How to Find Consumer Cellular at Walmart?

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How to Find Consumer Cellular at Walmart? 1
How to Find Consumer Cellular at Walmart?

Consumer Cellular is a well-known provider of affordable and reliable mobile phone services. The company has been in operation for almost three decades and has gained a reputation for offering high-quality services at reasonable prices with its affordable plans. Consumer Cellular works on the AT&T network (it has also used T-Mobile in the past). 

Fortunately, it’s easy to buy a Consumer Cellular SIM card, as Consumer Cellular is available at Walmart and Target locations nationwide.

Consumer Cellular at Walmart Locations

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Consumer Cellular is available at select Walmart retail locations nationwide. Use the store locator on this page to find Consumer Cellular’s Walmart locations near you. Simply enter your zip code, and the tool will show you which Walmarts in the area of your city and state offer Consumer Cellular.

Choosing Between AT&T and T-Mobile Networks

Consumer Cellular has reportedly switched from using the T-Mobile network to using the AT&T network exclusively as its mobile service provider. Therefore, dual-network options may no longer be available. You can check the network coverage map to confirm network availability in your area. 

Using Your Existing Phone with Consumer Cellular

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You can use your existing phone with Consumer Cellular as long as it meets existing phone compatibility criteria. Firstly, your phone must be unlocked by your previous carrier, which means that it can be used with other carriers. If you don’t have an unlocked phone, contact your carrier to get it unlocked. Secondly, your phone must be compatible with GSM network technology, which is the type of network technology used by Consumer Cellular.

Use this Consumer Cellular compatibility checker guide to see if your model is supported. You can also call customer service assistance at (888) 345-5509 to check if your model is supported. 

Consumer Cellular’s Independence from AT&T

It’s important to stress Consumer Cellular’s independence from AT&T. Consumer Cellular is an independent entity and is not owned by AT&T. It is an independent mobile service provider that leases AT&T’s network to offer its services to customers, offering better plan customization for those on a budget. While AT&T is a major carrier, Consumer Cellular creates its own plans and packages and operates as a separate entity. 

However, both companies are linked in that Consumer Cellular uses AT&T’s network to provide coverage, so if your area doesn’t get AT&T coverage, it won’t get Consumer Cellular coverage either. 

Comparison with Other Retail Options

Target vs. Walmart: Which is better for Consumer Cellular? 

When making a retail comparison, it’s worth noting that Walmart has around 4,600 locations in the United States, while Target has around 2,000. So, in terms of Consumer Cellular availability, Walmart comes out as a winner. However, that varies based on location; in some places, Target may be more accessible. 

Both offer online purchasing options. You can purchase Consumer Cellular phones and a sim card from Walmart online on this page

Customer Experience and Reviews

Consumer Cellular service reviews are generally positive. US News gave it a 4.1-star rating, with pros such as affordable plans and flexibility in changing plans. 

The Walmart customer experience is generally positive as well. Customer reviews and satisfaction ratings are high due to Walmart’s accessibility, hassle-free delivery and pickup options, and excellent customer service. 


Consumer Cellular’s advantages include flexible and affordable mobile phone plans. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), you can port an existing phone to Consumer Cellular, offering options to former AT&T and T-Mobile customers. With Walmart’s convenient online and in-store Consumer Cellular options, signing up for Consumer Cellular has never been easier.  

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