How to Set a Live Wallpaper on iPhone SE?

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The iPhone SE, a compact and powerful device, has gained popularity among smartphone enthusiasts. Packed with impressive features, it delivers a seamless user experience. One of the exciting features that many users enjoy is the ability to set live wallpapers. In this article, we will explore how to set a live wallpaper on the iPhone SE.

Before we dive into the process, it’s important to note that the first-generation iPhone SE does not support live wallpapers. However, the newer iPhone SE models, including the iPhone SE (2nd generation) and the iPhone SE 3 (2022), do support live wallpapers. So, if you own either of these models, you’re in luck.

Setting a live wallpaper on your iPhone SE is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose a Live Wallpaper
Firstly, you need to select a live wallpaper for your iPhone SE. You can find a variety of live wallpapers on the internet, or you can even create your own using apps specifically designed for this purpose. Make sure to choose a live wallpaper that resonates with your style and preferences.

Step 2: Download the Live Wallpaper
Once you have found the perfect live wallpaper, download it to your iPhone SE. You can do this by saving the live wallpaper to your Photos app or by downloading it directly from a website. Ensure that the live wallpaper is saved in a compatible format such as GIF or MOV.

Step 3: Set the Live Wallpaper
Now that you have the live wallpaper ready, it’s time to set it as your wallpaper. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone SE.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Wallpaper.”
3. Choose “Choose a New Wallpaper.”
4. Select “Live Photos” or “Live” depending on your iOS version.
5. Browse through your photo albums and select the live wallpaper you downloaded.
6. Adjust the live wallpaper to fit your screen by dragging or pinching it.
7. Tap on “Set” to apply the live wallpaper.

Congratulations! You have successfully set a live wallpaper on your iPhone SE. Now, whenever you unlock your device or access the home screen, you will be greeted with a dynamic and animated background that adds a touch of personalization to your iPhone experience.

Live wallpapers on the iPhone SE allow you to bring your device to life and showcase your unique style. Whether you prefer serene nature scenes, mesmerizing abstract animations, or vibrant geometric patterns, there is a live wallpaper out there that suits your taste.

Remember, live wallpapers may consume more battery compared to static wallpapers, as they require power to display the dynamic elements. If you notice a significant drain on your iPhone SE’s battery life, you can always switch back to a static wallpaper to conserve power.

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) and iPhone SE 3 (2022) support live wallpapers, allowing users to personalize their device with dynamic and animated backgrounds. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily set a live wallpaper on your iPhone SE and enjoy a more engaging and visually appealing user experience.

How to Set a Live Wallpaper on iPhone SE? 1

Can iPhone SE Have Live Wallpapers?

The iPhone SE (1st generation) does not support live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are a feature that allows the user to set an animated or dynamic image as their phone’s background. This feature is available on iPhone 6s and later models, but unfortunately, the iPhone SE (1st generation) does not have the necessary hardware and software capabilities to support live wallpapers. If you are looking to use live wallpapers, you would need to consider upgrading to a newer iPhone model such as the iPhone 6s or later.

Does iPhone SE 3 Have Live Wallpaper?

The iPhone SE 3 (2022) does have live wallpapers. In fact, there are three live wallpapers available for this device. Live wallpapers are dynamic backgrounds that feature subtle animation or movement. They can add a touch of interactivity and visual interest to the home screen of your iPhone SE 3.

Live wallpapers on the iPhone SE 3 come in various themes and styles, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your device. These wallpapers can range from natural landscapes and abstract designs to vibrant patterns and mesmerizing animations. The live wallpapers are designed to respond to touch or movement, creating an engaging and dynamic user experience.

To access and set live wallpapers on your iPhone SE 3, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone SE 3.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Wallpaper.”
3. Choose “Choose a New Wallpaper.”
4. Select the “Live” category.
5. Browse through the available live wallpapers and choose the one you prefer.
6. Preview the wallpaper by pressing and holding on the screen.
7. Once you’ve found the desired live wallpaper, tap on “Set.”
8. Choose whether you want to set the wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen, or both.
9. Confirm your selection, and the live wallpaper will be applied to your iPhone SE 3.

Please note that live wallpapers may consume more battery power compared to static wallpapers, as they require continuous animation. If battery life is a concern, you can always switch back to a static wallpaper at any time.

The iPhone SE 3 (2022) does offer live wallpapers, providing users with the option to personalize their device with dynamic and interactive backgrounds.


The iPhone SE is a powerful and compact device that offers a range of features and capabilities. With its A13 Bionic chip, it delivers fast and efficient performance, making it suitable for multitasking and demanding tasks. The 4.7-inch Retina HD display ensures vibrant and crisp visuals, while the Touch ID fingerprint sensor provides convenient and secure access to the device.

While the iPhone SE does not support live wallpaper, it still offers a variety of static wallpapers that can be customized to suit your personal preferences. Additionally, the device is compatible with a wide range of third-party wallpaper apps, allowing users to further personalize their device’s appearance.

The iPhone SE’s camera capabilities are also noteworthy, with its 12-megapixel rear camera capturing high-quality photos and videos. With features such as Portrait mode and Smart HDR, users can achieve professional-looking results. The device also supports 4K video recording, allowing for stunning video capture.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone SE offers all-day usage, ensuring that you can stay connected and productive throughout the day. It also supports fast charging, allowing for quick top-ups when needed.

The iPhone SE is a great option for those who prefer a smaller and more affordable device, without compromising on performance and features. Whether you’re a casual user or a power user, the iPhone SE offers a reliable and efficient smartphone experience.

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