How to Use Slideshow Watch Face on Your Apple Watch?

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Are you looking for a new way to add some personality to your Apple Watch? Look no further than the slideshow watches face! The slideshow watch face is a great way to add multiple pictures to your watch, allowing you to show off your favorite moments in a fun and interactive way.

To use the slideshow watch face, you will first need to enable it by selecting Photos or Portraits from the watch face switcher. Once enabled, you can select up to 12 pictures from your Photos app which will be displayed as a continuous slideshow on your Apple Watch. Whenever you raise your wrist or tap on the screen, a new will show up. It's that easy!

Another great feature of the slideshow watch face is its ability to customize the time-lapse. You can choose how long each picture stays on your screen, ranging from fractions of seconds to entire minutes. This allows you to adjust the speed of the slideshow according to your preference.

The slideshow watches face also supports other popular features such as Activity rings, complications, and more. And if you want to stop playing the presentation at any point during the slideshow, all you have to do is long press and tap close on your Apple Watch.

So if you're looking for an exciting way to personalize your Apple Watch, then why not check out the slideshow watch face? With its customizable time-lapse and many other features, it's sure to be a hit with anyone who loves taking pictures and showing them off in style!

Adding Multiple Pictures to a Watch Face

To put multiple pictures on your watch face, you have to use the Photos or Portraits watch face from Apple. To get started, open the Watch app on your iPhone and select ‘My Watch' at the bottom of the screen. Then, scroll down and tap on ‘Face Gallery' and select either the Photos or Portraits watch face. You'll be prompted to choose photos from your library that you want to add to your watch face. Once you've selected the photos, you can customize them by changing the order they appear or setting a new photo as your default picture. Now when you raise your wrist or tap on the screen, each time a different photo will show up.

slideshow watch face

Turning Off Slideshow on Apple Watch

To turn off the slideshow on your Apple Watch, long press on the screen and then tap “Close”. This will stop the presentation and take you back to the Home screen. If you need to resume the slideshow, simply open it again from the Home screen.

Creating a Timelapse Watch Face

To make a timelapse watch face on your Apple Watch, start by pressing firmly on the watch face until the watch face switcher appears. Then, swipe to the left to select the Time-lapse face. Finally, tap Customize to change the time-lapse. You can choose from a range of options such as selecting custom locations or selecting a specific hour range. You can also adjust the speed of the time-lapse animation and customize other features such as colors, text size, and more. Once you have chosen your settings, press Done to save your changes and enjoy your new timelapse watch face!

Using Multiple Photos on an Apple Watch Face

Yes, you can have multiple photos on your Apple Watch face! With the Photos watch face, you can choose an album, Memory, or up to 24 custom photos to display on your Apple Watch. To create this watch face, open the Photos app on your Apple Watch, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and tap Create Face. Then swipe up and tap Create Watch Face. Every time you raise your wrist or tap the display a new photo will be shown.

Turning Off Auto Slideshow

To turn off the auto slideshow feature, you will need to open your presentation and go to the Slide Show tab. From there, click Set Up Slide Show, and then uncheck the box next to “Show without animation.” This will turn off the auto slideshow feature, and allow you to manually advance through each slide.


In conclusion, the Slideshow watch face is a great way to add multiple pictures to your Apple Watch. It allows you to select individual photos and present them in a slideshow presentation on your wrist each time you raise it or tap on the screen. You can also customize the Time-Lapse watch face so that it shows an animated video of your photos. All in all, this feature is an excellent way to show off your favorite pictures or videos directly on your Apple Watch.

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