How To See Steps On Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is a revolutionary device that has changed the way we interact with technology. It can track your steps, count your calories, monitor your heart rate, and even proide you with reminders and notifications. But one of the most interesting features of the Apple Watch is its ability to track your steps. It’s a great way to stay motivated and keep track of your daily activity.

So, how do you actually see your step count on the Apple Watch? It’s easy! All you have to do is open the Activity app on your watch, whch should be located on the home screen. Once opened, you’ll see three rings at the top of the screen: Move, Exercise, and Stand. The Move ring will tell you how many steps you’ve taken in a day. You can also view more detailed information by tapping on any of the rings to get an overview of your activity over time.

If you want to take it a step further and really get an understanding of where all your steps are coming from, you can use the Workout app. This app allows you to track specific workouts like running or walking and will show you exacly how many steps were taken during those activities. You can also set goals for yourself each day and compete against other people in challenges if that’s something that interests you!

The Apple Watch is an amazing tool for anyone looking to monitor their daily activity levels or stay motivated with their fitness goals. With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to their Apple Watches for help tracking their step counts!

Inability to View Steps on Apple Watch

It’s possible that you’re not seeing your steps on the Apple Watch because Fitness Tracking and Heart Rate have not been enabled. To enable these features, you’ll need to go to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness on your iPhone and make sure both Fitness Tracking and Health are enabled. Then, in the Watch app, go to My Watch > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and turn on Fitness Tracking and Heart Rate. Once these features have been enabled, you shold be able to see your steps on the Apple Watch.

how to see steps on apple watch

Does the Apple Watch Automatically Track Steps?

Yes, Apple Watch automatically tracks your steps. The Health app on your iPhone and Apple Watch can collect data from any activity you do, whether that’s walking, running, or even swimming. It will automatically count your steps and track the distance you travel each day. If you have an Apple Watch, it will also track your Activity data such as calories burned and the intensity of the exercise.

Locating the Health App on Apple Watch

The Health app on your Apple Watch can be accessed by goig to Settings > Health. Here you can manage and view information related to your health and fitness activities, such as steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned. You can also set up tracking for additional data points that you’d like to monitor, such as sleep time or water intake. Additionally, if Health is not currently tracking steps or other information, you can open the Health app and tap your profile, then tap Devices. From there, tap your Apple Watch and make sure that Fitness Tracking is turned on.

Does Apple Watch Notify Users When They Reach 10,000 Steps?

Yes, the Apple Watch can notify you when you hit 10,000 steps! To enable this feature, open the Health app on your Apple Watch and tap on the ‘Activity’ tab. Select ‘Goals’, then select ‘Daily Goals’. Scroll down to ‘Steps’ and set your goal to 10,000 steps. Once enabled, you will receive a notification each time you reach your step goal.


The Apple Watch is a powerful and versatile device that helps you stay connected and active. With its fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring capabilities, you can keep track of your health and fitness goals with ease. The added convenience of notifications, messaging, music, and more makes it the perfect companion for staying connected on the go.

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