How To Hide Voice Recorder On Lock Screen

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Voice recorders are an invaluable tool for capturing conversations, lectures, interviews, and other important sound-based information. Whether you are a student recording lectures for later review, a journalist collecting evidence for an article, or simply recording your own thoughts and ideas, having the ability to capture audio is essential.

Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting your recordings from being heard by unwanted ears, traditional voice recorders aren’t always the most secure option. That’s why many users are turning to hidden voice recorder apps which can be hidden on their lock screen.

For Android users, Smart Recorder is one of the best-hidden voice recorder apps available. With its ingenious design and powerful features, Smart Recorder allows you to capture sound even when the display is off while consuming minimal battery life. To enable this feature in Smart Recorder, simply go to Settings > Sound & Notification > Notification > App Notification > Scroll down to the app and tap on the “Block” button (never show notifications from this app).

Not only will this help protect your recordings from prying eyes but it will also help ensure that no one accidentally discovers your secret recordings. It’s a great way to keep your audio data secure without sacrificing convenience or quality.

In addition to hiding the app itself on your lock screen, Smart Recorder also offers options for setting up password protection as well as encrypting files so no one can access them without knowing your password. With these options enabled, you can rest assured that your audio recordings are safe and secure from any unauthorized access.

Overall, Smart Recorder is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality hidden voice recorder app that offers extra security measures such as password protection and file encryption. Its unique design allows it to capture sound even when the display is off while consuming minimal battery life!

Recording Audio Secretly

To secretly record audio with your Android device, you’ll need to download a secret voice recording app like Smart Recorder. The app will allow you to record surrounding audio even when the display is off so that it remains hidden. To conserve battery life, the app automatically stops recording audio after a certain period of time. You can then easily access and manage your recordings from within the app. Additionally, you may want to configure the settings to hide the presence of the secret recorder app from the phone’s home screen and other areas.

how to hide voice recorder on lock screen

Removing Voice Recording from Lock Screen on Samsung Devices

To remove a voice recording from the lock screen on a Samsung device, you will need to go to Settings > Lock Screen > Information and FaceWidgets. Here, you can disable the ‘Voice recordings’ option, which will prevent any recordings from appearing on the lock screen. Additionally, you can also manage your existing recordings by clicking on the ‘Manage recordings’ button.

Can Voice Recorder Function When Phone Is Locked?

Yes, the voice recorder will work when the phone is locked. The lock screen does not affect the functioning of services on an application. However, if your phone is in standby mode, then it may not work as expected. To ensure that your recording continues while the phone is locked, you should keep it in active mode.

Stopping Call Recording Announcement on Android

To disable call recording announcements on an Android device: Open the eVoice app on your device. Tap the Settings link under the eVoice header. On the Settings page, tap Call Settings in the left navigation pane. In the Call Recording pane, tap Disable. This will turn off call recording announcements for all calls made from your Android device.


In conclusion, the Smart Recorder app is an excellent choice for Android users who are looking for a reliable and secure voice recording app. It has many useful features, such as being able to record surrounding sounds even when the display is off, as well as not consuming too much battery power. Additionally, it also has great privacy settings that allow users to block any notifications from the app. With its great features and security options, Smart Recorder is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable secret voice recording app.

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