How to Use Kik Messenger on Your Computer?

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Kik Messenger is a mobile messaging app that has become popular among teenagers and young adults. It allows users to send and receive text messages, photos, and videos with their friends and family. While Kik is primarily a mobile app, it is also possible to use Kik online via your computer. Here’s how:

1. Create a Kik account or log in to your existing account at

2. Once you have logged in, you can use Kik just like you would on your mobile device. You can send and receive messages, photos, and videos, and interact with your friends as usual.

3. One thing to note is that you will not be able to see if someone is online on Kik when using it on your computer. However, you will be able to see if they have read your messages. The (S) indicator shows that your message has been sent, while the (D) indicator shows that your friend has received the message.

4. If you prefer a more seamless Kik experience on your computer, you can also find in-browser emulators that allow you to use Kik as if you were on a mobile device.

5. It’s important to note that Kik was at one point scheduled to be shut down in 2019, but the decision was later reversed and the app was acquired by Medialab. As of now, Kik is still available for use and continues to be a popular messaging app for many.

Using Kik Messenger on your computer can be a convenient way to stay connected with your friends and family. While you won’t be able to see if someone is online, you can still send and receive messages and interact with your contacts as usual. With the option of in-browser emulators, there are even more ways to use Kik online.

How to Use Kik Messenger on Your Computer? 1

Can Kik Be Used on a Browser?

You can use Kik on your browser. To access Kik on your browser, you need to go to the website and log in with your username and password. Once you are logged in, you can use Kik as you would on the mobile app. Alternatively, you can also find an in-browser emulator to use Kik. However, it is important to note that using Kik on a browser may not offer the same experience as using it on a mobile app.

Logging Into Kik on a Computer

You can log into Kik on your computer by downloading and installing the Kik messenger application on your PC. Kik Messenger is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Once you have installed the Kik application on your computer, you can log in to your Kik account using your registered email address or username and password. The Kik messenger on your computer gives you access to all the features of the Kik app, including messaging, group chats, and sharing media files. It is important to note that logging into Kik on your computer does not affect your account on your mobile device, and you can use both simultaneously.

Determining If a Kik User Is Online

You can tell if a Kik user is online. When a Kik user is online, their profile picture will have a green dot in the bottom left corner. This green dot indicates that the user is currently active and online. However, it is important to note that just because a user is not showing as online, it does not necessarily mean they are not using Kik. They may have simply turned off their online status or have their app running in the background. Additionally, Kik does not provide information about when a user was last active or how long they have been offline for.


Kik Online is a convenient way to access Kik Messenger from your browser. With just your login credentials, you can easily use Kik on your PC without having to download any additional software. It’s important to note that while you can see if your messages have been read, you won’t know if someone is currently online on Kik. Furthermore, with the recent acquisition of Kik Messenger by Medialab, it is clear that the platform still has a strong following and will continue to be a popular messaging app for years to come. Kik Online offers a seamless and easy-to-use experience for those who want to access Kik on their desktop or laptop.

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