How to Connect Your HRM-Dual with Apple Watch for Fitness Tracking

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Are you looking to take your workout routine and fitness tracking to the next level? The HRM-Dual Apple Watch is an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive and accurate way to monitor their heart rate. This device can be used with Apple Watch, iPhone, or other compatible devices that support either ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections.

The HRM-Dual Apple Watch offers several features to help you gain insight into your workouts. It monitors your heart rate in real-time and records data such as calories burned, average heart rate, peak heart rate, and more. It also continuously tracks your daily activity levels and stores up to 16 hours of workout data. Additionally, it is able to sync with compatible third-party apps such as the Wahoo Fitness app and Zwift app so you can keep track of your progress wherever you go.

The HRM-Dual is easy to use and set up. To connect it with your Apple Watch or iPhone, simply make sure the device is discoverable, open the Settings app on your watch/phone, tap on Bluetooth, then select the name of the device from the list under Health Devices in order to pair it.

Overall, the HRM-Dual Apple Watch is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable way to monitor their heart rate during workouts or daily activities. Its real-time tracking abilities allow you to make necessary adjustments in order to maximize the effectiveness of each session while its compatibility with third-party apps allows you to take your progress with you wherever life takes you.

How to Connect Your HRM-Dual with Apple Watch for Fitness Tracking 1

Pairing a Garmin HRM-Dual with an Apple Watch

To pair your Garmin HRM dual to your Apple Watch, first, make sure that your device is discoverable. Then launch the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Tap on Bluetooth and select the name of your HRM dual when it appears under Health Devices in order to pair it. After you have successfully paired the devices, you should be able to track heart rate data from the monitor on your Apple Watch.

Compatible Apps for HRM-Dual

The HRM-Dual is compatible with a variety of apps and devices, including the Garmin Edge 1000, Garmin Forerunner 920 XT triathlon watch, Wahoo Kickr trainer, Wahoo Headwind, and the Wahoo Fitness app. It is also possible to use the HRM-Dual with the popular Zwift app for cycling and Apple iPhone X. All of these apps are designed to work with the latest versions of ANT+ technology, allowing users to monitor their heart rate accurately and in real-time.

Connectivity of Garmin HRM-Dual

Garmin’s HRM-Dual can connect to a range of compatible devices, including mobile apps, hardware such as Apple TV, and devices that support either ANT+ or Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connections. Specifically, it can pair with any app or device that supports the ANT+ Heart Rate Profile or the Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Service. This includes fitness trackers, cycling computers, smartwatches, and other sport-specific apps or devices. With its dual-band capabilities, it can also be used with multiple devices simultaneously.

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Compatibility of Heart Rate Monitors with Apple Watch

The Polar H7, Wahoo TICKR, and Scosche Rhythm+ are all compatible with the Apple Watch and FITIV Pulse. The Polar H7 is a chest strap monitor that transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The Wahoo TICKR is an armband device that connects to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth Smart, providing accurate heart rate readings. Finally, the Scosche Rhythm+ is a clip-on sensor that uses both optical and accelerometer technology to measure your heart rate. All of these devices are compatible with the FITIV Pulse app for use with the Apple Watch.

Can a Chest Heart Rate Monitor Be Used With Apple Watch?

Yes, you can use a chest heart rate monitor with your Apple Watch. By pairing the two devices via Bluetooth, you can get a more consistent and accurate reading of your heart rate than when using the watch alone. Chest heart rate monitors provide direct contact with your skin and are therefore more reliable for tracking heart rate than wrist-worn sensors. In addition to getting more accurate readings, chest monitors also allow you to track your heart rate during exercise that may be too vigorous for an Apple Watch wrist sensor to withstand.

The Benefits of Using an Apple Watch for HRV Measurement

Apple Watch is an effective tool for measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Recent studies have shown that Apple Watch is just as accurate as dedicated medical equipment like the Polar heart rate monitor at measuring HRV. Additionally, the device can be used to monitor and track your HRV over time, giving you insight into your overall stress levels.

However, due to the fact that the measurements are taken through the skin, it is still not as accurate as a medical-grade ECG or EKG machine. If you need highly precise measurements of your HRV or want to track changes in your HRV over time, you should consult a healthcare professional for more accurate readings.

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Using a Garmin HRM Dual Without a Watch

Yes, you can use the Garmin HRM-PRO without a watch. This premium heart rate belt includes a built-in memory that allows you to store your data without needing to pair it with a watch. You can use the HRM-PRO to track your heart rate, monitor your progress and get real-time feedback during workouts. With its comfortable design and reliable performance, the Garmin HRM-PRO is perfect for running, training, and everyday activities.

Swimming with an HRM-Dual Monitor

Yes, you can swim with the HRM-Dual. It is designed to withstand up to 10 meters of water pressure, making it suitable for swimming. However, please keep in mind that the HRM-Dual does not transmit heart rate data while swimming.

Battery Life of Garmin HRM Dual

The Garmin HRM Dual has an impressive battery life of up to 3.5 years, making it a reliable and long-lasting device for your fitness tracking needs. With its soft, adjustable strap, it can provide comfortable and accurate readings for extended periods of time. It also features a removable heart rate module that is washable for easy maintenance.

The Benefits of Using the Garmin HRM-Dual

Yes, the Garmin HRM-Dual is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable chest strap. It’s accurate, comfortable to wear, and has an impressive battery life. Plus, it has both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, so it will work with almost any device or app. At only $69.99, it’s a great buy for anyone in need of a reliable chest strap.

Using a Garmin HRM-Dual with an iPhone

To use your Garmin HRM dual with your iPhone, you’ll need to pair the device with your phone’s Bluetooth. First, make sure that both the heart rate monitor and your phone are powered on and in range of each other (within 10 feet). Then open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and look for the HRM-Dual in the list of available devices. Select it, and after a few moments, it should be successfully paired with your iPhone. Now you can use the Garmin heart rate monitor with any compatible app or fitness tracker on your phone.


In conclusion, the HRM-Dual is a great way to monitor your heart rate when used with an Apple Watch or iPhone. It is compatible with a range of third-party apps and hardware, making it an ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of their progress. The device’s ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections make it easy to pair with compatible devices and apps, allowing you to view detailed daily activity data even without wearing a watch. With its reliable performance and convenient compatibility, the HRM-Dual is a great choice for tracking your heart rate.

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