Why Can’t I Download Memoji on My iPhone?

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Memoji is an innovative feature that was first introduced to Apple users with the release of iOS 12. It enables people to create custom, animated versions of themselves that can be used in messaging and communication apps. With the ability to customize facial features, hairstyles, and clothing, Memoji is a fun and creative way to express yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to Memoji. If you have an iPhone SE or an earlier model, you won’t be able to download or use this feature. This is because Memoji requires at least iOS 12 in order to function properly. To check which iOS version your device is running, navigate to Settings > General > About.

Although iPhones before the iPhone SE don’t have access to Memoji, Android users can still join in on the fun! Searching for “Memoji” on the Google Play Store will bring up apps that provide similar features as those offered by Apple devices. These apps are great alternatives for those who don’t have compatible devices but still want their own personalized avatar!

Overall, Memoji is an entertaining and creative way for people of all ages to express themselves in digital communications. While it may not be available for every device out there, there are plenty of options for users who want their own personalized avatar without access to Memoji.

Why Can't I Download Memoji on My iPhone? 1

Unable to Locate Memoji on iPhone

If you can’t find Memoji on your iPhone, it may be because your device is not running iOS 12 or later. Memoji is only available on devices with iOS 12 or later installed. To check which version of iOS your device has, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, install it, and then you should be able to access Memoji.

Downloading Memoji on an iPhone

To download Memoji on your iPhone, open the App Store and search for ‘Memoji’. Select the app and tap ‘Get’ to download it. Once it has been downloaded, open the Memoji app and it will guide you through the process of creating your own personalized Memoji. You can also access Memoji from within the Messages app by tapping on the compose button, then selecting the Memoji button, where you will be able to create a new emoji.

Unable to Download Memoji on iPhone SE

The iPhone SE does not have the necessary hardware requirements to support the Memoji feature. Memoji is available on devices running iOS 12 or later, and the iPhone SE is limited to iOS 11. To check which iOS version your device is running, navigate to Settings > General > About. Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations of the device, you won’t be able to download Memoji on an iPhone SE.

IOS Version with Memoji

Memoji was first introduced with iOS 12. Since then, it has been included in all subsequent iOS versions, including the latest version iOS 14. To use Memoji, your device must be running at least iOS 12 or higher.

Setting a Memoji as an Apple ID

To set your Memoji as your Apple ID, first, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select your Apple ID at the top of the page. Next, tap on the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right corner of your profile page. On the next page, tap on ‘Change Picture’ and select ‘Memoji’ from the options. From there you can select an existing Memoji or create a new one. Once you have selected a Memoji, you can customize it by choosing a different skin tone, hairstyle, accessories, and more. When you are finished customizing your Memoji, tap on ‘Done’ and then ‘Save’ to save it as your Apple ID profile picture. Your saved Memoji will now appear each time you log in to your user account!

Enabling Memoji Settings

To enable Memoji settings, you’ll need to first make sure that you’re using an iPhone X or later. Once you’ve confirmed that, open the Settings app and tap on General. Then, tap on Keyboard and select the Keyboards submenu. From here, select Add New Keyboard and choose Memoji from the list of available keyboards. You can now access Memoji by tapping on the globe icon while typing a message or email.

Does the iPhone 7 Have Memoji?

No, the iPhone 7 does not have Memoji. This feature is only available on iPhone X and newer models that are equipped with the front-facing TrueDepth camera. This camera uses facial tracking sensors to recognize your movements and expressions, allowing you to create animated Memojis.

Are Memojis Exclusive to Apple Devices?

Yes, Memoji is exclusive to Apple products and is only available to use on the Messages app. It is not available as a feature on any Android device. To create your own Memoji, you will need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 12.2 or later. Once you have access to a compatible device, you can customize and save your personal Memoji in the Messages app.


In conclusion, Memoji are a fun and interactive way to communicate with your friends and family, providing you with the ability to express yourself in a unique way. Memoji is available on devices running iOS 12 or later, as well as select Samsung devices. With options to customize features such as skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and more, users have the ability to create their own personalized avatars. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Samsung device, give Memoji a try today and get creative with your conversations!

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