Is iTunes Still Available for Macbook Pro?

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The Apple MacBook Pro M1 is the latest and greatest laptop from Apple. With a new M1 chip, the MacBook Pro has been redesigned to be faster, more powerful, and more efficient than ever before. But with this new hardware comes an important software change—iTunes has been replaced by the Music app.

While iTunes was an important part of many people’s music libraries and listening experiences, it’s no longer available on the MacBook Pro M1. Instead, users will need to use the Music app to manage their music libraries and playlists. The Music app is designed to provide users with a better experience when managing their media library, as well as access to Apple Music and other streaming services.

The good news is that those who have purchased content through iTunes will still be able to access it in the Music app or the Finder. Any purchased movies or TV shows will also appear in their respective apps—the TV app for movies and TV shows, and Apple Books for books. Additionally, users can still use their M1 mobile number to make purchases from the App Store or subscribe to iTunes services and applications.

Overall, while it may not be easy for everyone to adjust to this change from iTunes to the Music app on their new Macbook Pro M1, it does provide them with a more streamlined experience when managing their music library and playing content from streaming services such as Apple Music.

Is iTunes Still Available for Macbook Pro? 1

Does the MacBook Pro M1 Include iTunes?

No, the MacBook Pro M1 does not have iTunes. Apple replaced iTunes with the Music app as part of its macOS Big Sur update. The Music app provides access to all of your music library, Apple Music, and radio stations. It also lets you purchase and download new music, create playlists, and more.

Does the MacBook Air M1 Include iTunes?

No, the MacBook Air M1 does not have iTunes. Apple replaced iTunes with Music. app on Mac OS Catalina and newer, with some features like device management moved to the Finder. Therefore, there is no version of iTunes available for MacBook Air M1.

Why is iTunes Not Installed on My Macbook Pro?

It’s possible that you don’t have iTunes installed on your Macbook Pro because it was not included in your purchase. Apple Music replaced iTunes as the main music and media player for Mac computers with the release of macOS Catalina in October 2019. If you would like to use iTunes, you can re-download it from the App Store. Additionally, if you have an older version of macOS, such as Mojave or High Sierra, you may already have iTunes installed on your device. To check, open Finder and search for “iTunes.” You can also find it in the Applications folder.

Is iTunes Available for Mac Computers?

Yes, there is an iTunes for Mac. The iTunes Store on Mac is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get. You can also listen to free streaming radio stations with iTunes Radio. With macOS Mojave, iTunes comes pre-installed, or you can download it from the App Store on your Mac. You can also access the iTunes Store from within the Music app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Apple Watch.


In conclusion, iTunes is no longer available on Macbook Pro M1 as it has been replaced by the Music app. Some features of iTunes have been moved to Finder, and there is no version of iTunes for Mac OS Catalina or newer. Therefore, if you have an M1-powered Macbook Pro and you want to make purchases from the App Store or subscribe to iTunes services or applications, you will need to use your M1 mobile number instead.

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