A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone

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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone 1

Without a doubt, having a powerful tool like Genius Scan on your iPhone can transform your device into a versatile mobile scanning powerhouse. This app simplifies document scanning to just a few taps on your screen, making it incredibly easy to digitize documents anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re a student needing to save notes, a professional organizing business receipts, or just someone looking to keep personal records in order, Genius Scan has got you covered.

With features that allow for scanning in high-quality, and the option for PDF export among other formats, it ensures that your documents are captured and ready for sharing and storage in a format that suits your needs.

The best part? Its user-friendly interface makes Genius Scan the go-to iPhone scanner app for those who need quick, efficient document scanning without the hassle.

Exporting Genius Scans as PDFs or JPEGs

Exporting your Genius Scans is a breeze, and the process is straightforward. Step by step, we’ll uncover all you need to grasp thoroughly to export Genius Scan documents successfully.

1. Export:

After scanning your document with Genius Scan, tap on the export icon. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone 3

This usually looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards at the bottom or top of your screen, depending on your device and app version.

2. Select Format:

You’ll be prompted to choose the format for your scan. Here’s where you decide whether to save scan as PDF or save scan as JPEG. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone 5

PDFs are perfect for documents as they maintain formatting and are widely accepted for professional use. JPEGs are ideal for a lightweight image file, particularly for photos or documents with many visual elements.

3. Choose Destination:

Next, decide how you want to share or save your scan. If you’re looking to email scanned document, simply select your email app from the sharing options, and it will create a new draft with your scan attached. To save directly to your phone, choose the option to save to your gallery or files, and it will be stored as either PDF or JPEG, based on your earlier selection.

Appending Scans to Existing Documents

Have you ever needed to add pages to Genius Scan after creating a document? Whether you’re putting together a multi-page report or compiling notes, Genius Scan on your iPhone makes it easy to combine scans into a single multi-page PDF.

Let’s dive into how you can append scan pages to an existing document, turning a simple scanning task into a comprehensive document management solution.

First off, open your Genius Scan app and find your way to the document you intend to add pages to. Look for an option or a ‘+’ icon that allows you to add more scans, usually found within the document view or through an edit menu.

From there, simply take additional scans using the camera or add images from your photo library. Genius Scan seamlessly integrates these new pages, maintaining the quality and format of your multi-page PDF.

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone 7

Does Genius Scan Work on iPhones?

Absolutely! Genius Scan works wonders on iPhones, making it a go-to choice for anyone needing a powerful iPhone document scanner. This app shines by turning your iPhone into a pocket-sized scanner, capable of capturing documents in crisp detail.

What sets Genius Scan apart as possibly the best iPhone scanner app is its smart features: edge detection, perspective correction, and low-light optimization.

Edge detection ensures that the app recognizes the boundaries of your document, cropping it perfectly. Perspective correction adjusts the view so the document appears flat and easy to read, even if you take a photo at an angle. And for those times, you’re in a dimly lit room? Low-light optimization brightens up your document, making sure clarity isn’t compromised.

So, whether you’re scanning an old family recipe, a receipt, or important work documents, Genius Scan iPhone compatibility means you’ve got a powerful tool at your fingertips, ready to tackle any scanning easily.

Troubleshooting Genius Scan Email Issues

Having trouble getting your Genius Scan to send emails? If you’re experiencing Genius Scan email not sending, don’t fret; you’re not alone. This common hiccup can often be solved with some knowledge of how to troubleshoot Genius Scan.

First up, let’s dive into your email configuration. A misstep here could be the culprit. Ensure your email settings within Genius Scan are correctly set up, paying close attention to any server settings if you’re using an email provider requiring specific configurations.

Next on the checklist: IT restrictions. If you’re using a work email or a network with tight security, there might be policies in place that prevent sending scans directly from third-party apps like Genius Scan.

These IT restrictions can range from blocking certain attachments to preventing emails from being sent through non-standard apps. If, after checking these, you’re still stuck, reaching out to your IT department or consulting Genius Scan’s support resources can provide further guidance.

Scanning and Emailing PDFs on iPhone (Alternative Method)

If you want to scan and email PDFs directly from your iPhone and seek an alternative to Genius Scan, you’re in luck! Your iPhone’s Notes app has a nifty feature that transforms your device into a high-performance scanning tool.

That’s right, the iPhone Notes scanner is a hidden gem that makes digitizing documents a breeze. Let’s explore the way you can scan with Notes app.

First, launch the iPhone’s Notes app. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone 9

Start a new note by tapping the compose button, then tap the camera icon and choose ‘Scan Documents.’ Your camera will open up, ready to scan your document, and the app will automatically capture it, or you can manually take the photo for more control.

Once captured, you can adjust the corners, choose the best scan option (color, grayscale, etc.), and save it to your note.

But we’re not stopping there! To email PDF iPhone users will love how easy it is from here. Tap on your scanned document within the note, then spot the icon used for sharing, characterized by a square and an arrow directing upwards. Give it a tap, and choose ‘Mail.’ This action attaches your scanned PDF to an email.

Why Can’t I Email Scans From My iPhone?

Are you running into trouble with your email scan from iPhone not working? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide to help troubleshoot iPhone email issues, especially when sending scans directly from your iPhone using apps like Genius Scan.

First things first, check your Mail app. Sometimes, ensuring you’re logged into your email account is the simple solution. If you’re logged in and still facing issues, head to the outbox to see if your email is stuck there.

A quick tip: if your email is stuck in the outbox, try resending it or verify the stability of your internet connection by running a quick check.

If everything seems fine with your Mail app and internet connection, but you’re still unable to send scans, it might be a good idea to look into the scanner app support for Genius Scan. Sometimes, the issue could be with app settings or a specific bug preventing emails from being sent.

Accessing the iPhone Scanner Menu

Within its sleek design, your iPhone houses a handy feature for all your scanning needs. Let’s go through how to access those iPhone scanner settings, ensuring you get the most out of this feature, especially when manual scanning is necessary.

Heading over to your iPhone’s settings is the first step. Once there, find ‘Accessibility.’

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Genius Scan on Your iPhone 11

This section is rich with opportunities to fine-tune your interaction with your device, ensuring it works best for you.

The accessibility scanner is where you tweak settings to fit your scanning adventures, whether you’re digitizing old photos or important documents or creating a digital archive of your receipts.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, manual scanning iPhone options allow you to control the scanning process from start to finish, adjusting settings like contrast and color as you go.


It’s clear why Genius Scan holds the title as the best scanner app iPhone users can leverage for their document digitization needs.

Through this Genius Scan review, we’ve uncovered the app’s standout features: its speed in transforming paper into pixels, the unmatched convenience it offers on the go, its versatility in handling a myriad of document types, and its intuitive ease of use.

Whether you’re looking to organize documents iPhone style, with efficiency and simplicity, Genius Scan emerges as a powerful tool in your productivity arsenal, making it effortless to keep your digital files in order anytime and anywhere.

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