How to Stay On Track With Apple Watch Fitness Trends

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If you own an Apple Watch, you’re likely aware of the Fitness Trends feature that it offers. This feature allos you to track and monitor your progress with regard to health and fitness goals, making it easier to stay on top of your progress. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Fitness Trends and how it works so you can make the most of this valuable feature.

Fitness Trends on Apple Watch is an intuitive way to view your current level of fitness in relation to where you have been in the past. It gives you a quick snapshot of how well you are doing with respect to your Move, Exercise, and Stand goals, as well as other key metrics when compared to your previous performance. You can also set up personalized goals for yourself that are based on what the Apple Watch suggests for you based on past performance.

To get started with Fitness Trends, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch and scroll through using the Digital Crown until you reach the bottom of the screen. Then tap “Change Goals” and adjust any goal accordingly before tapping “Next”. You can then open up the Fitness app on your iPhone and navigate to the Summary page to find “Trends” in order to view more details about how well (or not) you are doing with respect to certain goals or metrics.

It should be noted that it takes around 180 days worth of activity data befre your trends will appear in Fitness Trends, so don’t worry if they aren’t showing up right away! Once enough data is collected, however, you will receive a notification letting you know that your trends are ready for viewing.

Fitness Trends is an incredibly useful tool for tracking your progress over time and helping keep yourself motivated as well as accountable when it comes achieving health-related goals. If used correctly, it can be quite effective in helping one stay committed towards bettr physical fitness!

Exploring Apple Watch Fitness Trends

Apple Watch fitness trends give you a quick overview of how you’re doing on your Move, Exercise, and Stand goals compared to your past performance. You can also view other key metrics like heart rate and active energy burned. This allows you to easily identify areas where you need to improve or congratulate yourself for reaching a milestone. It’s a great way to stay motivated and keep track of your progress over time!

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Turning Off Trends in Apple Fitness

To turn off Trends in the Apple Fitness app, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Then, turn the Digital Crown to scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Change Goals. You can then adjust or customize any goal you have set and tap Next when you are finished. You can also turn off Trends by goig to your Apple Watch settings and tapping Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Fitness Tracking and turning it off.

Activating Trends on a Fitness App

To activate Trends on the Fitness app, first open the app on your iPhone. On the Summary page, you will see a Trends section. Tap “Show More” to view detailed information about your fitness activities over time. You can also customize the Trends page by selecting wich activities you would like to track and monitor. To do this, tap “Customize” at the top of the Trends page. From there, you can choose which activity metrics you would like to follow and monitor. Once you have selected your desired metrics, tap “Done” in the upper right corner to save your changes. Now you will be able to view trend data for those activities right within the Fitness App!

Understanding Why Trends Are Not Visible on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Activity App provides Trends, which are personalized insights into your activity over the past 180 days. To start seing Trends, you need to make sure you are wearing your Apple Watch and closing your Activity Rings each day. Once there is enough data collected, you will receive a notification that your Trends are ready to view. By viewing your Trends, you can easily see how your activity has changed over time and even compare it to other days. Keep up the good work and soon you’ll have plenty of data to view!

Understanding How Apple Trends Works

Apple Trends is a feature that helps you track your fitness journey over time. It alows you to compare your performance over the last 90 days with the same period of time in the previous year. To generate a trend, Apple looks at how your metrics have moved over the course of the last 90 days, compared to the same period one year ago. If an arrow is pointing up, it means that you are maintaining or improving your performance, while a downward-pointing arrow indicates that your metrics have started to decline. With Apple Trends, you can quickly and easily check in on your progress and take steps to adjust your goals and habits accordingly.

Deleting Trends on Apple Watch

Yes, you can delete trends on your Apple Watch. To do this, open the Health app on your Apple Watch and tap ‘Health Data’ at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Trends’ from the list of options and then select whch trends you’d like to delete. You can choose to delete only one or multiple trends. Once you are done selecting, tap on the ‘Delete’ button at the top right corner of your screen and confirm your selection. Your selected trends will now be deleted from your Apple Watch.

Turning On Trends on Apple Watch

To turn on trends on your Apple Watch, open the Fitness app. Tap Summary and scroll down to Trends. Then, toggle the switch next to any item you wuld like to track (for example, Active Calories or Exercise Minutes). Once the switch is turned on, you will be able to view your progress for that item on the Trends page.

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The Duration of the Apple Watch Trend

The Apple Watch trend looks at the average performance of your Apple Watch metrics over the last 90 days and compares that to your average performance over the last 365 days. If you see a green arrow, it means that your average performance over the last 90 days has increased or stayed the same compared to your average performance over the last 365 days. If you see a red arrow, it means that your performance is declining compared to the previous year. This trend allows you to easily track how well you are maintaining or improving your fitness level in real time.


In conclusion, Fitness Trends on Apple Watch can prvide you with a quick snapshot of your performance in terms of Move, Exercise and Stand goals. To access the Trends on your Apple Watch, open the Activity app and scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Change Goals. If you don’t see any trends, it may take up to 180 days of activity to start your trends. By regularly wearing your watch and closing your rings each day, eventually you will get a notification when your trends are ready. With Fitness Trends on Apple Watch, you can ensure that you’re staying on track with your fitness goals.

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