How to Get the Best Deals on Verizon Tablets?

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Verizon Wireless is one of the leading mobile carriers in the United States, offering a wide range of devices and plans to fit every customer’s needs. One of the most popular devices that Verizon offers is tablets. Tablets are versatile devices that can be used for work, entertainment, or just browsing the web. If you’re in the market for a new tablet, then Verizon has some great deals that you don’t want to miss.

Currently, Verizon is offering up to $250 off select tablets when you purchase them with a two-year contract. This deal is available for both new and existing customers. Some of the tablets that are eligible for this deal include the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.

Verizon is also offering a $100 discount on select tablets when you purchase them with a new smartphone on a payment plan. This deal is available for new customers who are switching to Verizon and existing customers who add a new line to their accounts. Some of the tablets that are eligible for this deal include the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and the Verizon Ellipsis 10 HD.

If you’re looking for a tablet that doesn’t require a two-year contract or a payment plan, then Verizon has some great options for you too. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is currently available for $279.99, which is $50 off the regular price. The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD is also available for $179.99, which is $20 off the regular price.

In addition to these deals, Verizon also offers a variety of plans for tablets. You can add a tablet to your existing plan for as little as $10 per month. This plan includes unlimited talk and text, and you can share your data with other devices on your account. If you need more data, then Verizon also offers plans with up to 30GB of data per month.

Verizon offers some great deals on tablets. Whether you’re looking for a device with a two-year contract, a payment plan, or no contract at all, Verizon has something for you. Don’t miss out on these great deals and start shopping for your new tablet today.

How to Get the Best Deals on Verizon Tablets? 1

Can I Add A Tablet To My Verizon Unlimited Data Plan?

You can add a tablet to your Verizon Unlimited data plan. Verizon offers different options for tablet plans, including adding a tablet to an existing phone plan or getting a standalone data plan for your tablet. To add a tablet to your Verizon Unlimited data plan, you can either visit a Verizon store, contact customer support, or do it online through your Verizon account. Once you have added the tablet to your account, you can start using your unlimited data plan on your tablet. Keep in mind that the monthly cost of adding a tablet to your Verizon plan will depend on the type of plan you choose and the number of lines you have on your account.

Can I Add My Own Tablet To Verizon?

You can add your own tablet to Verizon by activating it on their network. To do so, you need to have a compatible tablet and a Verizon SIM card. You can purchase a Verizon SIM card from their website or a Verizon store. Once you have the SIM card, you need to insert it into your tablet and follow the activation instructions. You may also need to provide your account information and pay any applicable activation fees. After activation, your tablet should be able to access Verizon’s network and services. It is recommended to check with Verizon if your tablet is compatible with their network before attempting to activate it.


Verizon offers a great selection of tablets that can be added to your mobile account. You can bring your own device or purchase one from Verizon or a third-party seller. With Verizon’s shared data plans, you can connect your tablet to the Verizon Wireless network and share a set monthly data allowance with your other devices. Moreover, Verizon often offers tablet deals and promotions that can help you save money on your device purchase. By taking advantage of these deals, you can get the tablet you need at a more affordable price while also enjoying the benefits of Verizon’s reliable network and customer service.

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