How to Record Discord Calls

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is an incredibly popular voice and text platform that has been embraced by millions of gamers arund the world. It allows users to communicate with each other in real time, either through text or . Discord also offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to record calls and store them for later use.

Recording calls with Discord is incredibly simple and straightforward. All you need to do is open up your Discord app, enter a voice channel, and then click the “Record” button located at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will initiate the recording process, which will last until you press the “Stop” button or leave the voice channel. Once you have completed your call, you will be able to find it in your “Recordings” folder located witin your user settings on Discord.

One important thing to keep in mind when recording calls on Discord is that all recordings are stored locally on your device, so make sure that you back up any important conversations in case they get accidentally deleted from your device. Additionally, be aware that all recordings are private by default and can only be accessed by you or anyone else who has permission to view them.

Discord also provides users with a variety of additional features for managing their recordings. Users can create custom folders for organizing their recordings, add tags for easier searching, share recordings with oters via direct messages or file links, and even set expiration dates for their recordings so that they automatically delete after a certain amount of time has passed.

Overall, recording calls on Discord is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool for keeping track of important conversations with friends and colleagues alike. With its intuitive interface and robust features, it's no wonder why so many people rely on it every day!

Recording a Discord Video Call

The best way to record a Discord video call is to use a Discord Bot. Discord Bots are applications that can be added to your server and can provide a wide variety of features, including the ability to record video calls. First, you will need to find a suitable bot for your needs. There are many options available, but we recommend MEE6 or Dyno as they both offer recording capabilities. Once you have chosen your bot, join the server where it is located and add it to your channel. After that, follow the instructions povided by the bot in order to enable video call recording. Finally, when you start a video call with someone on your server, the bot will automatically start recording it for you.

how to record discord calls

Screen Recording Discord Calls with Audio

To record a Discord call with audio, you will need two pieces of : a screen recording program such as Bandicam, and an audio recording program. First, set up your microphone and speakers in the Discord voice settings for both programs. Next, open the screen recording software and select either Audio Recording, Screen Recording or Game Recording mode. Finally, start the call in Discord and begin the recording with your chosen program. When finished recording, save the file using your chosen format. This will capture both video and audio from the call and alow you to watch or share it later.

Can Discord Calls Be Recorded?

Yes, you can easily record Discord calls! To do so, simply open the chat window for the call you want to record and click on the “More” menu. Select “Start Recording” and your call will be recorded. When you're finished, click on “Stop Recording” and the recording will be saved to your computer. This feature is available on both desktop and mobile versions of Discord, so you can record calls from anywhere.

Does Discord Notify When Screen Recording?

No, Discord does not notify when you take a screenshot or record your screen. Taking a screenshot is easy to do with the PrtScn button on Windows computers, or by pressing Shift + Command + 4 and selecting the area you want to record on Macs. Neither of these methods will send a notification to Discord.

how to record discord calls

Is Video Calling on Discord Safe?

Discord is a popular platform used for hosting forums and group messages, but it also has built-in features for private video calls. While Discord does offer some level of , its requirements are not as stringent as other platforms. For example, its researchers have found that it is possible to set a password of “111111”. This lack of strong security measures makes Discord more vulnerable to potential data breaches or malicious activity. Therefore, whle Discord may be suitable for casual video calls, it is advisable to use more secure platforms for more sensitive conversations.

Recording Discord Calls with Audacity

To record Discord calls with Audacity, you will need to download and install the program. Once you have done that, open Audacity and go to Edit > Preferences > Devices. Select your microphone as the Recording Device, then fire up Discord and join a voice channel. Make sure the voice chat is loud enough to record from your speakers. After that, click the red Record button in Audacity and begin your call. When you are finished, press Stop in Audacity and save the file as an audio file for future use.


Discord is an incredibly usful communication tool for gamers, streamers, and other online communities. It's easy to use and provides a range of features that make it a great choice for all types of groups. With its voice chat capabilities, private messaging, and customisable servers, Discord is an efficient platform for engaging with friends and staying connected. It also offers unique ways to share content and interact with others, such as through bots, emojis, reactions, and more. Discord isn't just for ; it's become a powerful communication tool for people from all walks of life. Whether you're looking to stay connected with friends or find new communities to join, Discord offers a fun and convenient way to communicate in the digital age.

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