How To Turn Off Announce Calls On Airpods

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Are you tired of having your AirPods announce the caller’s name when receiving an incoming call? Annoyed by the loud voice blaring out of your headphones? If so, you’re in luck! You can easily turn off announce calls on your AirPods.

Announce calls is a handy feature that allows you to quickly identify who’s calling without having to look at your device. However, if you find it too intrusive or just plain annoying, there are a few simple steps to disable the feature.

The first step is to open up the Settings app on your device and navigate to Phone > Announce Calls. Select either Headphones Only or Headphones & Car as your preference.

The next step is to go into Siri & Search and select Announce Calls. From here, you can choose from three options: Always On, Ask Before Announcing, or Off. If you select Off, this will completely disable the feature on both your headphones and car stereo (if applicable).

Finally, if you want to customize how the announcement sounds, go into Sounds & Haptics and make sure that “Announce Calls with Voice Over” is turned off. This will ensure that the announcement only plays through your headphones and not through any other connected devices.

And there you have it! With these few simple steps, you can now enjoy using AirPods without worrying about being disturbed by loud announcements every time someone calls.

Announcing Incoming Calls on AirPods

Your AirPods are announcing calls because you have turned on the Announce Calls setting in your phone’s settings. This setting allows your AirPods to announce who is calling you when an incoming call comes through and your AirPods are connected. To turn this feature on, go to Settings > Phone > Announce calls > Select Headphones Only or Headphones & Car. This feature is convenient as it allows you to know who is calling without having to take out your phone, making it easier for you to decide whether or not you want to take the call.

how to turn off announce calls on airpods

Turning Off Siri Announcing Calls

To turn off Siri announcing calls, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Announce Calls. Then toggle the switch off to disable this feature.

Turning Off Announcing Calls and Texts on AirPods

To turn off announcing calls and texts on Airpods, go to Settings > Control Center. Under More Controls, tap the red minus button for Announce Notifications. This will remove the Announce Notifications icon from your Control Center. Now, when you receive a call or text, your Airpods will not announce it.

The Purpose of Siri Announcing Incoming Calls

Siri announcing your calls is a helpful feature that makes it easier to stay connected. With this feature enabled, Siri will speak the name of the contact calling you if their name and number are stored in your contacts. If the caller is not in your contacts, Siri will say their phone number aloud or alert you that it’s an unknown caller. This way, you can quickly decide whether to answer or ignore a call. In addition to this, you can also configure the Announce Calls setting so that Siri only announces calls when headphones or a Bluetooth device is connected.


In conclusion, AirPods are a great way to listen to music and make phone calls with ease. They are lightweight, comfortable, and provide quality sound. With the ability to customize settings, like Announce Calls, you can tailor your AirPods for a personalized experience. Whether you’re listening to music or taking an incoming call, AirPods are a great choice for anyone looking for quality sound and convenience.

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