Bubblegum Game on Apple Watch

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Do you remember the days of blowing bubbles with your bubble gum? Well, now you can relive thoe days with Bubblegum Hero! Bubblegum Hero is a free game that allows you to blow virtual bubbles on your computer or mobile device. The object of the game is to hold your finger on the small screen to start blowing a bubble. Once it has grown big enough to fit in the two circles on the screen, you can release it and score a point. But be careful – blow for too long and the gum will explode all over your face!

But that's not all – Bubblegum Hero also has a “real life mode” that allos you to blow into your microphone and blow up a balloon inside the game itself! It's an incredibly fun and unique way to play bubble gum games.

But if you have an Apple Watch, then there's even more reason to get excited abut Bubblegum Hero! The Apple Watch App Store has tons of games designed specifically for your tiny wrist-sized screen. You can search for “games” in watch's App Store and find Bubblegum Hero alongside other popular titles like Lifeline, Pocket Plants, Solitaire, Trivia Crack, Snappy Word, Tiny Armies, Komrad and Elevate: Brain Training.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to either your app store or the Apple Watch App Store today and start blowing virtual bubbles with Bubblegum Hero! There's no better way to relive those childhood days of bubble blowing fun than with this awesome game!

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Playing Bubble Gum on Apple Watch

To play Bubblegum Hero on Apple Watch, open the app and put your finger on the small screen. You will then need to blow gently into the microphone of your watch. This will start to inflate a bubble that is seen on the screen of your watch. Once the bubble is big enouh to fit inside both circles, release your finger and you will score a point. Be careful not to overinflate the bubble or it will burst, ending your game prematurely!

Can Games Be Played on an Apple Watch?

Yes, you can play games on your Apple Watch! The App Store for the watch has a wide selection of games designed specifically for the watch's small screen. To find these games, you can press the Digital Crown to access the app screen, and then search for “games” in the App Store. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you're sure to find something that appeals to you!

Downloading Games on Apple Watch Series 7

To download games on your Apple Watch Series 7, you will first need to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Once you have done this, tap My Watch, then tap General and turn off Automatic App Install. After that, scroll down to Available and tap Install next to the apps you want to download. You can also browse through the App Store on your iPhone and then choose the option to install an app on your Apple Watch. Once you have chosen an app or game, it should begin downloading directly to your Apple Watch.

Downloading Games for Apple Watch

You can download games for your Apple Watch from the App Store. To access the App Store, press the Digital Crown on your watch to view the Home screen and then tap on the App Store. You can use Scribble or Dictation to search for specific games, or you can scroll down to discover featured apps and curated app collections. Once you've found a game that loos interesting, simply tap the “Get” button next to it to start downloading it onto your watch.


In conclusion, Bubblegum Hero is a fun and unique game that can be enjoyed on both iOS and Apple Watch devices. Its simple design makes it easy to pick up and play, while its real-life mode adds an extra layer of . Whether you are looing for a casual way to pass the time or you want to challenge yourself with the fast-paced gameplay, Bubblegum Hero is an excellent choice for any gamer.

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