How To Track Sleep On Apple Watch

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Do you want to improve your sleep quality and get a btter night’s rest? The new Apple Watch is the perfect tool for tracking your sleep and giving you insights into how well you’re sleeping each night. With the ability to track your heart rate, movement, and other factors while you sleep, the Apple Watch can give you valuable data about your sleep patterns.

To start tracking your sleep with your Apple Watch, first open up the Health app on your iPhone. Tap on Sleep > Track Sleep with Apple Watch to turn on this setting. This will alow you to use the Sleep app on your watch to track how long and how deeply you’re sleeping each night.

Once this is enabled, make sure that you wear your Apple Watch at a comfortable fit so that it can accurately track your sleep data. It’s also important to turn on Charging Reminders so that your watch is fully charged before bedtime. If the battery dies during the night, it won’t be able to track any of that time.

When it’s time for bed, open up the Sleep app on your watch and tap Start Sleeping. Your watch will then track all of the data relted to your slumber like heart rate and movement throughout the night. In the morning when it’s time to wake up, just tap Stop Sleeping in the Sleep app and view all of the data in the Health app or in the Activity app on both iPhone or Apple Watch.

By tracking your sleep with an Apple Watch, you can get a better idea of how well rested you are each night and take steps towards improving overall quality of life through improved restful nights. So if you want to get better insights into how well you’re sleeping each night, start using an Apple Watch today!

Does the Apple Watch Automatically Track Sleep?

Yes, Apple Watch automatically tracks sleep when Sleep Tracking is enabled. When activated, your Apple Watch will track your sleep and add the data to the Health app on your iPhone. You can also enable Charging Reminders to have your Apple Watch remind you to charge it before your wind down time and notify you when it is fully charged.

how to track sleep on apple watch

Tracking Sleep Using Apple Watch

To track your sleep uing your Apple Watch, you’ll need to first turn on the setting in the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Sleep, and then select Track Sleep with Apple Watch. To ensure you get the most accurate results when tracking your sleep, make sure to also turn on Charging Reminders. Once both settings are enabled, you can wear your watch to bed and have it track your sleep automatically.

Troubleshooting Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Issues

Your Apple Watch miht not have tracked your sleep if the battery died, it was too loose, or the accelerometer registered too much movement during your natural sleep. To ensure that you’re getting accurate data, make sure that your watch is at a comfortable fit and that the battery is fully charged. If you’re still having difficulties tracking your sleep, reach out to Apple Support for additional help.

Does the Apple Watch Track REM and Deep Sleep?

Yes, Apple WatchOS 9 has introduced sleep tracking features which include the ability to detect REM, core and deep sleep. This feature can help you gain more insight into how well you are sleeping, as well as provide heart health support. The watch can also remind you to take medications so you don’t forget.

The Accuracy of Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

The Apple Watch sleep tracker is one of the most accurate trackers available, as it has been tested aginst the Fitbit Sense and Withings Sleep Analyzer. This device is able to accurately measure your sleep duration, allowing you to set more realistic bedtimes and wake-ups in order to build better sleep. Additionally, it is able to monitor your heart rate during sleep, helping you to keep track of how well you are sleeping at night. Ultimately, with its accuracy and comprehensive features, the Apple Watch sleep tracker is an excellent choice for those who wish to have a better understanding of their sleep patterns.

Does the Apple Watch Series 7 Track REM Sleep?

No, the Apple WatchOS 7 does not track REM sleep. The only sleep metric the app tracks is overall sleep time. Other devices such as the Fitbit Versa 2 provide more detailed information about your sleep including estimated light/deep and REM phases, as well as a sleep score. This data is important for understanding your sleeping patterns and can help you make lifestyle adjustments to ensure you get the best rest possible.

Tracking Sleep for Improved Health and Wellness

Tracking your sleep is a great way to understand your sleeping patterns and improve your sleep quality. Tracking your sleep can be done in a variety of ways, such as usng dedicated sleep-tracking apps or wearable devices.

Sleep-tracking apps are an easy and convenient way to track your sleep. They alow you to see data such as how long you slept and how much time you spent in each stage of sleep. The most popular apps include SleepScore (Android and iOS), Sleep Cycle (Android and iOS) and Sleep Time (Android and iOS).

Wearable devices, such as fitness trackers or smart watches, are also great for tracking your sleep. These devices can monitor heart rate, body movement, and other metrics while you’re sleeping, provding you with detailed insights into the quality of your rest.

Finally, if you want to get more detailed information about your sleeping patterns, you can try out a specialized sleep tracking device. These advanced devices use sensors to measure factors like brain waves, breathing patterns, body temperature and more – giving you an even deeper understanding of how well you’re sleeping at night.

How Does an iPhone Track Sleep Patterns?

IPhone uses your device activity to track when you go to bed and when you wake up. When you pick up or use your iPhone, it detects motion and sends this information to the Sleep app. The Sleep app then uses this information to estimate when you went to bed and woke up. It also takes into account any manual entries you’ve made in the app, such as if you enter your estimated time in bed or wakeup time. All of this data helps prvide an accurate picture of your sleep patterns so that you can get a better understanding of how much restful sleep you’re getting each night.


In conclusion, the Apple Watch is an incredibly useful tool for tracking your health and wellness. With its sleep tracking feature, it can help you monitor your sleep patterns and better understand how your lifestyle impacts your rest. Furthermore, its charging reminders ensure that you always have enough battery life to track your sleep data. With its wide range of features, the Apple Watch is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness goals.

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