How to Fix Audio Crackling Noise in GarageBand on Mac

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Are you experiencing crackling noise when using GarageBand? If so, you’re not alone. Many users of Apple’s popular music production software have reported a cracking sound coming from their speakers while they are using GarageBand. This issue is usually caused by a connection problem somehere between your amplifier and speaker driver.

Fortunately, tere are some simple steps that can help you get rid of the annoying crackling noise in GarageBand. Here are 6 ways to fix audio crackling in GarageBand:

1. Preliminary Fixes: Make sure all connections betwen your amplifier and speaker driver are securely attached and that all cables are undamaged. Also check the volume settings of both your device and the application itself and make sure it isn’t set too loud.

2. Change the Minimum Processor State: Go to Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power Settings > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Processor Power Management > Minimum Processor State and lower it to 5%.

3. Update Your Sound Drivers: Make sure that you have the latest version of your sound drivers installed on your device. You can do this ether manually or with the help of a third-party software such as Driver Booster or Driver Easy.

4. Change the System’s Sound Format: Open Control Panel, go to Sound, select Playback tab and right click on Default device then select Properties, choose Advanced tab and change Default Format to 24 bit/44100 Hz (studio quality).

5. Disable Any Active Audio Enhancements: Go to Control Panel > Sound > Enhancements tab and uncheck any active enhancements like bass boosting or other sound effects that migt be causing interference.

6. Disable Exclusive Mode: Right click on the speaker icon in your taskbar, select Playback Devices then double click on your default output device, switch to Advanced tab and uncheck Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device option at the bottom of window.

We hope these tips help you get rid of any crackling noise coming from GarageBand in no time! If you still experience problems after trying these methods, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

How to Fix Audio Crackling Noise in GarageBand on Mac 1

Reducing Static Noise in GarageBand

To get rid of static noise in GarageBand, you need to open the audio file you want to remove static from and select the AUGraphicEQ (31 bands) on the effect editor screen. Once selected, adjust the noise gate to -30dBs to eliminate any noise in silences or pauses. After that, play the audio file to make sure everything is okay. If necessary, use additional plugins such as DeNoise or DeClicker if there is still some static present.

Troubleshooting Sound Issues in GarageBand

To fix the sound on GarageBand, you first need to open the application and go to its Preferences under the GarageBand menu. Then, in the Audio/MIDI tab, select Built-in Output from the Output Device pop-up menu. Finally, select eiher Built-in Microphone or Built-in Input from the Input Device pop-up menu, depending on your computer. After making these changes, you should play back the project to make sure that the sound issue is resolved.


In conclusion, if you’re experiencing crackling noise in GarageBand, the most likely culprit is a connection problem. It could be a bad wire soewhere between your amplifier and your speaker driver that’s causing the driver to move abruptly and creating interference. To fix this issue, you can try some preliminary fixes such as changing the minimum processor state, updating your sound drivers, changing the system’s sound format, disabling any active audio enhancements or disabling exclusive mode. If these fixes don’t work, you can also try using an AUGraphicEQ (31 bands) on the effect editor screen and setting a noise gate to -30dBs to eliminate noise in silences or pauses.

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