Exploring the Mysterious Pokemon Insurgence Secret Base

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Welcome to the world of Pokémon Insurgence! As a fan of the series, you’re sure to be excited about all of the new features this game has to offer. One of these features is the brand-new Secret Base system.

Unlike other games in the franchise, Pokémon Insurgence allows for more than one Secret Base to be set up in each region. A Secret Base is essentially a hidden area where players can store items, customize their environment with furniture and decorations, and battle with friends online. To gain access to your own Secret Base, you must first purchase a Digger Drill from one of the small sphere merchants located within the massive cave system. Once you have your drill, you’re ready to find and enter your very own secret base.

The entrance to every Secret Base is located behind the bookcases in every Pokémon Center (2nd floor in Pokémalls). After entering through this entrance, you will be able to customize your base however you like by adding items like furniture and decorations. You can also choose which Pokémon will appear inside your base when others visit it online. You can even set up special battles with friends that can only be accessed from within your base!

Once your Secret Base is set up, it’s time to go online and let others know about it! Each player has their own unique Friend Safari code that they can share with others so they can come to visit their base. Players are also able to go online and enter a friend’s username to visit their base as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start building your very own Secret Base today! With all of its customization options, exciting battles, and easy access for friends online, this feature is sure to make playing Pokémon Insurgence even more fun!

Exploring the Mysterious Pokemon Insurgence Secret Base 1

Gaining Access to the Secret Base in Pokémon Insurgence

To enter a Secret Base in Pokémon Insurgence, first, you must purchase one at the bottom floor of any Pokémon Center or the top floor of any PokéMall. After purchasing a Secret Base, you will be given the Tablet, which allows you to access and customize your base. To enter your Secret Base, simply interact with the back of any bookshelf on either floor. Once inside, you can use the tablet to customize rooms, invite friends, and even set up challenges for other players!

The Purpose of a Secret Base

The point of a secret base is to provide players with a space to express their creativity. By customizing the secret base with various accessories, furniture, and Pokémon dolls, players can create a unique and personalized area in the game world. Not only does this give players a sense of ownership over their own space, but it also allows for interaction with other players who visit each other’s secret bases. Players can also participate in mini-games within their secret bases to collect rewards such as rare items and special Pokémon. Finally, some secret bases can be registered as an official Secret Base Club on the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, allowing visitors to earn points that can be exchanged for exclusive items.

Accessing Friends Safari in Pokémon Insurgence

To access the Friend Safari in Pokémon Insurgence, you must first make your way to Metchi Town. Once there, you can purchase a Secret Base from the Base Shop located in the center of town. After purchasing a base, a secret entrance will be revealed behind the bookcases on the second floor of every Pokémon Center. You can then use this entrance to access your base and enter your friend’s username to visit their base and unlock their Friend Safari.

Finding the Perfect Location for a Secret Base in Pokémon

The best place to build your Secret Base in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl is in the Grand Underground. This is an expansive network of caves and tunnels that will provide you with plenty of room to construct your base and add decorations. You can start by finding a wall that you like and using the Digger Drill to create a big hole. Once you have your hole, you can start filling it up with items such as furniture, decorations, and even items that attract rare Pokémon. You can also customize the walls and floor of your Secret Base by using special plates that are available from nearby shops. Finally, don’t forget to add some obstacles such as rocks or trees for more challenging battles!

Can You Fly to Your Secret Base in Pokémon?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to Fly directly to your Secret Base in Pokemon. You must use HMs or bikes to travel to the route or area where your base is located in. Once you reach the right area, you can enter your Secret Base by interacting with the special flag.

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In conclusion, the Secret Base feature in Pokemon Insurgence is a great way to customize your own area and show off your creativity. Players can purchase their own Secret Base, use Digger Drills to expand it, and visit their friends’ bases using a friend code. The Secret Base allows players to decorate with various accessories, furniture, and Pokémon dolls and also includes a Friend Safari for online multiplayer. With the help of the Secret Base, players can now enjoy creating their own unique and personal experience within Pokemon Insurgence.

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