How to Catch a Shiny Reuniclus in Pokemon Go?

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Reuniclus is a rare and powerful Psychic-type Pokemon that has been captivating trainers since its introduction in Generation V. As the final evolution of the Solosis line, it boasts impressive stats and abilities that make it a formidable opponent in battles. However, what makes Reuniclus even more fascinating to trainers is the possibility of encountering a Shiny version of this Pokemon.

Shiny Reuniclus is a sight to behold. Instead of its usual pale pink and green coloring, a Shiny Reuniclus is adorned in shades of deep blue and purple. Its unique coloring makes it a highly coveted Pokemon among collectors and trainers alike. However, obtaining a Shiny Reuniclus is no easy feat.

The chance of encountering a Shiny Reuniclus in the wild is incredibly low. In fact, the odds of encountering any Shiny Pokemon in the wild are approximately 1 in 4,096. This means that trainers will likely need to hatch multiple eggs or encounter numerous wild Solosis in order to increase their chances of finding a Shiny version.

Alternatively, trainers can obtain a Shiny Solosis through trading or by participating in events that offer special rare Pokemon. Once a trainer has a Shiny Solosis, they can evolve it into a Shiny Duosion and then ultimately a Shiny Reuniclus. This method may take some time and effort, but the end result is a truly unique and impressive Pokemon.

Aside from its striking appearance, Shiny Reuniclus possesses the same impressive stats and abilities as its non-Shiny counterpart. Its high Special Attack and Special Defense stats make it an excellent choice for battles against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon. Its ability, Magic Guard, also makes it immune to indirect damage such as poison or burn, making it a reliable and formidable Pokemon to have on a team.

While the chances of encountering a Shiny Reuniclus in the wild are slim, the effort put into obtaining one is well worth it for collectors and trainers alike. It’s unique appearance and impressive abilities make it a valuable addition to any Pokemon team.

How to Catch a Shiny Reuniclus in Pokemon Go? 1

Is Shiny Reuniclus Available in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Reuniclus is available in Pokemon Go. However, it is important to note that shiny Reuniclus cannot be encountered in the wild. The only way to obtain a shiny Reuniclus is by evolving a shiny Solosis into a shiny Duosion and then evolving the shiny Duosion into a shiny Reuniclus. Shiny Solosis is also a rare encounter, so obtaining one may take some time and effort. It is recommended to participate in events or raids that feature Solosis to increase the chances of encountering a shiny one. Additionally, players can trade with other trainers to obtain a shiny Solosis or a shiny Duosion to evolve into a shiny Reuniclus.

What Materials Makeup Reuniclus?

Reuniclus is a Psychic-type Pokémon that is made up of a special liquid. This liquid is controlled by its psychic power, which allows Reuniclus to manipulate its arms and crush boulders. While there is no specific information on the composition of this liquid, it is believed to be a unique substance that is exclusive to Reuniclus and its evolutionary line. Reuniclus is a fascinating Pokémon with a unique physical makeup that allows it to utilize its psychic abilities to the fullest extent.

The Benefits of Having a Reuniclus Pokémon

Reuniclus is considered a good Pokemon due to its high Special Attack stat of 125 and its bulky HP and Special Defense stats. It also has an ability called Magic Guard, which makes it immune to passive damage from moves like poison and burn. This makes Reuniclus a reliable choice for taking down passive Pokemon such as Toxapex and Ferrothorn. Additionally, Reuniclus can learn a variety of powerful moves like Psychic, Focus Blast, and Shadow Ball. Its only major weakness is its low Defense stat, which makes it vulnerable to physical attacks. Reuniclus is a strong Pokemon that can be a valuable addition to any team.


Obtaining a Shiny Reuniclus in the wild is an extremely rare occurrence due to their already low encounter rate. However, the best way to get a Shiny Reuniclus is to obtain a Shiny Solosis and evolve it into a Duosion and then into a Reuniclus. Reuniclus is a powerful Psychic-type Pokemon with a high special attack stat and impressive bulk, making it a reliable choice in battles. Its ability, Magic Guard, makes it immune to passive damage, making it an optimal choice against Pokemon such as Toxapex and Ferrothorn. A Shiny Reuniclus is a valuable addition to any trainer’s team, but requires patience and dedication to obtain.

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