How to Manage Your Unread Text Messages on iPhone?

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Are you not able to keep up with all the text messages that you receive on your iPhone? If yes, then you should know that you can easily manage all your unread messages on your iPhone.

Whether it is iMessages or Google Chat, there are ways to track and mark messages as unread so that you don’t miss out on important conversations. In this blog post, we will take a look at how to manage unread text messages on iPhone.

For iMessages, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is go to ‘Settings’ and look for ‘Messages’ option. Tap on it and turn off ‘iMessages’ sliding button. After a while, turn it back on again and all your unread messages will be marked as read.

Google Chat also has an easy way of managing unread messages on iPhone. You can simply mark a message as read without actually opening the conversation. When you do this, you will get a red dot notification on that chat or space which indicates that the message has been marked as unread. This way, you won’t miss out on any important conversations even if it gets lost in the maze of other texts.

Managing your unread text messages on your iPhone can be quite helpful if there are too many texts coming through at once. By marking certain conversations as unread, you ensure that they don’t get lost in the shuffle and are always accessible whenever needed. So go ahead and make use of these features for efficient management of texts in your life!

How to Manage Your Unread Text Messages on iPhone? 1

Troubleshooting Unread Text Messages on iPhone

It is possible that your iPhone is displaying phantom unread text messages when there are actually no unread texts. This could be due to a few reasons, such as a bug in the iOS software, faulty iPhone hardware, or an issue with the messaging app. It could also be caused by non-text notifications, such as missed calls or voicemails. To fix this issue, try restarting your iPhone and then check if the problem persists. You can also disable and re-enable iMessages and reset network settings. If none of these methods work, then you may need to contact Apple support for further assistance.

Making a Read Text Unread

Yes, you can make a read text unread in Google Chat. To do this, open the conversation and hover over the message you want to mark as unread. You will see an icon that looks like a circle with a line through it – this is the “Mark as Unread” icon. Click on it and your message will be marked as unread. You will also get a red dot notification on that chat or space to let you know that the message has been marked as unread.

Finding Hidden Messages on an iPhone

To find hidden messages on your iPhone, you can start by going to Settings > Notifications. From there, swipe down to find Messages and tap it. You will be taken to a page where you can choose to allow notifications for Messages. Once enabled, you will be able to view any hidden messages by swiping left on the conversation in your Messages app and tapping the “Hidden” option. You can then choose which conversations you would like to show up on the Lock Screen or Notification Center.

Making It Appear as if You Have Not Read an iMessage

If you want to make it look like you haven’t read an iMessage, you can turn off the Send Read Receipts setting in your Messages app. To do this, go to Settings > Messages and toggle off the “Send Read Receipts” option. This will prevent people from seeing a read receipt when they message you. You should be aware that the person messaging you may still be able to tell if you’ve read their message, depending on the type of device they are using.


In conclusion, iPhone is an incredibly powerful and convenient device that can make communication, entertainment, and work easier. Its messaging system offers a variety of options, including iMessages and Google Chat, both of which provide a range of features to facilitate communication. The issue of phantom text messages can be easily resolved by disabling and re-enabling the iMessages option in the settings menu. Additionally, Google Chat allows users to mark messages as unread or read without opening the conversation. These features make iPhones one of the most powerful devices on the market today.

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