How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil

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How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 1

Are you looking for an exciting new way to watch Brazilian TV? With the help of a VPN and some of the top streaming platforms available, you can now access the best Brazilian television from anywhere in the world by watching Brazilian channels online. 

Brazil is home to some of the most popular and beloved TV channels and shows, including Globo, which was recently named the most-watched channel in Brazil. For those who want more than just Globo TV abroad, there are other great channels such as SBT.

If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy Brazilian TV and stream Brazilian shows outside of Brazil, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several streaming services available that make it easy to watch your favorite shows from anywhere. However, you should get a Brazilian TV VPN – we’ll talk more about that as well. 

One such service is GloboPlay, which offers a library full of on-demand novels, series, and movies for your viewing pleasure. The great thing about GloboPlay is that it can be accessed through Sling subscriptions that include the Globo channel – all you need are your Sling credentials!

For those who want access to their favorite Brazilian channels but don’t have a Sling subscription, there are still options available. Read on to learn about them!

Why Watch Brazilian TV? 

Brazil is home to unique programming. Brazilian TV’s appeal includes its diversity of content, including popular Brazilian shows not available elsewhere. Globo ratings are high, attesting to the popularity of its shows, and Record TV and SBT programming are highly popular as well. 

Besides, if you are interested in practicing your Portuguese through immersion, what better way is there to do that than to watch Brazilian TV if you can’t live in Brazil yourself? 

Tools Needed to Watch Brazilian TV Outside Brazil

VPN Services

Some Brazilian TV is available to people overseas. However, a lot of content, especially live content, will be unavailable to people overseas. With a VPN for Brazilian TV, which gives you a Brazilian IP address, you can unblock Brazilian TV. 

NordVPN Brazil is an excellent choice, but ExpressVPN is an excellent choice as well. 

How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 3
Express VPN

Streaming Services

Once you have a Brazilian VPN, it’s time to bookmark some Brazilian TV streaming services to tune into. 

Let’s go over some options.

SBT Online

How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 5

This is a YouTube channel that doesn’t require a VPN, although it only gives you access to some of STB’s programming and replays of some live shows.


How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 7

GloboPlay streaming on-demand is available in many countries, although live streaming might not be available without a VPN. 

You will need an account with GloboPlay or an account with a TV provider to sign in. Head to the Ao Vivo section to see live TV!


How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 9

Finally, there is tvBrasil, which has a webTV online option, but you may need a VPN to stream its live TV. There is a lot of content on the site as well, such as videos and articles. 

How to Watch Globo in the USA

Did you know that you can watch Globo USA on Sling TV? The Sling TV Globo packages offer Brazilian content along with GloboPlay included. Globo streaming in the US doesn’t require a VPN, unless you are outside the US and want to get a US IP address so you can stream Sling. 

Globo on Sling TV is affordable and one of the best ways to watch Brazilian TV in the United States. Sign up here!

How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 11

Other Options for Watching Brazilian Channels

Pay Television Providers

There are plenty of Brazilian channels with pay TV that you can pay for. However, most are not available outside Brazil or on the web. Still, some of them have online websites with limited programming, such as clips or articles. Some popular Brazilian TV providers include: 

  • Claro Brazilian TV
  • SKY Brazil channels
  • Vivo TV Brazil
  • Oi TV Brazil

Oi TV, for example, has Oi TV Livre, which is free but only available on your TV in Brazil. 

SKY, on the other hand, allows people to watch online with SKY+, for example, with a SKY account and a VPN. However, it’s not ideal for people who aren’t in Brazil and won’t need an actual cable subscription. 

Roku and Brazilian Channels

How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 13

If you are looking for Roku Brazilian channels, check out Brazil TV. Brazil TV is a Roku app that allows you to watch Brazilian networks on Roku. You can easily add it from the Channels section on Roku. 

Watching Brazilian Serie A in the US

If you want to watch Brazilian Serie A in the USA, Paramount+ is your best choice. ESPN+ Brazilian Serie A has moved to Paramount+. DAZN’s Brazilian soccer is an excellent choice as well, though. 

Another great option is Fanatiz Brazilian Soccer. 

How to Watch Brazilian TV Outside of Brazil 15


As you can see, Brazilian TV access from the US is possible. You can stream Brazilian content and watch Brazilian TV abroad using the right providers and a VPN to unlock Brazilian channels. We hope you enjoy! 

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