How To Disable Split Screen In Safari

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How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 1
How To Disable Split Screen In Safari

Safari’s split-screen feature on the iPad has redefined what it means to be productive in the digital age. This multitasking powerhouse allows users to view and interact with more than one webpage at a time, significantly enhancing productivity and the efficiency of information consumption. 

However, despite its advantages for multitasking, there are times when the need for focus trumps the desire for efficiency. In scenarios where simplicity and minimalism are key, the split-screen feature might become more of a distraction than an aid.

Whether you’re diving deep into a single article, reading a long piece of content, or simply prefer a streamlined browsing experience, learning how to disable the split-screen function in Safari can help you tailor your digital environment to your current needs, ensuring that your device works for you in the most effective way possible.

How Do You Get Off Split Screen On iPad?

Getting out of split-screen mode on your iPad, especially within Safari, can feel a bit like untangling headphones – a bit fiddly at first, but simple once you know the steps. So, if you’ve found yourself in split-screen view by accident or just need a change of digital scenery, here’s how to exit split-screen and get back to full-screen browsing bliss.

1. Identify the Divider: In split-screen mode, your iPad screen is divided into two sections. You’ll see a divider (or a drag handle) right in the middle. This is your tool for adjusting or exiting split-screen mode.

2. Drag to Close: To exit split-screen, you need to drag this divider all the way to the right or left side of the screen. Dragging the pane to the right will collapse the left pane, and the same action in the opposite direction will close the right pane. This action essentially tells your iPad, “Hey, I’m done with split-screen; let’s go back to one window.”

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 3

3. Using Safari: When in Safari, the same principles apply. The split-screen can be quite handy for comparing sites or multitasking, but when you need to focus on just one page, just grab that middle divider and drag it off the screen to the side of the pane you wish to close.

4. Final Step – Close: Once you’ve dragged the divider and effectively removed one of the screens, you’ll be left with a single browsing window or app view. Now, you can navigate, read, or watch content without the split-screen distraction.

How Do I Turn Off The Split Screen?

Turning off the split-screen feature in Safari might not be as straightforward as flipping a switch in the settings, primarily because Safari and iOS don’t offer a direct “disable split-screen” option in the Safari settings. However, managing how you interact with Safari can help avoid triggering split-screen mode unintentionally.

The split-screen or Split View in Safari on iPad allows users to have two Safari windows side by side. While this feature can enhance productivity, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to avoid entering split-screen mode, it’s more about adjusting how you use Safari rather than toggling a permanent option in the settings.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 5
How Do I Turn Off The Split Screen?

To exit split-screen view if you find yourself in it, you can tap and hold the tab button (looks like two squares) in the upper-right corner of one of the Safari windows, then select “Merge All Windows” to combine all tabs into a single window. 

Alternatively, you can drag the tab divider all the way to the edge of the screen to close one of the split views.

For those looking for a permanent option to disable split-screen in Safari, the closest approach is to be mindful of how you open links. Split View is often triggered by dragging a link to the side of the screen or opening a link in a new window and moving it to the side. Avoiding these actions can help keep Safari in a single-window view.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 7
How Do I Get Safari Back To Full Screen?

Why Am I Getting A Split Screen In Safari?

Stumbling upon an accidental split-screen in Safari can be as surprising as discovering a hidden feature on your device. This multitasking feature, designed to enhance productivity, can sometimes be activated unintentionally. 

Let’s explore the common triggers that might cause Safari to split its view, especially focusing on iPad landscape orientation and necessary Safari adjustments.

One primary reason for unintentional activation is the iPad’s landscape orientation. When in landscape mode, Safari utilizes the additional screen width to enable split-screen viewing, aiming to boost multitasking efficiency. This feature, though useful, can be activated without intent, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the gesture or button that triggers it.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 9

Another trigger is specific Safari adjustments or gestures that users might make without realizing their impact. For instance, tapping and holding certain buttons or dragging website tabs in specific ways can initiate split-screen mode. This is particularly true in scenarios where the user intends to perform a different action, like opening a new tab or refreshing a page.

How Do I Get Safari Back To Full Screen?

Encountering a split screen in Safari can be disorienting, especially when you’re expecting a full-screen view for a more immersive browsing experience. This scenario often results from inadvertently using Safari’s split view feature, designed to enhance multitasking by displaying two web pages side by side. 

Several methods can be employed across different devices to return Safari to full-screen mode and bid farewell to the split screen, ensuring a seamless transition back to a singular view.

On Macs, achieving Safari full-screen mode can be as simple as clicking the green maximize button in the browser window’s upper left corner. This action typically toggles between full-screen and windowed modes, offering a quick fix to the split-screen dilemma.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 11

For those who favor keyboard shortcuts for efficiency, pressing Control-Command-F switches Safari into full-screen mode, instantly expanding the browser to fill the screen. 

Conversely, should you find yourself in full-screen mode unintentionally, tapping the Esc key can revert Safari back to its windowed state, allowing for easy adjustment of the browser’s size according to your preferences.

How Do I Change Safari Back To Full Screen On iPad?

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 13
How Do I Change Safari Back To Full Screen On iPad?

Switching Safari back to full-screen on your iPad after using the split-screen feature is straightforward and crucial for those who prefer a single, expansive view for their browsing experience. 

To achieve iPad full-screen Safari, look for the black divider that splits the screen into two. This divider is the key to adjusting the split-screen proportions or exiting the split-screen mode altogether. 

Drag or slide this divider completely to one side of your screen. By doing so, you effectively close one of the Safari windows, returning Safari to its full-screen glory. This action consolidates your browsing into one pane, making navigation simpler and more focused, especially when multitasking isn’t necessary.

How Do I Get Rid Of Multiple Safari Windows On My iPad?

To begin with, iPad Safari tab management is built for effortless usability. When you find yourself with too many tabs open, here’s a simple way to close them all at once:

First, open Safari on your iPad.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 15
How Do I Get Rid Of Multiple Safari Windows On My iPad?

To access the Multi Window Tab interface, tap the tabs icon in the bottom right corner (this looks like two squares overlaying each other).

In this interface, all your active tabs will be shown as thumbnails. To close multiple tabs at once, look for the ‘Close All [number] Tabs’ option. This might require you to long-press the ‘Done’ button or the individual tab close buttons, depending on your iOS version.

Why Does Safari Open In Half Screen On iPad?

Dealing with iPad Safari half-screen issues can feel as perplexing as untangling headphones. This behavior often traces back to the iPad’s multitasking features, specifically Slide-Over or default multitasking settings, which can unexpectedly cause Safari to open in a split view or half-screen mode.

Slide-Over is a feature that allows an app to float over another app, and sometimes, it might not be clear that this mode is activated. If Safari launches in half of the screen, it could be because another app is in Slide-Over mode on the side.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 17
Why Does Safari Open In Half Screen On iPad?

The iPad’s default multitasking settings are designed to enhance productivity by allowing multiple apps to be used side by side. However, if not configured to your preference, they can lead to Safari opening in a split view by default.

For troubleshooting this issue, you might consider checking if any apps are currently in Slide-Over mode and swiping them away. Additionally, adjusting your iPad’s multitasking settings can help prevent Safari from launching in half-screen mode. This might involve turning off certain multitasking features if they’re not needed for your workflow.

How Do I Enable Full Screen? (General)

Switching to browser full-screen mode in Windows is straightforward across the most popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Simply pressing the F11 key is all that’s required. 

Once you press F11, your browser window will expand to cover the entire screen, removing distractions and providing a more immersive viewing experience. To leave full-screen mode and revert to your normal browsing window, simply press F11 again. 

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 19
How Do I Enable Full Screen? (General)

This feature is particularly useful when reading articles, watching videos, or performing any task that benefits from a larger viewing area. Each of these browsers—Chrome, Edge, and Firefox—similarly implements full-screen mode, ensuring a seamless experience no matter which one you use on your Windows computer.

How Do I Get My iPad Back To One Screen?

The key action involves the divider to return your iPad single-app view from the split-screen mode in Safari or any other app that supports multitasking. Simply place your finger on the divider. 

Next, move it entirely to either the right or left side of the screen, depending on which application you wish to shut down. This action will close split-screen mode, leaving the other app filling the iPad screen. 

It’s a straightforward method that restores your device to a single-app view without navigating through complex settings or menus, ensuring a seamless and focused user experience.

How Do I Close Multiple Safari Windows On My iPhone?

To begin, locate the Tabs switcher icon on your iPhone in Safari. This icon, usually found at the bottom right corner of the screen (or at the top right if you’re using an older version of iOS), resembles two overlapping squares. Tapping on this will reveal all the open tabs you currently have.

Once you’re in the tabs view, the option to Close All Tabs can be your best friend if you want to declutter quickly. On the newer versions of iOS, you can press and hold the Tabs switcher icon to reveal a menu, which includes the Close All Tabs option.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 21
How Do I Close Multiple Safari Windows On My iPhone?

Selecting this will prompt you to confirm that you want to close all tabs, and upon confirmation, Safari will close every tab you have open.

For those with a significant number of open tabs, this feature is incredibly useful for iPhone Safari tab management, keeping your browser running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Split-Screen Issues

If you are experiencing split-screen stuck Safari, which refuses to revert even after trying the standard closing methods, don’t worry. This problem is more prevalent than you realize and typically falls under the category of Safari glitches. Let’s navigate through some practical steps for troubleshooting this, ensuring you can get back to a seamless browsing experience.

1. Force Quit Safari: If Safari is unresponsive, consider shutting down the application forcefully. On an iPad, double-click the Home button (or swipe up on the screen on models without a Home button) to view all open apps, then swipe up on Safari to close it.

On a Mac, opt for ‘Safari’ from the menu options and then choose ‘Quit Safari.’ If it doesn’t quit, press Option-Command-Esc to force quit.

2. Restart Your Device: Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. Restart your device to clear any temporary glitches that might cause the app to behave unexpectedly. This often resolves issues that cause the app to freeze or become stuck.

3. Check for Updates: An outdated Safari or operating system can lead to Safari glitches.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 23

Keep the software on your device current since updates frequently include solutions for typical bugs and enhancements in performance.

4. Clear Safari’s Website Data: Sometimes, cached data can cause unexpected behavior in apps. Find your way to your device’s Settings, select ‘Safari’, and then click on the option that shows ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and this will reset Safari’s cache.

How To Disable Split Screen In Safari 25

Note that, this will log you out of websites and clear your browsing history.

Customizing Your Safari Experience

Customizing your Safari experience goes beyond just adjusting the split-screen behavior; it encompasses a range of customization options that allow you to tailor how Safari works for you, starting from the very app launch. 

By diving into Safari preferences, you can tweak various settings to enhance your browsing experience according to your personal or professional needs.

To refine how split-screen is triggered, look into the settings that control tab behavior, such as how new links open (in new tabs versus split view) or how to engage split view with a longer press on a link.

Moreover, customization in Safari isn’t just about managing Windows; it’s also about optimizing how you interact with the web. From adjusting the default search engine to setting up a homepage or even choosing when and how Safari suggests websites based on your usage, these preferences are designed to make your web browsing more efficient and personalized.


Mastering how to disable split screen in Safari is more than just a tweak—it’s about taking control of your browsing experience. This guide arms you with the knowledge to customize your Safari interface, aligning it with your productivity needs and preferences. 

Remember, the power of Safari customization is now in your hands, enabling you to tailor your web browsing environment for optimal efficiency and ease of use. With these insights, you’re well-equipped to optimize your Safari experience, ensuring that your digital navigation is as streamlined and personalized as possible.

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