How to Take Perfect Burst Photos on iPhone 12

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The new iPhone 12 is now available on the market and it is certainly one of the most impressive phones ever released. The sleek new design, powerful processor, and amazing camera capabilities make this phone a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

One of the features that makes the iPhone 12 stand out from previous models is its amazing camera capabilities. With its dual-lens system and advanced image processing algorithms, you can take stunning photos with your iPhone 12. One of the best features of this phone’s camera is burst photography, which allows you to take multiple pictures in quick succession.

Burst photography is great for capturing fast-moving objects or capturing multiple images in order to pick out the best shot later. To use this feature on your iPhone 12, simply open the Camera app and select “Burst” mode from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Once selected, you can press and hold the shutter button to begin taking multiple shots in quick succession. Your photos will then be savd as a group and can be accessed from your Photos app or shared with friends or family.

Using burst photography with your iPhone 12 will help you capture moments that would otherwise be lost forever due to their fleeting nature. Whether it’s capturing a child’s soccer game or a lightning strike over a city skyline, burst photography will ensure that you don’t miss those important moments ever again!

Setting a Burst on an iPhone 12

To set a burst on your iPhone 12, open the Camera app and select the Burst mode icon (it looks like several circles overlapping). You can then take a burst of photos by pressing and holding the shutter button or volume up button. When you’re done, let go of the button to stop capturing. Your burst photos will be saved in your Photos library.

how to take burst photos on iphone 12

Taking a Burst Photo Timer on iPhone 12

To take a burst photo timer on an iPhone 12, launch the Camera app and make sure the Live Photo icon is not yellow (located on the left side of the timer icon). Then tap on the timer icon in the upper-right corner and choose your delay – ether three seconds or 10 seconds. Once you’ve set up your delay, press and hold down on the shutter button to start taking burst photos. The photos will be taken at a rapid rate for as long as you keep your finger pressed down. When you’re done, let go of the shutter button and you’ll have your burst photo series ready to review!

Taking Burst Photos on an iPhone

Taking a burst of photos on your iPhone is easy. All you have to do is tap and hold your finger on the shutter release button. This will case your camera to take a series of photos in rapid succession as long as your finger remains on the button. You don’t need to change any settings or modes in advance, just press and hold the button and you’ll have a burst of photos!

Taking a Photo in Burst Mode

Taking a photo in Burst Mode on an Android device is easy and straightforward. To start, open the camera app and press and hold down the shutter button. This will automatically activate Burst Mode, which will take multiple photos in quick succession until you release the button. You’ll hear the shutter sound of each photo being taken as well. Once you’re done, simply release the shutter button and your photos will be saved to your device’s camera roll.

Taking Multiple Photos on an iPhone

To take a lot of pictures at once on your iPhone, you can use Burst mode. To activate Burst mode, just tap and hold the shutter button. This will take multiple photos in one go so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. On iPhone 11 and later, you can slide the shutter button to the left and hold it to take a burst of photos, then release it to stop. You can also edit the Burst photos afterwards by selecting all the photos in the Burst and tapping Done.

Taking Burst Photos on iPhone iOS 15

To take burst photos on iPhone IOS 15, you can hold down the “Shutter” button and drag it to the left. This will allow you to take multiple shots in rapid succession, capturing all of the action. You can also keep taking photos by tapping the “Shutter” button while recording a video.

Taking Photos on an iPhone Without Holding the Button

You can take pictures on your iPhone without having to hold the button by using the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch. First, open up the Camera Remote app and position your phone with the subjects you want in focus. Once everything is set up just right, tap the “Shutter” button on your Apple Watch. After tree seconds, your iPhone will snap a photo automatically without needing to press any buttons on your phone.

Setting a Burst Timer on an iPhone

To set a burst timer on your iPhone, open the Camera app and position your iPhone to face a neutral background. Make sure you are positioned towards a light source. Then, select the 10-second timer so you have enouh time to get into position. Finally, turn Live mode off so burst mode is activated and you will get more photo options.

The Benefits of Burst Photos

The main point of burst photos is to capture a series of moments in quick succession, allowing you to capture moments that might otherwise be missed. With burst mode, you can take multiple photos in a short period of time, and it’s especialy useful for capturing fast-moving subjects like sports or animals. You can also use burst mode to capture the perfect profile picture or group shot, as you’re more likely to get the best photo with multiple images taken at once. Finally, burst mode can be used to find the ideal camera settings for a particular scene – simply take a few quick shots at different settings, and then choose your favorite!

Can an iPhone Camera Take Multiple Shots?

Yes, iPhone cameras can take multiple shots. With the Burst mode setting, you can take ten photos per second. This allows you to quickly capture a moving subject in the rght position or pose. The shots are then saved as a burst folder in your Photos app where you can choose the best one to keep.

Can the iPhone 11 Take Burst Photos?

Yes, you can do burst photos on iPhone 11 (Pro). To do so, simply hold down the camera button and it will record a video. Then, swipe left over the shutter button to take a burst photo and release it when you have enough photos. You can also use the Volume Up button on the side of your iPhone 11 (Pro) to take a burst photo.

Taking Photos Without Touching the Camera

The easiest way to take pictures without touching your camera is to use the volume key on your smartphone. Simply open the camera app, select either the rear or selfie camera and then press and hold one of the volume keys on your phone. This will fire the photo regardless of whih camera mode you are in.


The iPhone 12 is a powerful and stylish device that is perfect for those who want to stay connected. It offers a sleek design, fast processor, and long-lasting battery life. With its advanced camera system, it is capable of taking stunning photographs and videos. Additionally, the iPhone 12 features 5G connectivity for faster downloads and streaming capabilities. It also includes Face ID for secure authentication and access. All in all, the iPhone 12 is a great choice for those who need an all-in-one device that can keep up with their busy lifestyle.

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