How To Get Dual Clock On iPhone Lock Screen

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If you often travel between time zones and need to keep track of multiple clocks, the Dual Clock feature on your iPhone can be incredibly useful. With the Dual Clock feature, your Lock Screen will display both your local and home time zones — so you'll never have to guess what time it is in another part of the world again.

In this blog post, we'll explain how to enable the Dual Clock feature on your iPhone's Lock Screen. We'll also discuss how to customize the clock style and add additional cities or towns around the world in order to keep track of multiple locations.

How To Enable Dual Clock On Your iPhone Lock Screen

To enable Dual Clock on your iPhone Lock Screen, open Settings and navigate to “Lock Screen & > Info & App Shortcuts”. Here, tap “Dual Clock” and then toggle it on. Once it's enabled, you should see both local and home time displayed in a dual-clock style at the top of your Lock Screen.

Customizing The Displayed Time Zones

You can customize which time zones are displayed on your Lock Screen by tapping “Dual Clock” in Settings > “Lock Screen & Security > Info & App Shortcuts”. Here, tap “Home Time Zone” or “Local Time Zone” to select a different city or town that you want to monitor. You can also tap either field and type in a specific location if you don't see it listed as an option.

Changing The Always On Display Clock Style

If you have an iPhone with an OLED display (such as the iPhone 11 Pro), then you may also want to consider changing the Always On Display clock style from Digital to Dual clock style. To do so, open Settings > “Display > Always On Display” and then select “Clock Style” from the list of options at the top of the screen. Here, choose either Analog or Digital dual clock style for a more detailed view of both local and home time zones at all times — even when your iPhone is locked!

Adding Multiple Locations To The World Clock App

The World Clock app makes it easy for frequent travelers who need to keep track of multiple locations around the world. To add additional cities or towns around the world, open up the World Clock app on your iPhone or iPad and then tap the plus sign (+) in the toolbar at top of the screen. Search for a location that you want to add, then tap it in the list and add it to the World Clocks section. Now whenever open up the World Clocks app will see all added locations listed out clearly organized way!

With these instructions, setting up Dual Clocks on your iPhones should be a breeze! We hope that this blog post has helped show how convenient this feature can be for anyone who frequently travels between different time zones — so go ahead and get started today!

Adding a Second Clock to an iPhone Lock Screen

To add a second clock to your iPhone Lock Screen, start by touching and holding the Lock Screen until the Customize button appears. Tap the Customize button, then tap the box above or below the time to see the widgets that you can add. Look for a widget that displays a second clock, either in digital or analog format. Once you find it, tap or drag it onto your Lock Screen. When you are finished adding widgets, tap Done. Now when you view your Lock Screen, you will see an additional clock with the timezone of your choice.

how to get dual clock on iphone lock screen

Displaying Two-Time Zones on an iPhone

Yes, you can display two time zones on your iPhone. The Clock app includes a World Clock feature that allows you to add different cities and view their local times. To add a new city, open the Clock app and tap the “World Clock” tab. Then tap the plus sign (+) in the top toolbar, search for the city you want to add and tap it in the list to add it to your World Clock. Once you've added multiple cities, they will appear in a list that displays their local time so you can easily keep track of multiple time zones.

How to Display Two Times on Lock Screen

To get your Lock Screen to show two times, you can enable Dual Clock in the Lock Screen and Security section of your phone's Settings. Here, you can choose to show both local and home time zones when you're roaming. Additionally, you can also change the Always On Display clock style to a Dual Clock style. To do this, go to Settings > Display > Always On Display > Clock style and select a dual clock option. Once enabled, your Lock Screen will display both times in an easy-to-read format.

Setting a Dual Clock

To set a dual clock on your device, follow these steps:
1. Go to Settings > System & Updates > Date & Time.
2. Enable the Dual clocks option by sliding the switch to the right.
3. Select your Home City from the options provided. This will be the city whose time will be displayed as your home city clock on the lock screen of your device.
4. If you are currently in a different time zone from your home city, two clocks will appear on your lock screen – one for your home city and one for your current location. However, if you are in the same time zone as your home city, only one clock will display on the lock screen for that location.

Customizing an iPhone Lock Screen

To customize your iPhone lock screen, start by touching and holding the Lock Screen until the Customize button appears at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap the Customize button and then tap the box below the time to add widgets to your Lock Screen. You can then select from a variety of widgets that you want to add, such as calendar events, reminders, news headlines, weather forecasts, and more. To remove a widget and make room for a new one, simply tap or drag it off of the screen. Once you are done customizing your Lock Screen with desired widgets, you can click on the “Done” button in order to save your changes.


In conclusion, the Dual Clock feature on the iPhone Lock Screen is a great way to keep track of time in multiple time zones. It allows you to easily monitor the time in both your local and home time zones so that you never miss an important event or appointment. With this feature, you can also customize the Always On Display clock style to show both times simultaneously. This makes it easy for travelers and those who often communicate with people in other parts of the world to stay up-to-date with their local and home times.

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