Battlefield 2042 Beta: How to Add Friends and Play Across Different Platforms

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The highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 beta has finally arrived, and gamers all around the world are eager to jump into the action. With cross-play enabled, players can now team up with friends on different platforms and experience the thrill of All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Battlefield Portal together.

However, the beta version of the game has limited cross-play functionality, and players may encounter the “User not found” error while trying to connect with friends. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of adding friends and playing Battlefield 2042 beta across different platforms.

Adding Friends in Battlefield 2042 Beta

To add friends in Battlefield 2042 beta, players need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Social Menu

At the main menu, click on the “Social” button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up the social menu with a list of active players from your friend list and those you've played with recently.

Step 2: Send a Friend Request

To add a friend, hover over their name and click on the “Send Friend Request” button. This will send a friend request to the player, and once they accept it, they will appear on your friend list.

Step 3: Invite Friends to Play

Once your friend is on your friend list, you can invite them to play by clicking on their name and selecting “Invite to Game.” This will send an invite to the player, and once they accept it, you can team up and play together.

Playing Across Different Platforms

With cross-play enabled in Battlefield 2042 beta, players can now team up and play with friends on different platforms. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while playing across different platforms:

– Players must be on the same game version to play together. Last-gen console gamers cannot play with current-gen players, and the last-gen version of the game supports 64-player matches, as opposed to 128 on current-gen consoles.
– Open matchmaking occurs across platforms, but players cannot form parties and play with friends on different consoles in the beta version of the game.

Battlefield 2042 beta offers an exciting glimpse into the future of , with cross-play functionality enabling gamers to team up and play with friends across different platforms. By following the steps outlined in this article, players can easily add friends and play together in All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Battlefield Portal. So, gear up and get ready to experience the ultimate battlefield experience with your friends in Battlefield 2042 beta!

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Playing Battlefield 2042 Open Beta With Friends

It is possible to play with friends in the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. The game offers cross-play functionality, which allows players to connect and play with their friends across different platforms. This means that whether you are playing on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, you can join a game with your friends who are playing on a different platform.

To play with friends, you will need to add them to your friends list on the platform you are playing on. Then, you can either invite them to join your game or join their game if they have already started playing. The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta features several game modes such as All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Battlefield Portal, which you can play with your friends.

In addition, the game also offers a party system that allows you to create a group with your friends and join a game together. This makes it easier to coordinate and communicate with your friends while playing the game.

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta offers several options to play with your friends, including cross-play functionality, invites to join a game, joining a friend's game, and creating a party to play together.

Does Battlefield 2042 Have Crossplay in Beta?

The Battlefield 2042 open beta features crossplay functionality, allowing players to participate in open matchmaking with others across different platforms. However, it's important to note that players cannot form parties and play the beta with friends on different consoles. The cross-play feature is limited in this sense, but it still provides an opportunity for players to engage with a varied player base.

Unable to Locate Friend on Battlefield 2042

If you are unable to find your friend on Battlefield 2042, it is possible that you both are not using the same game version. This error may occur if you are playing on different generations of consoles. Specifically, last-gen console gamers cannot play Battlefield 2042 with current-gen players.

It is worth noting that the last-gen version of Battlefield 2042 supports 64-player matches, while the current-gen version supports up to 128 players. Therefore, if you and your friend are using different game versions, it may not be possible to play together.

To avoid this error, make sure that you and your friend are using the same game version and console generation. Additionally, ensure that you have added your friend as a friend on the game platform and are both online at the same time. By doing so, you should be able to find and play with your friend on Battlefield 2042.

Joining a Friend on Battlefield 2042

To join a friend on Battlefield 2042, follow these steps:

1. Launch the game and select the “Social” button from the main menu.
2. Look for your friend's name on the list of active players. You can also search for them using the search bar.
3. Once you find your friend, click on their name and select “Join Game” from the menu that appears.
4. If your friend's game is full, you can choose to join their queue and wait for a spot to open up.
5. When a spot becomes available, you will be automatically added to their game.

Alternatively, if your friend has sent you an invite to join their game, you can simply accept the invite and you will be taken directly to their game.

It's important to note that you and your friend need to be playing on the same platform (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) in order to join each other's game.


The Battlefield 2042 beta is a great opportunity for gamers to experience the latest edition of the popular first-person shooter game. The limited cross-play functionality in the beta allows players to matchmake across multiple platforms, but forming parties and playing with friends on different consoles is not yet possible. It is important to note that the “User not found” error may indicate players are not using the same game version, and last-gen console players cannot play with current-gen players. However, the open beta allows for a taste of the exciting new features in All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Battlefield Portal. With its increased player count, updated graphics, and new gameplay mechanics, Battlefield 2042 promises to be a thrilling addition to the franchise. the beta provides an excellent preview of what players can expect from the full game release.

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