How to Obtain a Shiny Vanillite in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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Shiny Vanillite is a rare variant of the Ice-Type Pokemon Vanillite. This Pokemon is known for its unique appearance and interesting abilities. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of Shiny Vanillite and how to evolve it into its stronger forms.

Shiny Vanillite can be identified by its bright blue and pink coloration, which sets it apart from regular Vanillite. It is a highly sought-after Pokemon by collectors and trainers alike. Finding a Shiny Vanillite can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort to add this rare Pokemon to your collection.

To evolve Shiny Vanillite, you will need 25 Candies. Once you have enough Candy, you can evolve it into Shiny Vanillish. This Pokemon retains its unique coloration and gains more power and abilities. Shiny Vanillish has a higher defense and special defense than its previous form, making it more resistant to attacks.

Shiny Vanillish can be further evolved into Shiny Vanilluxe. This Pokemon is the final form of the Vanillite evolution chain and is even more powerful than its predecessors. It has a higher HP, Attack, and Special Attack than Shiny Vanillish, making it a formidable opponent in battles.

In terms of its abilities, Shiny Vanillite has the same abilities as regular Vanillite. Its signature move is Icy Wind, which damages the opponent and lowers their speed. This move is particularly useful in battles against faster opponents. Shiny Vanillite is also capable of using Blizzard, a powerful Ice-Type move that can cause significant damage to the opponent.

When it comes to weaknesses, Shiny Vanillite is vulnerable to Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire-Type moves. Trainers should be aware of these weaknesses and plan their battles accordingly to avoid being defeated by opponents who exploit these weaknesses.

Shiny Vanillite is a rare and powerful Pokemon that is highly sought after by collectors and trainers alike. Its unique appearance and abilities make it a valuable addition to any Pokemon collection. By evolving it into Shiny Vanillish and Shiny Vanilluxe, trainers can unlock even more power and abilities from this rare Pokemon. So get out there and start searching for your very own Shiny Vanillite!

How to Obtain a Shiny Vanillite in Pokemon Sword and Shield? 1

Can Shiny Vanillite Be Found?

Vanillite can be shiny. In the Pokémon franchise, shiny Pokémon are characterized by their different color palettes, and Vanillite is no exception. Its shiny form features a light blue ice cream body with pinkish accents, compared to the regular blue body with white accents. To obtain a shiny Vanillite, players can either encounter it in the wild or breed two Pokémon to obtain an egg that has a chance of hatching into a shiny Vanillite. However, the chances of encountering or hatching a shiny Pokémon are incredibly low, with a 1 in 4,096 chance under normal circumstances.

Is Vanillite Rare in Pokémon Go?

Vanillite is not considered rare in Pokemon Go, as it is a relatively common Pokemon that can be found in many areas. However, it can be difficult to catch, as it has a low catch rate and can be evasive in battle. Additionally, some players may find it frustrating to catch Vanillite because it is not a popular or highly-regarded Pokemon, but it is necessary for completing the Pokedex. while Vanillite may not be rare in terms of its availability, it may still pose a challenge for players who are trying to catch and evolve it.

Is Vanillite Rare in Pokémon Sword?

Vanillite can be considered a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sword as it can only be found in certain locations and under specific weather conditions. Specifically, Vanillite can be found in the Bridge Field area of the game, but only when it is snowing. Even then, it only has a 50% chance of appearing, which means that encountering a Vanillite can take some time and effort. Additionally, Vanillite is not a Pokemon that is commonly used in battle, which may make it less sought after by some players. while Vanillite may not be the rarest Pokemon in the game, it can still be considered a relatively rare find that requires some patience and persistence to obtain.

Is Vanillite Included in the Pokémon Arceus Pokedex?

Vanillite is indeed in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Vanillite is a Generation V Pokémon that belongs to the Ice type. In the game, it can be found in various locations throughout the Hisui region, such as the Frosty Forest and the Snowslide Slope. As a part of the game’s diverse ecosystem, Vanillite can be encountered in the wild, battled against, and even caught by players who wish to add it to their collection of Pokémon. Its unique ability to breathe out cold air and create snow makes it a valuable addition to any team of Pokémon trainers looking to explore the frigid reaches of the Hisui region.


Obtaining a Shiny Vanillite in Pokemon Sword and Shield can be a challenging task, but it’s definitely worth it for collectors and fans of the series. Despite the criticism surrounding its design, Vanillite’s evolution line has a unique typing and moveset that can be useful in battles. Its ability to create snow and survive in cold environments adds an interesting touch to its character. Evolving a Shiny Vanillite into a Vanillish is a rewarding experience for any Pokemon trainer, and it’s a great addition to any collection. So, if you’re up for the challenge, go out there and catch that Shiny Vanillite!

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