How to Use Pairing Mode on Oticon Hearing Aids

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If you’re looking for a reliable and effective hearing aid, Oticon hearing aids may be the perfect solution for you. Oticon has been providing innovative hearing solutions sine 1904, and their products have been designed to help people of all ages to enjoy better hearing.

Oticon hearing aids are state-of-the-art devices that come with a range of features designed to provide superior sound quality and superior comfort. They also come with unique features such as directional microphones, which allow the user to bettr focus on the sounds they want to hear, as well as noise reduction technology that helps reduce unwanted background noise.

When it comes to pairing your Oticon hearing aids with your mobile device, the process is made easy by their innovative pairing mode. This mode allows you to connect your hearing aids quickly and securely with your device thanks to Bluetooth technology. To pair your Oticon hearing aids, simply turn them off and back on again – this will put them in pairing mode for up to three minutes. Once they’re in pairing mode, simply search for them on your device and select them from the list of available devices – it’s that simple!

Whether you’re looking for a discreet solution or something more robust, Oticon has a range of options that can meet all kinds of needs. With their cutting-edge technology, superior sound quality and comfortable designs, Oticon hearing aids can make life easier for those who suffer from hearing loss. So if you’re looking for an effective solution that offers superior sound quality and convenience, make sure you check out what Oticon has to offer!

How to Use Pairing Mode on Oticon Hearing Aids 1

Pairing Mode for Oticon Hearing Aids

To put your Oticon hearing aid in pairing mode, you’ll first need to open the battery door on both of your hearing aids. If your hearing aids are rechargeable, hold down the volume down button for 3 seconds to turn them off, and then do this again to turn them on. Now they will be in pairing mode for 3 minutes. You can then use your phone or other device to search for the hearing aids and connect them.

Pairing and Unpairing Oticon Hearing Aids

Pairing your Oticon hearing aids with your iPhone is quick and easy! First, make sure that both your Oticon hearing aids and your iPhone are powered on and in range of each other. Then go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing Aids and tap the “Pair Hearing Aids” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. To unpair your Oticon hearing aids, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing Aids and select the connected devices you wish to disconnect from your iPhone. Tap on “Forget This Device” to complete the unpairing process.

Troubleshooting Issues When Pairing Oticon Hearing Aids with an iPhone

The Oticon ON app requires a Bluetooth connection with the iPhone in order to pair with it. Unfortunately, since updating to iOS 15.4, a reboot of the iPhone can cause the hearing instruments to lose connection with the Oticon ON app. This is becuse a reboot is part of the updating procedure and may interfere with the Bluetooth connection. To resolve this issue, you should try re-pairing your Oticon hearing aid with your iPhone by going into your phone’s settings, selecting Bluetooth and then selecting your hearing aid from the list of devices. You may also need to restart your hearing aid by pressing and holding down its power button for 3 seconds if it does not appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.

Pairing Mode for Hearing Aids

Pairing mode for hearing aids is a special mode in which the hearing aids become discoverable and can be connected to a mobile device. When paired, the mobile device can send audio directly to the hearing aid, allowing you to hear audio from your phone or other source through your hearing aid.

Putting a Phone into Pairing Mode

To put your phone into pairing mode, you’ll need to first make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. To do this, swipe down from the top of the screen and touch and hold Bluetooth. Once Bluetooth is on, tap Pair new device. This will put your phone into pairing mode, allowing you to connect with other Bluetooth devices. Follow any on-screen instructions that appear in order to complete the pairing process.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection Issues With Hearing Aids

The most common reason why your hearing aid is not connecting to Bluetooth is because the hearing aid does not have an active Bluetooth connection. To establish a Bluetooth connection, the hearing aid must be powered on, and the Bluetooth function enabled on both the hearing aid and your phone or oter device. If you have verified that both devices are powered on and that the Bluetooth function is enabled, then it may help to restart your phone as well as your hearing aids. Additionally, try to ‘forget’ the devices in the Bluetooth list on your phone and in your hearing aid app, and then start from scratch by pairing them again. If this still doesn’t work, it may be helpful to contact a hearing healthcare professional who can provide additional troubleshooting tips.

Resetting an Oticon Hearing Aid

To reset your Oticon hearing aid, start by opening the battery drawer. Then, remove the battery and leave it out of the drawer for approximately 15 seconds. After this time has elapsed, put the battery back in and close the battery drawer. This will reset your hearing aid to its default settings.

Can Oticon Hearing Aids Connect to Multiple Devices?

Yes, Oticon hearing aids can connect to multiple devices. An Oticon Opn hearing aid can be paired with up to 10 devices at once. One of the connections is dedicated to the TV Adaptor 3.0, while the other nine are available for other compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and more. This alows you to access a variety of listening experiences tailored to your needs and preferences.

Turning On Oticon Bluetooth

To turn on your Oticon Bluetooth, fist make sure you have your hearing aids in range of your device. Then open the Oticon ON App on your device, and if Bluetooth is switched off it will automatically prompt you to turn it on. Press “Turn On Bluetooth” and continue. Once Bluetooth is enabled, the app will search for your hearing aids and connect them.

Understanding the Meaning of a Blinking Red Light on an Oticon Hearing Aid

Blinking red light on an Oticon hearing aid indicates a system error. This could be due to a fault in the hearing aid, the charger or the battery. To resolve this issue, you should contact your hearing care professional as they will be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

Connecting Oticon Hearing Aids to an Android Phone

To connect your Oticon hearing aids to your Android phone, the frst step is to download the Oticon ON app from the Google Play™ Store. Once it is installed, open the app on your device and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. You will also need to give Oticon ON permission to access your location data in order for Bluetooth to function. Once everything is set up, restart your hearing aids and then place them close to your phone for the connection process. When you are ready, you can use the app to pair your hearing aids with your Android device. After that, you should be able to enjoy all of the features of Oticon ON!


The Oticon hearing aids are designed to provide users with reliable sound quality and an easy to use experience. The products are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allowing for easy pairing and connection. With a wide range of features such as Bluetooth streaming, rechargeable batteries, and remote control capabilities, the Oticon hearing aids offer a complete package for those looking to upgrade their hearing experience. With excellent sound quality and features tailored to meet most user needs, the Oticon hearing aids are an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their hearing.

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