How to Manage Your iPhone Visual Voicemail with Bell Mobility

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Are you looking for a way to manage your voicemails quickly and easily? With the iPhone Visual Voicemail from Bell Mobility, you can now do just that.

Visual Voicemail allows you to view and manage your voicemails with a few simple taps of your finger. You’ll have instant access to all of your messages, get a visual summary of who called and when, and choose which message to listen to right on your screen. Plus, you won’t have to dial in every time you want to check your voicemail.

Adding Visual Voicemail to your Bell Mobility rate plan is easy. You can either do it through MyBell or by contacting us directly. Once subscribed, simply tap Voicemail in the Phone application and follow the instructions. Note that Visual Voicemail requires a data plan and cannot be used through Wi-Fi.

Setting up Visual Voicemail is equally simple – just open the Visual Voicemail app from the Apps tray or press and hold the 1 key from the Phone app. Then select ‘Activate Visual Voicemail’ and you’re ready to go!

With its convenience and ease of use, Visual Voicemail from Bell Mobility is a great way for busy people on the go to stay connected with their contacts without having to fumble around with their devices every time they want to check their messages. So if you’ve been looking for an efficient way of managing your voicemails, look no further than iPhone Visual Voicemail from Bell Mobility!

How to Manage Your iPhone Visual Voicemail with Bell Mobility 1

Does Bell Offer Visual Voicemail for iPhone?

Yes, Bell Mobility does offer Visual Voicemail for iPhone. To add Visual Voicemail to your rate plan, you can either log in to MyBell or contact us directly. Once subscribed, you will be able to access the Visual Voicemail feature by opening the Phone application and tapping on ‘Voicemail’. There you will see the option to ‘Set up Now’ which will provide instructions on how to enable the feature.

Does Bell Offer Visual Voicemail?

Yes, Bell does offer Visual Voicemail. To use Visual Voicemail with a Bell Mobility account, you must be subscribed to a voicemail service such as Message Centre Lite, Message Centre Express, or Message Centre. Additionally, you will need to have a data plan in order to access Visual Voicemail. Please note that Visual Voicemail is not available through Wi-Fi.

Accessing Visual Voicemail on an iPhone

To get your iPhone Voicemail to be visual, start by opening the Visual Voicemail app from the home screen. Alternatively, you can set up voicemail by selecting and holding the 1 key from the Phone app. Once you’re in the Visual Voicemail app, select Next and then Activate Visual Voicemail. This will enable Visual Voicemail on your iPhone, allowing you to view messages as if they were emails. You’ll be able to play messages directly from the app, keep track of who’s calling, and create a custom greeting for each caller. With Visual Voicemail, managing your voicemails has never been easier!

Lack of Visual Voicemail on iPhone

Visual voicemail is an iPhone feature that allows you to listen to messages in any order and store them for later. However, in order to use this feature, your iPhone needs to have a cellular connection. If your phone doesn’t have a strong enough signal or if the cellular connection is not working properly, visual voicemail won’t be available. To check the signal strength of your phone, look at the status bar at the top of your screen. If it’s low or not working properly, try toggling the Airplane mode on and off to reset the cellular connection.

Troubleshooting Visual Voicemail Unavailability on an iPhone

Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable on your iPhone because it requires a cellular data connection to access and sends information. This means that if you have a weak or unstable cell signal, the app may not be able to connect properly. Additionally, if you have recently switched carriers or updated your phone’s software, the voicemail settings may need to be reset in order for the service to work again. To try and fix this issue, put your iPhone in Airplane mode for a few seconds and then disable it. This will reset the cellular data connection and potentially resolve any visual voicemail problems you are having.

Setting Up Bell Voicemail on an iPhone

To set up Bell voicemail on your iPhone, first go to your phone’s Settings. Then select “Phone” and scroll down to the “Voicemail” option. Select “Set Up Now” and enter your voicemail password if you have one. If not, create a new password. Follow the prompts to set up your voicemail greeting. Once you have finished setting up your voicemail, press the home button to return to the main page of your iPhone. Your voicemail is now set up and ready for use.

Activating Visual Voicemail

To activate your visual voicemail, open the Phone app on your device. Tap the Voicemail option, then locate the Visual Voicemail switch. Tap the switch to turn it on. If you do not see this switch, tap Call Settings and then tap Voicemail to access it. Once activated, you will be able to view a list of your voicemails in the app and listen to them from there.

Checking if Your Phone Has Visual Voicemail

If your phone has a visual voicemail, you can access your voicemail messages through the Phone app. To check if your phone has this feature, open the Phone app and tap on the More Options icon at the top right corner. Then, tap on Settings and select Voicemail. If you see an option labeled Visual Voicemail, it means that this feature is available on your device.

Enabling Visual Voicemail on iPhone 13

To turn on Visual Voicemail on your iPhone 13, first, open the Phone app. Then select the Voicemail tab and select Set Up Now. Enter a 7 to 15-digit voicemail password when prompted and select Done. You will then be asked if you want to use the default greeting or create a custom greeting – choose whichever one you prefer. Once you have done this, your visual voicemail inbox will be displayed.

The Cost of iPhone Visual Voicemail

Yes, Visual Voicemail on the iPhone is free of charge and does not incur any additional costs. It is available on iPhones 5s and higher running iOS 12 or higher, and can be set up with no extra internet data usage.


In conclusion, iPhone Visual Voicemail from Bell Mobility is a great way to stay connected and organized. With this service, you can quickly and easily access and listen to your voicemail messages without having to dial in. It also provides you with a visual summary of who called and when so you can more easily manage your messages. The setup process is easy, and the service requires a data plan as well as a subscription to Message Centre Lite, Message Centre Express, or Message Centre. All in all, iPhone Visual Voicemail from Bell Mobility is a great way to stay connected on the go!

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