How to Quickly Disable Chat on the Twitch Android App?

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is an incredibly popular platform for gamers and streamers alike. The Twitch Android App allows users to access the full suite of Twitch features directly from their mobile device. This includes being able to watch live streams, follow channels, with other viewers, and much more. As a streamer, you may want to disable the chat feature in your Twitch Android App in order to keep it distraction-free.

Fortunately, disabling the chat feature on the Twitch Android App is a relatively simple task. To start, open up the Twitch app and select the channel you want to view. Once you're viewing a channel, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen to access your settings. Then, scroll down until you see a toggle switch labeled “Enable Chat”. By default, this will be set to “On” so make sure to turn it off by tapping on the toggle switch or sliding it to the left side of your screen.

After disabling the chat feature on your Twitch Android App, you should still be able to watch any live streams or recorded videos that are in progress as usual with no interruption from other viewers or streamers in your chat box. You can also use other features such as following channels and accessing various settings without any disruption from the chat feature either.

The ability to disable chat within the Twitch Android App makes it easier than ever for streamers and viewers alike to get more out of their streaming experience without having to worry about disruptions or distractions caused by chatterbox conversations that might otherwise take away from their overall enjoyment of using this incredible streaming platform.

How to Quickly Disable Chat on the Twitch Android App? 1

Hiding Twitch Chat on Twitch App

To hide Twitch chat on the Twitch app, open the application and then open a decoration channel. Once the channel is open, turn the screen to scene mode by tapping on the web-based video. Then tap on the Hide Chat symbol located at the bottom of your screen. This will hide all of the chat messages in that particular channel.

Restricting Twitch Chat

You can restrict Twitch chat by enabling a chat filter. To enable the filter, go to your settings page and select the Filters tab. From there, you can toggle on Chat Filter which will automatically block out certain words and phrases. You can also create a list of blocked words and phrases that you don't want to see in your chat. Additionally, you can set up a streamer-only mode which requires users to be verified by you before they can participate in the chat. Finally, you can also limit who can message you in private by setting up user-level permissions.

Enabling Chat on Twitch App

To enable chat on the Twitch app, start by opening the Twitch app on your device. Once you're in the app, navigate to the channel page of the streamer that you wish to watch. On the right side of the page, you will see a section labeled ‘Chat'. Underneath this section is a radio button that says ‘Enable chat'. Click this button and chat will be enabled for your streamer's channel. You can also customize your chat settings such as whether or not to show emoticons and set up moderators. If you have any further questions about how to use the Twitch app or enable chat, there are plenty of resources online and through customer support that can help.

Changing Chat Settings on Twitch

To change your chat settings on Twitch, open the Chat Settings menu by clicking on the settings cog in the bottom right corner of the chat window. From here, you can customize your chat experience. You can change your username color and font size, enable/disable emotes and badges, enable/disable whispers, change your message display duration, and more. You can also choose to ignore certain words or entire phrases that appear in the chat window. Once you've made all of your changes, click ‘Save' to apply them.

Unable to Chat on Twitch App

There could be a few reasons why you can't chat on the Twitch app. Firstly, make sure that your connection is working properly. If you are connected to wifi, try restarting your router as this may help fix any connection issues. Secondly, check if you have the latest version of the app installed. If not, try updating it and see if that helps. Lastly, ensure that all settings within the app are enabled and set up correctly. If none of these steps resolve the issue, contact Twitch support for further assistance.


In conclusion, Twitch is a great Android app for streaming and watching live videos. It provides an easy way to join in on conversations with other viewers, customize your profile, interact with streamers, and access exclusive content. It also has a variety of settings that can help you manage your account, filter out inappropriate messages and content, and restrict who can access your profile. With its user-friendly interface, Twitch makes it easy to enjoy live streaming and on the go.

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