How to Unpair Your Apple Watch from a Broken Phone

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The Apple Watch is a cutting-edge device that combines the best of both worlds—smartphone and timepiece. With an Apple Watch, you can make calls, send texts, listen to , and more with just the flick of your wrist. Plus, with its sleek design and advanced features, it's no wonder why so many people are making the switch from traditional watches to Apple Watches.

But what happens if your phone breaks? Do you have to buy a new watch? Not necessarily. You can easily unpair your Apple Watch from a broken phone and connect it with aother device. Here's how:

1. On the broken phone: Open the Settings app and go to Bluetooth settings. Turn off Bluetooth.
2. On the Apple Watch: Open the Settings app and select “Unpair Apple Watch” at the bottom of the screen. Confirm that you want to unpair your watch by tapping “Unpair” again on the next screen.
3. Once your watch has been unpaired, you can pair it with another device by folloing these steps:
• On your new phone, open up the Settings app and turn on Bluetooth
• On your Apple Watch, open up the Settings app and select “Pair a New Device” at the bottom of the screen
• Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your watch with your new phone

And there you have it! Now you know how to unpair an Apple Watch from a broken phone so that you don't have to purchase a new one. With this knowledge in hand, you can keep enjoying all of those great features that come with hving an Apple Watch!

Pairing Apple Watch to a New Phone Without Old Phone

To pair your Apple Watch to your new phone without your old phone, you'll need to start by erasing your Apple Watch. To do this, press and hold the side button on your watch until you see the power off slider. Slide it to the right to power off, then hold the side button agin until you see the Apple logo.

Once you've erased your watch, set up your new iPhone and sign in to iCloud. Then open the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone, and follow the onscreen instructions to pair with your new device. You can then try to restore from a backup if you have one available. Finally, follow any remaining onscreen steps to finish setting up.

how to unpair apple watch from broken phone
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Unpairing Apple Watch from Old Phone

To unpair your Apple Watch from an old phone, you can use the Find iPhone app. First, open the Find iPhone app on the old phone. Then, click All Devices at the top of the screen. Select your Apple Watch, and then click Erase [device]. This will erase all data from your Apple Watch and unpair it from your old phone. If you have any further questions about unpairing your Apple Watch, plese feel free to reach out to Apple Support for assistance.

Unpairing an Apple Watch When It Is Broken

If your Apple Watch is broken and you need to unpair it, you can do so usig the Find My iPhone app. First, open the Find My iPhone app and select All Devices at the top. Then, click on your Apple Watch and select Erase Apple Watch. Follow the prompts until your device is erased. Finally, click “X” next to remove your Apple Watch from your list of devices.

Hard Resetting an Apple Watch

To hard reset your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button untl you see the Power Off slider. Slide it to the right to turn off your Apple Watch. Once it is turned off, press and hold the side button and Digital Crown at the same time for at least 10 seconds. You should see an Erase all content and settings option appear on the screen. Tap Reset, then tap Reset again to confirm. Your Apple Watch will now begin erasing all of its content and settings. Once this process is complete, you can set up your Apple Watch again from scratch.

Resetting an Apple Watch That Did Not Unpair

To reset an Apple Watch that didn't unpair, you'll need to force a reset by pressing and holding the side button until you see Power Off. Then press and hold the Digital Crown, then tap Reset. This will force the Apple Watch to unpair and you'll be able to pair it aain with your iPhone.

how to unpair apple watch from broken phone

How to Perform a Hard Reset on an Apple Watch

A hard reset on an Apple Watch may not be successful for a variety of reasons. The first reason could be that the battery is too low or has completely drained. If this is the case, you will need to plug in your watch and charge it before attempting to do a hard reset. Another possible reason could be that there is some sort of issue causing the watch to become unresponsive. In this case, you may need to connect the watch to your computer and use iTunes to restore it to factory settings. Finally, if none of these solutions work, then it may be necessary to contact Apple Support for further assistance.


The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile device that has revolutionized the way people interact with their technology. With its advanced features such as a heart rate monitor, voice control, and activity tracking, the Apple Watch is perfect for those looking for a sleek and stylish wearable tech device. Not only can you use it to track your and data, but users can also use it to stay connected with friends, listen to music, receive notifications, make payments, and more. The Apple Watch is a great choice for anone looking for an all-in-one device that provides convenience and style.

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