The message will simply say “Delivered” and remain in that state. You will also not receive any notifications when the other person is typing or has read your message. Furthermore, if you attempt to call the person who has blocked you, you will only hear a single ring before beng sent to voicemail.

Can You Determine If Someone Has Blocked Your Texts?

Yes, you can tell if someone has blocked your texts. If you have sent a text message to someone and they don’t reply, it’s possible that they have blocked you. You may also notice that the message status is ‘delivered’ but you don’t get any notification or response back. Additionally, if the person has blocked your texts, tere will be a blank space beneath your message when you view it in the conversation thread.

Does Blocking a Message Affect Its Delivery Status?

No, it does not. If you have been blocked, you will not be able to see any delivery status or read receipts for the message you sent. The message itself will still apper in a blue bubble, but there will be no delivery status below it – not even a “Not Delivered.”

What Happens When You Text Someone Who Has Blocked You on an iPhone?

When you text someone who has blocked you on an iPhone, the message will still send normally. However, the recipient will not receive it and you will not receive any type of notification that the message was blocked. Furthermore, if you try to call the person, your call will go straight to voicemail without ringing.

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