Everything You Need to Know About Shiny Drilbur in Pokemon GO

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Drilbur is a ground-type Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation V. This mole-like creature is known for its powerful claws and ability to dig tunnels effortlessly. Shiny Drilbur, on the other hand, is a rare variant of this Pokémon with a unique coloration that sets it apart from its regular counterpart. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at shiny Drilbur and everything you need to know about it.

What is a Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon, also known as alternate coloration or rare variants, are special variants of regular Pokémon with a different color scheme. While the regular Pokémon have a standard color palette, shiny Pokémon have unique color variations that make them stand out from the crowd. Shiny Pokémon are rare and difficult to find, with only a 1 in 4,096 chance of encountering one in the wild.

How to Get a Shiny Drilbur?

Unfortunately, Shiny Drilbur is not currently available in Pokémon GO. However, it is possible that Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, may introduce shiny Drilbur in future updates. In the meantime, players can focus on catching regular Drilbur and building up their collection of ground-type Pokémon.

What Does a Shiny Drilbur Look Like?

Shiny Drilbur has a unique color palette different from its regular variant. Instead of the usual blue-gray color, shiny Drilbur has a creamy white color with light pink markings on its body. Its eyes and claws also have a pink hue, making it a visually striking variant of this Pokémon.

Why Are Shiny Pokémon So Popular?

Shiny Pokémon are popular among players, collectors, and fans of the franchise for several reasons. First, they are rare and difficult to find, making them a prized possession for players. Second, they have a unique color scheme that sets them apart from their regular counterparts, making them visually appealing. Shiny Pokémon are often associated with good luck and are considered a sign of good fortune among players.

Shiny Drilbur is a rare and visually striking variant of this ground-type Pokémon. While it is not currently available in Pokémon GO, players can still enjoy catching regular Drilbur and building up their collection of ground-type Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon are popular among players and collectors for their rarity, unique color scheme, and association with good luck. Keep an eye out for future updates from Niantic, as shiny Drilbur may be introduced in the game in the future.

Everything You Need to Know About Shiny Drilbur in Pokemon GO 1

The Possibility of a Shiny Drilbur

Drilbur can be shiny in Pokemon GO. However, Shiny Drilbur is currently unavailable in the game. Shiny Pokemon are rare variations of regular Pokemon with a different color scheme. They are highly sought after by trainers and collectors. In Pokemon GO, shiny Pokemon are introduced during special events or updates to the game. While there is no guarantee when or if shiny Drilbur will become available in the future, trainers should keep an eye out for any announcements or updates from Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO.

The Rarest Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go

The rarest shiny in Pokemon GO is Shiny Alolan Grimer. This shiny variant of the Alolan Grimer was released during Pokemon GO’s third-anniversary event and is extremely difficult to obtain. It is considered rare because it has a very low appearance rate in the wild, making it a highly sought-after collectible for Pokemon GO players. Other rare shinies in Pokemon GO include Shiny Nidorina/Nidoqueen, Shiny Alolan Vulpix, Shiny Alolan Marowak, Shiny Zubat, Shiny Clefairy, Shiny Unown, Shiny Lunatone, and more.

The rarity of Shiny Yamask

The shiny rate for Yamask is quite rare, with only approximately one in 450 encounters resulting in a shiny Yamask. During the Halloween event, the shiny Yamask rate slightly increased but still remains relatively low. It is important to note that this rate applies specifically to wild encounters, and does not necessarily reflect the shiny rate for hatching or other methods of obtaining Yamask.


Shiny Drilbur is not currently available in Pokemon GO. However, shiny Pokemon are frequently added to the game and it is possible that shiny Drilbur will be introduced in the future. It is important to keep an eye out for updates and events that may include new shiny Pokemon. Additionally, while some shiny Pokemon are rare than others, the excitement of encountering and adding a shiny to your collection is a thrilling experience for all Pokemon GO players.

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