How to Switch Apple Watch Timer from Analog to Digital

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The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile and powerful device. It can track your workouts, make phone calls, send messages and much more. But one of its most useful features is the Timer app. With this app you can set up a timer with a digital or analog face to remind yourself of important tasks, meetings or events.

For those who like the classic look of an analog clock, the Apple Watch has you covered. You can choose from a range of analog faces to suit your style and keep track of time. To switch between digital and analog faces, simply swipe left or right on the watch face.

The digital timer is great if you need to keep track of time in seconds or minutes. You can set up the digital timer with a countdown from anywhere from one second up to 60 minutes. When it's time for your event, the timer will alert you with either an audible alarm or a vibration on your wrist.

If you're looking for a way to stay organized and productive, then setting up timers on your Apple Watch is an excellent way to do it. Whether you prefer digital or analog faces, the Timer app on your Apple Watch will help you stay focused and get things done!

How to Switch Apple Watch Timer from Analog to Digital 1

Changing the iPhone Stopwatch to Digital Format

To change your iPhone Stopwatch to digital, open the Stopwatch app and swipe left or right on the screen. This will switch the display betwen an analog and a digital clock face. You can also tap the clock icon at the bottom of the screen to switch between these two faces. Once you've selected your desired display, hit Start to begin timing. The timer will continue even if you close out of the app or put your iPhone to sleep.

Using Apple Watch as a Timer

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch as a timer. To do so, open the Timers app on your Apple Watch. You can quickly start a timer by tapping a duration (like 1, 3, or 5 minutes) or tapping a timer you've recently used blow Recents. If you need to create a custom timer, swipe down and then tap Custom.

How to Obtain Digital Seconds on Apple Watch

First, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. On the main screen, tap the My Watch tab at the bottom of the display. Then, on the My Watch tab, scroll down and select Clock. You will then be takn to a page where you can customize your watch face. Select Infograph as your watch face, then scroll down and select Complications. You can now change the Center complication to Digital Clock with Seconds by tapping on it. This will enable digital seconds to appear on your Apple Watch Infograph watch face.

Adding a Timer to an Apple Watch

To add a timer to your Apple Watch, open the Timers app on your Apple Watch Ultra. Scroll to the top of the screen, then tap Custom. Tap hours, minutes, or seconds; turn the Digital Crown to adjust the amount of time you want for your timer. Finally, tap Start and your timer will begin counting down. That's all there is to adding a timer to your Apple Watch!

Changing a Clock Face from Analog to Digital

To change your clock face to digital, open your phone's Clock app and tap More Settings. Select Style and choose Digital from the availble options. Depending on your device, you may also be able to customize the digital clock face by selecting a variety of colors or fonts.


The Apple Watch is a powerful and versatile device that allows users to track their goals, stay connected to friends and family, and easily access important information. With its digital and analog faces, customizable complications, and Timers app, the Apple Watch makes it easy for users to stay organized and on top of tasks. Whether you're tracking your fitness progress or timing an important meeting, the Apple Watch is a great tool for staying productive and connected.

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