Unlocking the Power of Signal Sciences for Application Security

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Are you looking for a comprehensive security solution for your web applications, APIs, and other online resources? Look no further than Signal Sciences! Signal Sciences is an award-winning platform that provides security and compliance solutions to protect against malicious traffic and other threats.

Signal Sciences offers a variety of features to help you protect your applications and APIs, including a web server integration module, monitoring agent, and fastly Next-Gen WAF (Web Application Firewall). The integration module helps you quickly set up protection against malicious traffic by connecting your web servers with the Signal Sciences platform. The monitoring agent is designed to detect anomalous behavior across all of your web applications and API requests. Finally, the Fastly Next-Gen WAF provides real-time protection from attacks directed at your specified origin servers.

In addition to these features, Signal Sciences also offers rate-limiting capabilities which can help prevent excessive web requests from negatively impacting application and API performance. This is done by identifying and blocking suspicious requests before they can cause any harm.

Recently, Fastly Inc. acquired Signal Sciences Corp in a $775 million deal, which includes $200 million in cash plus $575 million in Fastly stock. With this acquisition, customers now have the opportunity to combine the power of the Fastly edge cloud platform with the security capabilities of Signal Sciences to create a more comprehensive solution that helps protect their applications from malicious traffic while also improving performance.

Signal Science’s comprehensive security solutions are designed to keep malicious threats away from your online resources so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about security breaches or downtime due to cyberattacks. With its easy setup process and flexible rate-limiting capabilities, it’s no wonder why organizations worldwide are turning to Signal Sciences for their security needs!

Unlocking the Power of Signal Sciences for Application Security 1

Uses of Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences is used to provide comprehensive application security monitoring for web servers. It uses a combination of server-side integration, a monitoring agent, and a cloud-based platform to detect malicious or anomalous traffic directed at web servers. The integration module is installed on the web server and provides real-time information about incoming requests, allowing the system to detect malicious activities as they happen. The monitoring agent continuously analyzes all incoming traffic for suspicious behavior and can alert administrators when it detects an attack. Finally, the cloud-based platform provides detailed reporting on detected threats and allows users to customize alerts and adjust security settings. By using Signal Sciences, organizations can significantly reduce their risk of becoming victims of cyber attacks or data breaches.

What is Signal Science WAF?

Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) is a cloud-native web application firewall designed to protect your applications and APIs from malicious attacks. It provides real-time monitoring and protection against common web threats, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, and remote code execution. The WAF automatically learns the legitimate behavior of your applications, so it can quickly detect anomalous requests that may be malicious. It also allows you to easily customize rules and deploy them without having to make any changes to your applications. With Signal Sciences, you can protect your web applications with the confidence that they will remain secure while providing the best user experience possible.


Signal Sciences is a comprehensive security monitoring platform that helps protect web servers from malicious and anomalous web traffic. It is comprised of three main components: a web server integration module, a monitoring agent, and the Fastly Next-Gen WAF. In addition, the platform can identify and block requests that could result in abusive actions with its rate-limiting feature. With its strong reputation for providing reliable online security solutions, Signal Sciences was recently acquired by Fastly Inc. in a $775 million deal. The acquisition has further solidified Signal Sciences’ position as one of the leading providers of online security solutions.

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