How to Unlock Your Child’s iPhone?

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Unlocking your child’s iPhone is an important part of keeping them safe and staying connected. Whether you need to access their phone for parenting reasons, to troubleshoot a problem, or to simply check up on them, it’s important to know how to unlock their phone so you can do it easily and without any hassles.

Fortunately, the process of unlocking your child’s iPhone is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. The first step is to make sure that your child has enabled Family Sharing on their device. This will allow you to manage their phone remotely using your own Apple ID. You can do this by going into Settings > [Your Name] > Family Sharing and then selecting Add Family Member and choosing Create Child Account. Once you have created the account, use the email address and password associated with it to sign in on your child’s device.

Once you have signed in, all you need to do is go into Settings > Screen Time and select Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn Off Screen Time Passcode. This will allow you to set the passcode for their device or turn it off altogether if desired. You can also use Face ID, Touch ID, or your own device passcode as an extra layer of security if desired.

Once the passcode has been set or turned off, you will be able to access your child’s phone without needing their permission whenever necessary. Just remember that if they ever change the passcode again, you will need to repeat this process in order to regain access.

Finally, if something happens and your loved one passes away before being able to give permission for access, there are still ways for family members or executors of their estate to gain access to their iPhones. The first step is going onto and selecting Forgot Apple ID or Password. Then follow the instructions given about resetting the iCloud password associated with that person’s Apple ID. If all else fails then check their email accounts for a link from Apple which can be used as another way of resetting the password if needed.

We hope this guide has given you all the information necessary for unlocking your child’s iPhone without any difficulties!

Unlocking a Child’s iPhone Lock

To unlock a child’s iPhone, you will need to enter their Screen Time passcode. To do this, tap Settings > Screen Time > [your child’s name]. Then tap Enter Screen Time Passcode and enter the four-digit code your child has set up. If you don’t know the passcode, you will need to ask your child for it.

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Remotely Accessing a Child’s iPhone

Yes, you can access your child’s iPhone remotely. By setting up Family Sharing and protecting their phone settings with a passcode, you can monitor and manage their device from any Apple device. You can view their screen time, check the content they are viewing, set restrictions for apps and websites, review purchases, and even locate their device if it is lost or stolen.

Gaining Access to a Son’s iPhone

In order to access your son’s iPhone, you will need to create a child account for him. To do this, open the Settings app on your own iPhone or iPad and go to [Your Name] > Family Sharing. Tap Add Family Member and choose to Create a Child Account. Enter the required information, such as your son’s name and birthdate, then create an email address and password for his account. After creating the account, use the email address and password you created to sign in to that account on your child’s iPhone or iPad.

What To Do When a Child’s iPhone Is Disabled

If your child’s iPhone is disabled, the first step is to try and unlock it with your passcode. If you don’t know the passcode, you can try connecting the iPhone to a computer and using iTunes to reset it. To do this, start iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone using a USB cable, and then start the device’s recovery mode. On your computer, click “Restore” and this process should reset the device back to its factory settings. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact Apple Support for further assistance.


In conclusion, there are several ways to unlock your child’s iPhone if needed. If you have already set up Family Sharing and passcode protection on their device, you can manage the device remotely from your own device. Otherwise, you can use to reset the Apple ID or password associated with your device. If all else fails, you can contact Apple Support for assistance in unlocking the device. It is important to remember that when unlocking a loved one’s iPhone after their death, it is important to do so with respect and care in order to protect any sensitive data or information stored on the device.

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