Shiny Panpour: A Beautiful Addition to Your Pokémon GO Collection

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Panpour is one of the three elemental monkey Pokémon that was introduced in the fifth generation of Pokémon games. It is a Water-type Pokémon that is known for its unique design and playful personality. In Pokémon GO, players can catch Panpour in the wild or hatch it from eggs. However, if you’re lucky enough, you may come across a shiny Panpour.

Shiny Panpour is a rare variant of the original Panpour that comes with a different color scheme. Instead of the usual light greenish-blue color, shiny Panpour takes on a vibrant shade of orange. This makes it a highly coveted addition to any Pokémon GO collection.

To increase your chances of encountering a shiny Panpour, you can participate in events that feature increased spawn rates for Water-type Pokémon. Events such as Water Festival and Pokémon GO Fest are great opportunities to catch shiny Panpour. You can also increase your chances by using lures and incense to attract Pokémon.

Once you have caught a shiny Panpour, you can evolve it into its final form, Simipour. Shiny Simipour has a similar color scheme to shiny Panpour, with its blue fur taking on an orange hue. It is a powerful Water-type Pokémon that can hold its own in battles.

Shiny Panpour is a beautiful addition to your Pokémon GO collection. Its unique color scheme sets it apart from the regular Panpour, making it a highly coveted Pokémon. With a bit of luck and some strategic gameplay, you can add shiny Panpour to your collection and evolve it into the powerful Simipour. So, keep your eyes peeled for this rare variant and add it to your team today!

Shiny Panpour: A Beautiful Addition to Your Pokémon GO Collection 1

The Shine of Panpour: What Color Is It?

Shiny Panpour is a Pokemon that has a unique coloration compared to its regular form. Shiny Panpour has a vibrant and light greenish-blue hue to its body, which differs from its usual blue coloration. This coloration gives Shiny Panpour a distinct appearance that makes it stand out from its non-shiny counterpart. To summarize, Shiny Panpour has a greenish-blue coloration that distinguishes it from the regular blue color of the standard Panpour.

Can Shiny Pansear Be Obtained in Pokemon Go?

You can get Shiny Pansear in Pokémon GO. Shiny Pansear was first introduced during the Pokémon GO Anniversary Event, which occurred in July 2021. During the event, Pansear and Shiny Pansear were made available globally in the wild and in raids. Shiny Pokémon are rare variants of regular Pokémon and have a different colors and appearance. They are highly sought after by trainers, and catching one can be a significant achievement in the game. To increase your chances of encountering a Shiny Pansear, you can participate in raids or explore different locations where this Pokémon is known to appear. Additionally, using items like the Shiny Charm or lures can also increase your odds of encountering a Shiny Pokémon.

The Availability of Shiny Combee

There is a shiny Combee available in Pokémon GO. The shiny form of Combee was released during the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Seattle event, which took place on July 22nd, 2022. This form of Combee has a different color scheme than its regular form, with its body being a light blue color instead of yellow. Shiny Combee is considered a rare variant and is highly sought after by collectors and trainers.

Is Shiny Foongus Available in Pokemon Go?

Currently, Foongus is not available in its shiny form in Pokemon GO. Shiny Pokemon are alternate color variations of existing Pokemon and they are highly sought after by trainers due to their rarity and unique appearance. However, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, has not yet released the shiny version of Foongus in the game. This means that players cannot encounter or catch a shiny Foongus in the wild or through raids. It is important to note that Niantic may release Foongus’ shiny form in a future update, but as of now, it is not available in the game.


Shiny Panpour is a highly sought-after Pokémon in Pokémon GO due to its vibrant and unique coloration. Its light greenish-blue hue is sure to catch the eye of any trainer, and its evolution into Simipour only adds to its value. While it may take some effort to obtain a Shiny Panpour, the reward is well worth it for those who love collecting rare and special Pokémon. With its availability during the Pokémon GO Anniversary Event, trainers have a limited time to catch this stunning Pokémon in the wild or in raids. Shiny Panpour is a must-have addition to any trainer’s collection.

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