How To Change Apple Watch Time To 12 Hour

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Are you trying to figure out how to change the time on your Apple Watch from military (24-hour) time to 12-hour time? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of switching over from military time to 12-hour time on your Apple Watch.

First thing’s first, make sure that you have the latest version of watchOS installed on your Apple Watch. To check for this, open up the Watch app on your iPhone and go to General > Software Update. If an update is available, tap Install Now and follow the instructions onscreen.

Once your Apple Watch is running the latest version of watchOS, you can begin changing its time display format:

1. Open the Watch app and select CLOCK.
2. Turn on 12-HOUR TIME by swiping down in the app until it switches from gray to green.
3. Hit MODE three times.
4. Hit RESET twice.
5. Hit START until the time passes 24 hours and then hit START again until you reach the desired time display format (i.e., 12:00 AM or 12:00 PM).
6. Go back into My Watch tab and select Clock tab once again – now it should be displaying in a 12-hour format!

And there you have it – that’s all it takes to change your Apple Watch from military (24-hour) time to a more traditional 12-hour format! If you ever need to switch back over again, just repeat these same steps but toggle 24-Hour Time off instead of on in step 2 in order to switch back over to 24-hour mode again.

Changing a Watch from 24 to 12 Hour Format

To change your watch from 24 to 12 hour time, you’ll first need to open the watch app on your device. Then, select the CLOCK option. From here, you can use swiping motions to turn on the 12-HOUR TIME setting. If you’re using a standard digital watch, press MODE three times, RESET twice, and START until the time passes 24 hours. Once that’s done, press START again until you reach the time you want.

how to change apple watch time to 12 hour

Changing the Apple Watch Clock from 24 Hour Format

To change your Apple Watch to a 24-hour clock, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Go to the My Watch tab and select the Clock tab. From here you can slide the 24-Hour Time option deck so that it canges from gray to green. This will enable a 24-hour clock on your Apple Watch.

Changing Apple Watch from Military Time to Standard Time

To turn off military time on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to start by launching the Watch app on your iPhone. Once the app is open, tap on the “My Watch” option at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down until you see “Clock” and tap that. You should then be given an option to turn off 24-Hour Time. Once you do that, your Apple Watch will switch back to a 12-hour clock format.

Understanding the Use of Military Time on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch may be on military time because it is set to use 24-hour time by default. This is a feature available on the watch that allows you to view the time in a 24-hour format, rather than the traditional 12-hour format. To change this setting and switch back to the 12-hour format, go to your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, select Clock, then slide off 24-Hour Time at the top of the page.

Understanding Why My Apple Watch is in 24-Hour Time

Your Apple Watch may be set to 24-Hour Time if you have previously configured it that way in the Watch app on your iPhone. In the Watch app, go to My Watch (tab) > Clock > and make sure 24-Hour Time is turned off. This will configure your Apple Watch to display 12 hour time format instead.


The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile and powerful device that offers users a wide range of features. It can be used for everything from tracking your fitness activity to sending text messages and emails. With the ability to switch between a 24-hour time format and a 12-hour time format, it offers even more convenience for users who prefer one format over the other. The Apple Watch has many other useful features as well, such as a heart rate monitor, step counter, and more. All of thee features make the Apple Watch a great option for anyone looking for an all-in-one device.

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