How to Maximize Your Calorie Burn with Apple Watch

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If you're a enthusiast, you may already be familiar with the concept of kilocalories (kcals) and how it relates to your workout. But for those who are new to the game, kcals (also known as calories) are a measure of energy expenditure that can help you monitor your progress and reach your goals.

The Apple Watch has built-in features to track your calorie burn throughout the day. Your Apple Watch uses information such as your height, weight, age, gender, heart rate, and movement throughout the day to calculate how many calories you burn. This calculation is an estimation but it's considered fairly accurate.

To access this data on your Apple Watch: Go to the Workout app. Select Other. Swipe until you see the red Active Calories/Kilojoules screen. Press and hold until you see an option to select Calories and Kilojoules. Select your preference and view your daily total calorie burn in kcals or kilojoules on the display screen.

Monitoring your kcals can help you stay motivated and reach any fitness goals that you have set for yourself by providing tangible feedback on progress made over time. Whether it's running a marathon or losing weight, being able to track and compare your calorie burn from day to day can help keep you on track. Knowing how many kcals you are burning each day gives insight into how much energy is expended during a workout so that adjustments can be made if necessary in order to meet desired outcomes.

The Apple Watch offers an easy way to keep track of kcals burned throughout the day so that users can stay informed about their progress and make adjustments when needed in order to achieve their desired results!

Understanding Kcal on Apple Watch

Kcal (or kilocalories) on Apple Watch is a measure of the amount of energy you burn during your activity. It is calculated based on your age, gender, weight, and activity level. Kcal is the same as calories — just a different unit of measurement — so when you're looking at how many calories you burned in a workout or throughout the day, you'll see it in kcals. This number is tracked and stored in the App on your Apple Watch.

kcal on apple watch

Does the Apple Watch Track Calories Burned?

Yes, the Apple Watch does track KCAL (kilocalories). To do so, it uses the personal information you've provided, such as your height, weight, gender, and age. This information is used to calculate how many calories you burn during a given activity. The Apple Watch also allows you to set goals for yourself and track your progress towards those goals by measuring calories burned during workouts or other activities. You can view this data in the Activity app on your watch or in the Health app on your iPhone.

Accuracy of Apple Watch Kcal Burned Measurement

The Apple Watch is designed to provide an accurate estimate of the number of calories burned. It uses a variety of data points, such as your height, weight, age, gender, heart rate, and movement throughout the day to calculate an estimate. This estimation is known to be relatively accurate when compared to methods that measure energy expenditure directly. However, it's important to note that this data can be impacted by various factors such as diet and habits. As such, it's wise to use this information as a general guide rather than a precise measurement.

How to Track Kcals on an Apple Watch

To get Kcals (Kilocalories) on your Apple Watch, open the Workout app, then select “Other”. Swipe until you see the red Active Calories/Kilojoules screen. Press and hold until you see an option to select either Calories or Kilojoules. Select your preference and you will now be able to track your Kcal data on the watch.

The Difference Between Active KCAL and KCAL on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch tracks your activity level and calorie burn in two ways: active kcal and kcal. Active kcal are calories burned through physical activity, such as walking, running, or any other type of exercise. These are the calories that count towards your red Move ring on the Activity app. Total kcal, on the other hand, is a combination of both active and resting calories burned. This is an overall number that gives you an idea of how many calories you have burned during a certain period of time.


In conclusion, the Apple Watch is an effective tool for tracking your daily calorie burn. It takes into account your personal information such as height, weight, age, gender, heart rate, and movement to provide an accurate estimate of how many calories you've burned throughout the day. The watch also allows you to switch between displaying your calorie burn in kilocalories (kcal) or Kilojoules (kj). By using the Apple Watch to track your daily caloric intake and expenditure, you can ensure that you stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

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