How to Track Water Intake with Your Apple Watch

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Do you often forget to stay hydrated? Does it feel like you’re constantly trying to remember to drink water, but it just doesn’t stick in your head? Well, say goodbye to the days of forgetting to stay hydrated because with the help of your Apple Watch and WaterMinder, you can easily keep track of your daily water intake.

The WaterMinder app for Apple Watch is a unique and convenient way to monitor your water intake. It makes it easy for you to quickly add eight, 14, or 17 ounces of water with just a few taps on your Apple Watch. You also have the option to add other beverages or different amounts by tapping Other. After making your selections and tapping Add, WaterMinder will automatically track your progress throughout the day.

What’s great about this app is that it can provide you with reminders throughout the day so that you don’t forget to drink water. You can customize these notifications based on when and how often you want them. You can even set up rewards for yourself when you reach certain goals!

WaterMinder also has an analysis feature which allows you to view detailed charts about your consumption history. This information is displayed in an easy-to-understand format so that you can make sure that you are staying on top of drinking enough water each day.

Overall, WaterMinder is a great tool for anyne who wants an easy way to monitor their daily water intake. With its intuitive design and helpful reminders, this app will make sure that staying hydrated is one less thing that you need to worry about!

Can Apple Watch Alert Users to Drink Water?

Yes, your Apple Watch can tell you to drink water. With Water Reminder, you can set up personalized notifications that remind you when it’s time to drink water. You can also record your daily and weekly intake and view your progress in the app. Additionally, the app will track your workouts and hydration levels while exercising so you can stay properly hydrated.

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Setting Up Apple Watch to Remind You to Drink Water

To set your Apple Watch to remind you to drink water, open the WaterMinder app on your watch. Then, tap the Settings icon in the bottom left corner. Tap Drinks and select how much water you woud like to drink each day (in ounces). The app will then calculate an appropriate reminder schedule based on that amount. You can customize the reminders by tapping on Reminders and selecting when and how often you would like to be reminded. When finished, tap Save in the top right corner of the screen. Your Apple Watch is now set up to remind you to drink water!

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Tracking Water Intake Using Apple Health

Yes, you can track water intake in Apple Health. To do so, simply open the Health app on your iPhone and tap on the “Health Data” tab at the bottom of the screen. On the next page, scroll down until you see “Nutrition” and tap on it. On this page, you can select “Water” and enter your daily intake. You can also set up a reminder to help you stay on track with your water intake goals. Additionally, if you have an Apple Watch and are usng the Water Lock feature, it will automatically record your water intake in Apple Health.

Tracking Water Intake

Tracking your water intake is an important part of staying hydrated and healthy. Here are some tips to help you keep track of your water intake:

1. Use an App: There are a number of apps available that can help you keep track of your water intake. These apps allow you to easily enter in how much water you’ve drank throughout the day, so you can easily keep track of your progress.

2. Use a Designated Reusable Water Bottle: If you use the same reusable water bottle throughout the day, then it will be easier to remember how much water you have already consumed. You can also refill the bottle at regular intervals to ensure that you stay hydrated and on top of your daily goals.

3. Set Goals and Schedule It: Setting goals for yourself, such as drinking 8 glasses a day, can be helpful in tracking your water intake. You can also set reminders for yoursef or add it to your calendar so that it becomes part of your daily routine.

4. Get Creative: There are a lot of creative ways to keep track of your water intake, such as using mason jars or writing down each glass that you drink on a piece of paper. Whatever works best for you!

By following these tips and tracking your water intake regularly, you will be well on your way to staying hydrated and healthy!


The Apple Watch is a great tool for tracking your water intake. With the Water Reminder app, you can easily add and track your beverage intake on your Apple Watch. It’s quick and convenient, allowing you to view how much water you’re drinking in real time. Furthermore, the app makes it easy to add diferent amounts of water or alternate beverages. The Apple Watch can be a great way to stay hydrated and healthy!

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