How to Obtain a Shiny Dragalge in Pokemon?

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Dragalge is a popular Pokemon among trainers for its impressive stats and unique Poison/Dragon typing. However, there is a special variant of Dragalge that many trainers seek out – the elusive Shiny Dragalge.

Shiny Dragalge has a striking coloration compared to its regular form. Instead of its usual purple and green hues, its body is a vibrant shade of pink with bright blue accents. Its eyes and fins also turn blue, making for a stunning sight on the battlefield.

Obtaining a Shiny Dragalge can be a challenge, as it requires a bit of luck and patience. The odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the wild are 1 in 4,096, so many trainers turn to breed to increase their chances. By breeding two Dragalge, the chances of hatching a Shiny Dragalge increase to 1 in 512.

In battle, Shiny Dragalge has the same stats and moves as its regular form, but its unique appearance can give it a psychological advantage over opponents. Trainers who have a Shiny Dragalge on their team can show off their rare find and potentially intimidate their opponent.

While Shiny Dragalge may not have any unique abilities or moves, its rarity, and striking appearance make it a highly sought-after Pokemon among collectors and battlers alike. Whether obtained through breeding or a lucky encounter in the wild, Shiny Dragalge is a valuable addition to any trainer’s collection.

How to Obtain a Shiny Dragalge in Pokemon? 1

The Benefits of Using Dragalge in Pokémon Battles

When it comes to determining whether Dragalge is a good Pokemon or not, it largely depends on what the trainer is looking for in a Pokemon. In terms of stats and moves, Dragalge has decent numbers, but it doesn’t necessarily stand out over other Pokemon. Its Max CP at Level 40 is 2383, which is not particularly high, and its Max CP at Level 50 is 2695, which is slightly better but still not exceptional.

In terms of PVP and the GO Battle League, Dragalge can be a useful Pokemon to have on your team, but again, it’s not necessarily a standout choice. Its Poison/Dragon typing can be advantageous in certain matchups, but its weaknesses to Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Dragon-type moves can also make it vulnerable in battle.

Whether or not Dragalge is a good Pokemon depends largely on the individual trainer’s preferences and needs. It’s certainly not a bad option to have on your team, but there are other Pokemon out there that may be more effective in certain situations.

Evolution of Dragalge

Dragalge is a dual-type poison and dragon Pokemon that was introduced in generation six through the Pokemon X and Y games. It is the final evolutionary stage of Skrelp and does not have any known further evolutions. Therefore, Skrelp evolves into Dragalge, which is a formidable Pokemon that is known for its unique typing and signature moves. It is worth noting that Dragalge is a highly sought-after Pokemon due to its rarity and its usefulness in battles.

The Possibility of a Mega Dragalge

There is a Mega Dragalge. However, it is important to note that “Mega” is not an official term used in the Pokemon franchise. Instead, it is commonly used to refer to the evolutionary form of a Pokemon after it has undergone a transformation through the use of a Mega Stone during battle.

In the case of Dragalge, it does not have an official Mega Evolution. However, there are fan-made designs and concepts of Mega Dragalge that have been created by Pokemon enthusiasts. These designs often feature a more powerful and intimidating version of Dragalge, with enhanced abilities and stats.

It is also worth mentioning that Dragalge has an alternate form known as the Galarian form, which was introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. This form has a unique typing and appearance, but it also does not have an official Mega Evolution.

Is Dragalge a Water Type Pokemon?

Despite its appearance, Dragalge is not a Water-type Pokemon. It is a dual-type Poison/Dragon Pokemon that was introduced in Generation VI. While it does have a resemblance to sea dragons or sea horses, it is not classified as a Water-type Pokemon. Instead, its Poison/Dragon typing makes it unique and gives it a variety of strengths and weaknesses in battle. It is important to note that while Dragalge is not a Water-type Pokemon, it can learn several Water-type moves such as Surf, Scald, and Waterfall.


Shiny Dragalge is a rare and sought-after variant of the standard Dragalge that has a unique color scheme that sets it apart from its regular counterpart. While it may not have any significant differences in terms of stats or moves, its rarity and visual appeal make it a valuable addition to any trainer’s collection. Its Poison/Dragon typing and Adaptability ability also make it a formidable opponent in battles, particularly in the PVP and GO Battle League. Shiny Dragalge is a visually stunning and powerful Pokemon that any trainer would be lucky to have in their arsenal.

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