Everything You Need to Know About Wix Pros and Cons

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Wix is one of the most popular website builders available today, and it’s used by millions of people around the world. It’s easy to use and has plenty of features to help you create a professional website. But like any website-building platform, it also has its pros and cons. In this article, we’ll take a look at Wix’s pros and cons so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.


Ease of Use – Wix is incredibly easy to use, even for those with no prior coding experience. It features a drag-and-drop editor which makes creating your website simple and intuitive. Plus, Wix offers plenty of guides and tutorials to help you get started with your website.

Affordable Pricing – Wix is quite affordable compared to other website builders on the market. It offers a free plan as well as several paid plans that are still reasonably priced. Plus, paid plans come with additional features such as more storage space, custom domains, premium support, etc.

Designs – Wix comes with hundreds of templates that are designed by professional designers so you can be sure that your website will look great no matter what template you choose. And since all templates are fully customizable, you can easily create a unique look for your site without having to start from scratch.


Lack of SEO Features – One downside to using Wix is its lack of SEO features compared to other platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace. While there are some basic SEO tools available on the platform such as meta tags and page titles, they’re not as comprehensive or powerful as other platforms offer. This means that if SEO optimization is important for your site then you might want to look elsewhere for a better solution.

Limited Customization Options – Another potential con with Wix is its limited customization options when compared to other platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace which offer more flexibility in terms of design options and functionality. For example, while Wix does have some HTML/CSS editing capabilities it doesn’t offer nearly as much control over design elements such as fonts or colors like some other platforms do.

Overall, Wix is an excellent choice for those who want an easy-to-use platform with plenty of features but don’t need advanced customization options or SEO optimization tools. The drag-and-drop editor makes creating websites simple and intuitive, while the wide selection of designs ensures that your site looks great no matter what template you choose. Plus, the affordable pricing makes it accessible to many budgets.

Everything You Need to Know About Wix Pros and Cons 1

Disadvantages of Using Wix

The disadvantages of using Wix as a website builder are plentiful and should be considered before committing to the platform. The main disadvantage of using Wix is that it does not offer interchangeable templates, meaning you are unable to switch between different designs without starting from scratch. Additionally, the free plan displays Wix branding on your website, which can be unprofessional and difficult to remove without upgrading your plan. Furthermore, while the Wix mobile app allows you to make minor edits, it cannot match the full customization capabilities offered by a desktop version.

Another disadvantage of using Wix is that it limits SEO features that are essential for driving organic traffic and search engine rankings. While you do get basic SEO settings such as page titles and descriptions, you don’t have access to more advanced settings such as canonical tags or 301 redirects. Additionally, there is no free tracking & analytics tool included with Wix which makes it difficult to monitor website performance.

Finally, customer support can be limited with a free plan or even with upgraded plans if you’re not paying for premium support services – making it hard to troubleshoot any issues or technical problems you may face. Furthermore, migrating away from Wix can often be difficult due to the proprietary nature of their website builder – making it impossible to export all your data in an organized fashion.

Pros and Cons of Using Wix

• Wix pricing is affordable and offers a free website option.
• Professional designs that are easy to customize.
• Live editing allows you to make changes to your website in real time.
• Support teams are available 24/7 via email, chat, and phone.
• Lack of deep analytics makes it difficult to track user activity.
• Slow page loads can lead to a poor user experience.
• Unable to switch templates after going live, so you must be sure of the design you choose from the beginning.

The Benefits of Using a Wix Website

The main pros of Wix are its ease of use, versatility, and affordability. With Wix, you don’t need any coding or design experience to create a stunning website. Its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a vast library of free templates make it easy to customize your site exactly how you want it. Wix also offers a range of plans for various budgets, and there’s no need for web hosting as the platform includes all the necessary hosting services. Finally, Wix is incredibly scalable, so you can start small and upgrade as your website grows.

wix pros and cons
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Reasons Why People Do Not Use Wix

People typically don’t use Wix because of its limited features and lack of professional design. While the platform is great for creating a basic website quickly and without much cost, it doesn’t offer much in terms of features or customizability. Wix’s generic website templates don’t have a lot of flexibility, and the URL (business-name.wix.com) makes it look unprofessional. Additionally, Wix doesn’t offer any hosting plans or other services like domain registration, which makes it difficult to create a professional website with your own domain name. Finally, the free version of Wix inserts its own ads on your site which can be distracting to visitors and make you look unprofessional.

Does Wix Have A Monthly Fee?

Yes, Wix does have a monthly fee. The platform offers one free plan, as well as eight premium plans ranging from $16 to $59-plus per month. The amount you pay each month will depend on the features you choose and the amount of storage space needed for your website. All premium plans come with unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for one year, access to hundreds of customizable templates, and support for 24/7 customer service.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Wix?

The best alternative to Wix for web design depends on the user’s needs. For creative professionals, Squarespace offers a great platform for creating beautiful websites with a wide range of customization options. Weebly is ideal for small businesses, as it offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Shopify is perfect for those who want to build an online store, as it has features such as payment processing and inventory management built in. WordPress is the best choice for those who need more customization options, though they will need to be comfortable with coding. Web.com is great for users who need web design support, offering tutorials and help from their customer service team. Zyro is ideal for those looking to create a professional brand identity with their website, as it provides tools to help you create logos and other branding assets. GoDaddy is perfect for service providers, allowing them to build websites that offer services like booking appointments or taking payments online. Finally, IONOS provides great resources for startups looking to get their business off the ground with a website that looks great and functions well.

The Benefits of Using Wix

People prefer Wix because it makes creating a website easy and fast. With Wix, you don’t need to worry about coding or hiring a web designer. All you have to do is choose your template, customize it with your own content and images, and launch your site. Wix also features powerful built-in features like SEO optimization, e-commerce integration, and mobile responsiveness to make sure your website looks great on any device. Plus, Wix offers free hosting and its customer support team is always available to help you troubleshoot any problems. In short, Wix provides an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to create a beautiful website quickly and easily.

The Benefits of Wix for Small Businesses

Yes, Wix is a great platform for small businesses. With Wix, you can create a professional website with little to no coding knowledge. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor so you can customize your site design without any technical skills. You also have access to over 800 professionally designed templates and clip art, along with an app market to extend the functionality of your website. Additionally, Wix offers various SEO and marketing tools such as email capture and social media integration to help promote your business online. Finally, it provides Facebook ad tools to help you optimize your campaigns for better results. All in all, Wix is an ideal website platform for small businesses looking to build a professional online presence.

Is Selling on Wix a Profitable Investment?

Selling on Wix is absolutely worth it. The platform offers a powerful and easy-to-use system that makes it simple to start selling online. With streamlined order management, a built-in eCommerce store, and integrated payment processing, you can quickly get up and running with an online presence that customers can trust. Plus, the platform offers advanced features like multichannel integrations, product customization options, and more. And with robust security measures in place and high-resilience infrastructure, your business is sure to be safe and secure. All in all, Wix provides the necessary tools for businesses that want to take their sales to the next level without breaking the bank.


Overall, Wix is a great website builder for those who are new to web development. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system, an intuitive interface, and a wide range of features and apps which enable users to create visually stunning websites without any coding experience. It also offers a free website option with some limitations. However, some areas where Wix falls short are its lack of deep analytics, slow page loads, inability to switch templates after going live, and hidden fees. Ultimately, the pros of Wix outweigh the cons for most users looking for an easy-to-use platform to create a professional website.

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