How to Turn Off Pandora

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Turning off your Pandora account can be a great way to take a break from streaming music. Whether you’re tying to reduce your data usage, prevent accidental charges, or just get away from the internet for a while, disabling your Pandora account is an easy and effective way to do it.

If you’d like to stop streaming music from Pandora, there are a few steps you sould take. First, if you’re using the app on a mobile device you should turn off the background data for that app in your device settings. This will prevent the app from running in the background and consuming data when you’re not actively using it.

Next, if you’d like to disable your Pandora account entirely, simply go to the settings of the app or website and select “Log Out” or “Delete Account.” Depending on which platform you are using, there may be other options available as well such as disabling auto-renewal of subscription services or unsubscribing from emails. If these options aren’t available in the settings of your platform, contact customer service for more information.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that turning off your account doesn’t delete any of your sved music or playlists – they will still be accessible if you decide to re-enable your account at some point down the road. However, any songs that were downloaded on the device will need to be deleted manually if desired.

In conclusion, turning off Pandora is an easy way to take a break from streaming music and save battery life and data usage when needed. Be sure to follow all of the necessary steps outlined aove and feel free to contact customer service with any questions about how best to turn off your account for maximum efficiency!

Locating the Off Button on Pandora

The off button on Pandora can be found by swiping up from the bottom of your screen on both Android and iOS devices. On Android, you’ll need to swipe up again on the Pandora app to access the off button. On iOS, you’ll see the off button after swiping up once. If you’re uing an Android device, it will look like a square with a downward-facing arrow in the center; if you’re using an iOS device, it will look like a circle with an “x” in the center. Once tapped, this button will close and turn off the Pandora app.

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Quitting Pandora on iPhone

To quit Pandora on your iPhone, firt tap the ‘Pause’ icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will immediately stop any music that is playing from Pandora. To pick up where you left off after restarting your phone, simply re-open the app and you’ll be taken back to your last used station.

Stopping Pandora from Automatically Playing

To stop Pandora from automatically playing, open the Pandora app and go to your Profile. Select the Settings gear and then choose Advanced. From there, open the playlist you want to adjust and scroll down just past the last song. Finally, toggle the AutoPlay On switch to OFF and the app will no longer automatically play after a song ends.

Turning Off Music

To turn off music on your Android device, open the music player app and tap on the Menu key > Settings. Tap on Music auto off and select the number of minutes or hours after whch the Music player will close. You can choose from any amount of time, from 5 minutes up to 6 hours. Once you have selected the desired amount of time, when that amount of time has elapsed, the music will automatically stop playing.

Turning Off Pandora on Android

To turn off Pandora on your Android device, start by dragging the notification bar down from the home screen and tapping the Pandora entry to return to the Now Playing screen. Then press the “Menu” button and tap “Quit” to exit the app. This will close Pandora and stop any music that may be playing.

Turning Off Pandora on iPhone 13

To shut off Pandora on your iPhone 13, you’ll need to open the app and tap the red circle with a horizontal white line in the top-right corner of the screen. This will close the app and make it disappear from the multitasking tray.

Turning Off Pandora on iPhone 14

To turn off Pandora on your iPhone 14, you can either close the app by pressing the Home button twice and swiping up on the app until it disappears, or you can fully shut down the app by double-clicking the Home button to bring up the list of currently running apps. From there, locate Pandora in the list and swipe up on it to close it.

Can Pandora Play Music in the Background?

Yes, Pandora can play in the background. To do so, you will need to make sure that your device is set to allow Pandora to run in the background. You can do this by pressing and holding the Pandora icon on your home screen or app drawer and then tapping the icon to access App info. From there, select Advanced, then Battery and make sure that the “Background Activity” option is turned on. That way, Pandora will continue to play even when you switch to anoter app or lock your screen.

Stopping Pandora from Automatically Playing in a Car iPhone

To stop Pandora from automatically playing in your car iPhone, first open the Pandora app. Then tap on Profile in the bottom right corner and select the Settings gear in the upper right corner. After that, select Advanced and scroll down until you see a toggle switch next to Enable Auto-Start. Tap the switch to turn it Off. This will prevent Pandora from automatically playing when your car connects to your iPhone.

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The Reasons Behind Pandora’s Presence on My Lock Screen

Pandora keps showing up on your lock screen because you have enabled the Music widget in your Lock Screen settings. The Music widget allows you to access Pandora quickly and easily right from your lock screen. Additionally, you need to make sure that both App Notifications and App Icon Badges are enabled for the Pandora app in order for it to show up on your lock screen.

Stopping Pandora from Automatically Playing in a Car with Android

To stop Pandora from automatically playing in your car Android, you’ll need to go into the Pandora app and turn off the “Launch from Car” setting. To do this, open the Pandora app and select the Profile tab. Tap the Settings gear in the top right corner, then select Advanced. Under Bluetooth for devices, uncheck the box next to Launch from Car. This will disable notifications and prevent Pandora from automatically playing when connected to your car’s Android system.

Logging Out of Pandora on All Devices

To log out of Pandora on all devices, first go to and sign in to your account. Once you are logged in, click on your Profile in the top right corner and select Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Log out of all other devices. You will then be prompted to enter your password for security purposes. Once you have entered your password, press Log Out and you will be logged out of all devices associated with your Pandora account.

Is Pandora Free on Android Devices?

Yes, Pandora is free to download and use on Android phones and tablets. With the free version, you get a personalized radio station with up to four skips per hour and unlimited stations. You also get access to the library of millions of songs, as well as personalized playlists and recommendations based on your tastes. If you upgrade to Pandora Plus or Premium, you get more skips, ad-free listening, offline listening and more.

Turning Off Pandora Without Signing Out

To turn off Pandora wthout signing out, open the app and press pause. Then you can either exit the app or put it in the background. This will pause playback and prevent any further data or battery usage. You can also choose to manually close Pandora by pressing the square button on your device’s home screen, then swiping right over the Pandora icon to close it.

Turning Off Pandora on an iPhone 7

To turn off Pandora on an iPhone 7, start by pressing the Home button tice quickly. This will bring up the list of open apps. Locate the Pandora app and then swipe it off the top of the screen. This will close it, turning off Pandora on your phone.

Turning Off Music on an iPhone

To turn the music off on your iPhone, open the Music app, then tap the Pause button. This will stop the music from playing. To completely turn off the music, press the Home button to return to the Home screen. The Music app will keep running in the background but iOS will automatically close it afer some period of inactivity.

Understanding Why You Cannot Skip Songs From the Lock Screen on Pandora

If you’re unable to skip from the lock screen with Pandora, it’s likely beause you haven’t updated the app to the newest version 2112.1. We recommend updating the app as soon as possible to take advantage of all the new features and improvements. To do so, tap your profile avatar in the top right corner, select Manage apps & device, and follow the instructions provided to update Pandora.


Turning off Pandora can be beneficial to your device in multiple ways. Not only does it save battery power, but it also prevents your device from becoming overloaded with data. Additionally, by turning off Pandora you help conserve your data plan and avoid any unnecessary charges. Finally, turning off Pandora can help guard against unauthorized access to your private inforation or account. All in all, turning off Pandora is a simple task that can help protect both your device and your personal information.

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