How To Keep Microsoft Teams Active On Your iPhone

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Microsoft Teams is an incredibly powerful tool for staying connected and productive with colleagues, friends, and family. It’s a great way to stay organized, share files, and collaborate on projects. However, if you’re an iPhone user, you may have noticed that Microsoft Teams isn’t always active on your device. Here’s how to keep it running in the background and make sure you never miss a message or update from your team.

First of all, make sure that Microsoft Teams is up-to-date with the latest version available in the App Store. This ensures that you have access to all the latest features and bug fixes. To update it manually, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “Microsoft Teams”. If there is an update available, tap “Update” beside the app icon.

Once you have ensured that Microsoft Teams is up-to-date, it’s time to adjust some settings so that it stays active in the background even when you aren’t using it. Firstly, open Microsoft Teams on your iPhone and click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. From there select “Available” from the dropdown menu and choose how long you want this status to last (e.g., until the end of the day). Then select “Reset status after…” from the dropdown menu and set how often you want this status to reset (e.g., every 15 minutes).

Another way to keep Microsoft Teams active on your iPhone is by enabling its Notification Center widget in iOS 14 or later. This allows you to quickly access important messages or updates at any time without having to open up Microsoft Teams itself – making it easier than ever before to stay connected with your team! To enable this feature go into Settings > Notifications > Widgets > select “Microsoft Teams” > turn the toggle switch on > select “Show in Widget Center & Notifications Center” at bottom of the page > tap “Done”. And just like that – Microsoft Teams will be active in both the widget center & notifications center – allowing quick access anytime!

Finally, if you are using iOS 13 or earlier then make sure Background App Refresh is enabled for Microsoft Teams by going into Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn the toggle switch ON for “Microsoft Teams”. This will ensure that messages or updates are pushed through even when your phone isn’t actively being used – making sure nothing slips through unnoticed!

By following these steps you can rest assured knowing that no matter what device or operating system version you’re using – Microsoft Team will stay active and up-to-date – allowing easy collaboration with colleagues no matter where they are located!

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Keeping Microsoft Teams Status Active All the Time

In order to keep your Microsoft Team Status active all the time, you will need to go to your profile and select the status that you want to show going forward. Under Reset Status After, you will need to select “Never” for the duration of time. This will keep your status active until you manually change it back again.

Stopping the Teams App From Showing Away

To stop the Teams app from showing an away status, you’ll need to keep the Teams app open and running in the foreground on your mobile device. This means that if you’re using Teams, you should make sure that it’s not running in the background or minimized on your screen. To ensure that it’s always active, you can set up a notification or reminder to check in with the app every so often. Additionally, if you’re using a phone or tablet with iOS or Android, you can adjust your settings to prevent the app from entering a ‘sleeping’ mode when it’s inactive.

Appearing Online on Microsoft Teams Mobile App

To always appear online on the Microsoft Teams mobile app, you will need to first open the app and log into your account. Once logged in, you should see a profile icon located in the top right corner of the main menu. Tap on this icon and then select ‘Available’ from the drop-down menu. Selecting ‘Available’, will ensure that your contacts can always see that you are online and available to communicate with them.

Does Team Presence Show on Mobile Devices?

Yes, Teams will show you as online when you are using the app on a mobile device. However, when the Teams app is in the background on a mobile device, your presence status will automatically change to Away. At this time, manually setting it to Available is not possible.

how to keep microsoft teams active on iphone

Staying Online on Teams 24/7

Staying online on Teams 24/7 is not possible, as the app needs to be actively opened and running in the background in order for you to be online. Additionally, your computer or device needs to have a consistent internet connection. To stay connected on Teams as much as possible, you should ensure that your notifications are turned on so that you are alerted when someone sends you a message or invites you to a call. You can also manually set your status to “Available” so that others know that you’re online. Finally, if you’re using the desktop version of Teams, you can enable it to run in the background even when the app is closed.


Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that enables teams to stay connected and productive. It provides features such as real-time chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and more. With Microsoft Teams, users can easily collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. It offers an easy-to-use interface and integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365 and Outlook. The Away status feature helps users stay aware of their availability and allows them to adjust their status as needed. Overall, Microsoft Teams is a great tool for any team looking to increase their productivity and collaboration capabilities.

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