TunnelBear vs NordVPN: Which is the Best VPN for You?

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If you’re in the market for a VPN service, you’ve probably heard of both TunnelBear and NordVPN. But which one is better? In this blog post, we’ll compare these two popular VPN services side-by-side to help you decide which one is right for you.

First, let’s start with speed. NordVPN offers much faster speeds than TunnelBear, making it better for streaming and gaming. NordVPN has more than 5500 servers spread across 59 countries, while TunnelBear only has around 1,700 servers in 22 countries. This makes NordVPN a better option if you need access to geo-restricted content or want to get around censorship blocks.

Next, let’s talk about security features. Both services offer strong encryption protocols and support most major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. However, NordVPN has more advanced security features such as Double VPN and Onion Over VPN that TunnelBear doesn’t offer. NordVPN also provides a kill switch feature that will shut down your internet connection if it detects that your VPN connection has dropped out unexpectedly.

In terms of streaming support, both services can unblock the most popular streaming platforms such as Netflix US, UK, and YouTube but only NordVPN can reliably access the full catalog of Netflix libraries worldwide. If you’re looking for a reliable way to access your regular Netflix library when traveling abroad then NordVPN is the way to go.

Finally, we come to pricing – both services offer very competitive prices with NordVPN offering longer-duration subscriptions at cheaper prices than tunnel bear’s shorter-duration plans. However, TunnelBear does offer a free version though this is limited in terms of server locations so it’s not worth considering unless you just want a basic VPN service for occasional use without paying anything extra for it.

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Comparing NordVPN and TunnelBear

Yes, NordVPN is definitely better than TunnelBear in many respects. NordVPN provides users with faster speeds and more reliable connections, thanks to its larger network of 5500+ servers worldwide. It also offers superior security features like military-grade encryption and a strict no-logs policy. Additionally, its apps are intuitive and easy to use on all major platforms. Finally, NordVPN offers better support for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. All in all, NordVPN is the superior choice for those who want top-notch security and a fast connection.

The Benefits of Using TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is a good VPN service with several solid features. It offers strong encryption to protect your data, and its no-logging policy ensures your online activities remain private. It can also unblock most streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube, making it a great choice for streaming fans. Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for those who are less tech-savvy. Plus, its fun theme gives it an extra appealing touch.

The only downside is that the longer-duration subscriptions are more affordable than the shorter ones; the free version doesn’t have enough features to be worth your time. Nevertheless, TunnelBear remains an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure VPN service.

Does TunnelBear Work with Netflix?

At the time of writing, Netflix does appear to block TunnelBear from accessing its catalogs. This is not a permanent thing, as TunnelBear has had occasional success with Netflix US, UK, and other libraries in the past. However, it is not a reliable solution for accessing Netflix libraries if you are traveling. If you need to access Netflix from another country or region, we recommend using NordVPN instead.

Does TunnelBear Hide My IP Address?

Yes, TunnelBear does hide your IP address. When you connect to TunnelBear, it will encrypt your data and reroute it through one of its secure servers located around the world. This way, your true IP address is hidden from anyone who might be trying to track or monitor your online activity. By connecting through a different IP address, you can remain anonymous and secure while using the internet. TunnelBear also offers features like a kill switch and split tunneling to further protect your privacy and anonymity.

What Are the Disadvantages of TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is a virtual private network service that helps keep your online activity and data secure. It encrypts your internet connection and routes it through multiple servers located around the world so that your online activity stays private. However, if you’re having trouble connecting to a TunnelBear server, it could be due to a few different reasons, such as:

1. The server location you have chosen is down at the moment – this can happen if the server needs maintenance or has developed some technical problems.
2. Your internet connection may be unstable or slow – this can prevent TunnelBear from establishing a secure connection to the server.
3. Your firewall settings may be blocking TunnelBear – make sure that all of the necessary ports are open for TunnelBear to connect successfully.
4. Your anti-virus software may be blocking TunnelBear – make sure that you have added an exception for TunnelBear in your anti-virus software settings so that it can access the internet properly.

If you’re still having trouble connecting with TunnelBear, try turning it off and then on again – this can often help fix connectivity issues fast!

Reasons for the Slow Performance of TunnelBear

TunnelBear is not necessarily slow – it’s designed to increase your online security and privacy by encrypting your data and routing it through our secure VPN servers. This means your data is traveling further and taking a few extra steps before it gets to you, which can cause a slight slowdown in speeds compared to browsing without TunnelBear. However, the additional security benefits are typically worth the minor speed loss.

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Is NordVPN Still the Best VPN Provider?

NordVPN is still one of the best VPNs available in 2023. It offers a wide range of security features, including military-grade encryption, zero-logging policy, DNS leak protection, and Onion over VPN routing. It also provides robust protection against malware and other malicious activity. Additionally, NordVPN operates a large network of server locations across the globe, allowing you to access geo-restricted content from around the world. NordVPN also offers great value for money with its competitive pricing plans and discounts for longer subscriptions. All these features make NordVPN an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure and reliable VPN solution.

The Strongest VPN Currently Available

The strongest VPN now is NordVPN, which is one of the most established and reliable virtual private network (VPN) services. It offers a variety of features to keep your data secure and private, such as double encryption, obfuscation tools, and an automatic kill switch. NordVPN also has an impressive network of more than 5,000 servers in 60 countries around the world, allowing you to access content from any corner of the globe. With its strong encryption protocols and advanced security measures, NordVPN provides a secure connection that keeps your online activities safe from hackers, trackers, and snoopers. Additionally, it offers multiple add-ons for various operating systems, making it one of the most versatile VPNs available today.

The Trustworthiness of TunnelBear

Yes, TunnelBear can be trusted. TunnelBear is a respected and well-established VPN provider that has been in business since 2011. They use reliable encryption protocols to ensure the security of your data, including AES-256 for data encryption and SHA256 for data authentication. Additionally, they have a strict no-logging policy, meaning that your online activity will not be tracked or stored. The Diffie-Hellman exchange (2048-, 3072-, or 4096-bit) is used for handshake encryption, further increasing the safety of your connection. The company also offers an automatic kill switch to ensure that your data remains secure if the connection is lost. All of these features combined make TunnelBear a secure and trustworthy VPN provider.

Is TunnelBear’s Free Service No Longer Available?

TunnelBear is no longer free in its entirety; while they do offer a free subscription option, it is limited to 500 MB of data. If you wish to use TunnelBear beyond that, you will need to purchase either a personal or business subscription. Personal subscriptions cost $3.33 a month while business subscriptions cost $5.75 per user per month. Additionally, the free subscription option offers limited features compared to those available with paid subscriptions.


In conclusion, both TunnelBear and NordVPN are good VPN services. TunnelBear is more affordable for longer-duration subscriptions, has a fun theme, and can occasionally access Netflix US, UK, and a few other libraries. However, NordVPN offers faster speeds, better apps, more security features, a larger server network, better support for streaming, and more reliability. Additionally, ExpressVPN has even faster speeds and provides access to more server locations than NordVPN. Ultimately the choice between TunnelBear and NordVPN will depend on your needs and budget.

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